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Forename نيكولاس

All around the world, نيكولاس (Nicholas United States Kenya United Kingdom South Africa Uganda, Nicolaas United States United Kingdom South Africa Australia, Nikolas United States United Kingdom South Africa Ghana, among others...) is a very common masculine given name. Given name نيكولاس is characteristic to Guyana, where it is a common manly name, Kenya, and Trinidad and Tobago (explore name in all countries). Measured by an absolute frequency the name is most common in the United States, Kenya, and the United Kingdom. Very seldom, نيكولاس is the last name as well as a forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name نيكولاس

name Nikolaus, name Mikałaj, name Miklos, name Nicolas, name Nicolo, name Nikolaz, name Nicu, name Mikalaj, name Nicolaas, name Miklavž, name Niccolò, name Nickel, name Nicolaes, name Nikolai, name Nicolò, name Nikolay, name Nicolino, name Nikolai, Nikolaj, name Nikolao, name Nicos, name Niko, name Nikolajus, name Nikolajs, name Klaas, name Mikola, name Nikolaj, name Mikławš, name Nicholas, name Nicolaus, name Nickolas, name Nikolaos, name Nikolaï, name Mikalai, name Mykoła, name Niels, name Mykola, name Niklaus, name Nicklas, name Nicolae, name Mikołaj, name Nicolau, name Nicolay, name Mikalay, name Klaus, name Miklós, name Nikola, name Nikos, name Nikolass, name Nikulás, name Mikuláš, name Nikołaj, name Nicklaus, name Nikolas, name Nicolás, name نيكولاس
Nicholas United States, Kenya, United Kingdom, Uganda, South Africa
Nicolaas United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa
Nikolas United States, United Kingdom, Ghana, South Africa
Nicolás United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada
نيكولاس Iraq, Palestinian Territory, Sudan, Egypt

First name نيكولاس in the context

نيكولاس is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Nick Wilde , the Zootopia character; Michael Darling , the fictional character from Peter Pan; Niklaus Mikaelson , the fictional character in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals television series; Nearly Headless Nick , character in Harry Potter and Nick Fury , the fictional character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Infinity War, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of Sviatoslav II of Kiev Sviatoslav II of Kiev Sviatoslav II of Kiev Grand Prince of Kiev, Kievan Rus' (b. 1027) link
Nicholas Kallikles Byzantine physician and poet, Byzantine Empire (b. 1080) link
Nicholas ap Gwrgan Nicholas ap Gwrgan (b. 1100) link
Nicholas I of Saint Omer French knight who participated in the Fourth Crusade and became a lord in the Frankish Duchy of Athens, father of Bela (b. 1101) link
Nicholas I, Bishop of Schleswig Bishop of Schleswig (b. 1101) link
Nikolas Kuvung (b. 1140) link
Nicholas Arnesson Norwegian bishop/nobleman:Norwegian civil war era, Norway (b. 1150) link
picture of Nicholas of Arbroath Nicholas of Arbroath Nicholas of Arbroath Roman Catholic bishop (b. 1201) link
picture of Nicholas de Balmyle Nicholas de Balmyle Nicholas de Balmyle Roman Catholic bishop (b. 1201) link
Nicholas de Moels Anglo-Norman administrator in Somerset (b. 1195) link
Nicholas de Segrave, 1st Baron Segrave 1201-1295 (b. 1201) link
Nicholas Seagrave English noble (b. 1201) link
Nicholas de Moffat Roman Catholic bishop (b. 1201) link
Nicholas III of Saint Omer lord of Frankish Greece (b. 1201) link
Nicholas Geregye Hungarian baron (b. 1201) link
Nicholas Devereux of Chanston (b. 1196) link
picture of Nicholas Trivet Nicholas Trivet Nicholas Trivet Anglo-Norman chronicler, Kingdom of England (b. 1257) link
Nicolás Gallus (b. 1200) link
picture of Nicolás Peris Nicolás Peris Nicolás Peris (b. 1250) link
Nicholas le Maure (b. 1201) link
Nicholas Maliasenos Byzantine Empire (b. 1201) link
Nicholas II Devereux of Chanston (b. 1220) link
Nicholas Musard English cleric and landowner, Kingdom of England (b. 1240) link
Nicholas I Kőszegi Hungarian noble (b. 1245) link
Nicholas of Crotone Venetian bishop, theologist and humanist, Republic of Venice (b. 1250) link
Nicholas of Guildford Medieval English poet, United Kingdom (b. 1250) link
Nicholas of Ely Bishop of Worcester Bishop of Winchester Lord Chancellor of England Lord High Treasurer of England Archdeacon of Ely (b. 1250) link
Nicholas Longespee Bishop of Salisbury (b. 1250) link
Nicholas II of Saint Omer Ruler of one half of Thebes, Principality of Achaea (b. 1258) link
Nicholas Audley, 1st Baron Audley of Heleigh (b. 1250) link
Nicholas de Selby (b. 1250) link
Nicholas II de Soules (b. 1250) link
Nicholas I, Lord of Rostock Lord of Rostock, Germany (b. 1262) link
Nicholas Kőszegi, Bishop of Győr (b. 1282) link
Nicholas III Kőszegi (b. 1285) link
Nicholas Audley, 2nd Baron Audley of Heleigh (b. 1289) link
Miklós Vásári archbishop of the roman-catholic church (b. 1300) link
Nicholas Ludbregi (b. 1290) link
Nicholas Cantilupe, 3rd Lord Cantilupe English soldier, administrator and justice, Kingdom of England (b. 1301) link
Nicholas Cristesham Kingdom of England politician, Kingdom of England (b. 1301) link
Nicholas Potyn English politician (b. 1301) link
Nicholas II Szécsi Hungarian noble (b. 1301) link
Nicholas Huddleston English politician, Kingdom of England (b. 1301) link
Nicholas Werk English politician, Kingdom of England (b. 1301) link
Nicholas More politician (b. 1301) link
Nicholas Morys English politician, Kingdom of England (b. 1301) link
Nicholas Sperlyng English Member of Parliament, Kingdom of England (b. 1301) link
Nicholas Clerk English politician, Kingdom of England (b. 1301) link
Nicholas Huish English politician, Kingdom of England (b. 1301) link
Nicholas of Basel Beghard missionary (b. 1308) link
picture of Niklaus Vintler Niklaus Vintler Niklaus Vintler (b. 1350) link
Niklaus Tut CH (b. 1300) link
Nicholas Rátót (b. 1300) link
Nicholas Litlyngton English abbot of Westminster, Kingdom of England (b. 1314) link
Nicholas Szécsi palatine of Hungary, Kingdom of Hungary (b. 1320) link
Nicholas I Garay Palatine of the Kingdom of Hungary, Ban of Macsó, Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia, Kingdom of Hungary (b. 1325) link
Nicholas Audley, 3rd Baron Audley English nobleman, Kingdom of England (b. 1328) link
Nicholas of Lynn British astronomer, United Kingdom (b. 1330) link
Nicholas Harrington English soldier and politician, Kingdom of England (b. 1346) link
Nicholas II Sanudo Duke of the Archipelago (b. 1350) link
Nicholas Broker English coppersmith, England (b. 1350) link
Nicholas Barber of Dunwich, Suffolk (b. 1350) link
Nicholas Bubwith Bishop of Bath and Wells Lord Privy Seal Lord High Treasurer Bishop of London Bishop of Salisbury, England (b. 1355) link
Nicholas Haute English politician (b. 1357) link
Nicholas III dalle Carceri Lord of Euboea, Duke of the Archipelago, Republic of Venice (b. 1358) link
Nicholas de la Beche (b. 1350) link
Nicolás de Biedma (b. 1350) link
Nicholas Sturgeon English priest and composer, Kingdom of England (b. 1380) link
Nicolás Francés Spanish painter and miniaturist, France (b. 1390) link
Nicholas Crispo, Lord of Syros Italian noble, regent of the Duchy of the Archipelago, Duchy of the Archipelago (b. 1392) link
Nicholas Upton English cleric, and military and heraldic writer (b. 1400) link
Nicholas II Zorzi Venetian noble (b. 1400) link
Nicholas Szécsényi (b. 1390) link
Nicholas Templeman English politician (b. 1401) link
Nicholas Metcalfe English priest and educator (b. 1401) link
Nicholas Wadham English politician (b. 1401) link
Nicholas of Frankfurt (b. 1400) link
Nicolás Sagondino (b. 1402) link
Niklaus von Scharnachthal Swiss politician, CH (b. 1419) link
Nicolás Delli (b. 1413) link
Nicolás de Echávarri Kingdom of Navarre (b. 1417) link
Nicholas Gaynesford (b. 1420) link
picture of Niklaus Manuel Niklaus Manuel Niklaus Manuel Swiss artist, CH (b. 1484) link
Nicholas Hay, 2nd Earl of Erroll Scottish Earl (b. 1436) link
picture of Nicolás de Ribera Nicolás de Ribera Nicolás de Ribera Spanish conquistado, Imperio español (b. 1487) link
Niklaus von Meran Swiss politician, CH (b. 1440) link
picture of Nicholas Carew Nicholas Carew Nicholas Carew English politician, Kingdom of England (b. 1496) link
Nicholas III, Count of Tecklenburg Peerage person ID=646532 (b. 1450) link
Nicholas Sutton (b. 1440) link
picture of Nicholas Ridley Nicholas Ridley Nicholas Ridley Bishop of London Anglican Saint, Kingdom of England (b. 1500) link
picture of Nicholas Heath Nicholas Heath Nicholas Heath Archbishop of York and Lord Chancellor (b. 1501) link
Nicholas Maguire Maguire, Nicholas (b. 1458) link
picture of Nicholas Poyntz Nicholas Poyntz Nicholas Poyntz English politician, courtier and landowner, Kingdom of England (b. 1510) link
Nicholas Hyde (b. 1450) link
picture of Nicholas Bacon Nicholas Bacon Nicholas Bacon English politician, Kingdom of England (b. 1510) link
Nicholas West Bishop of Ely, United Kingdom (b. 1461) link
Nicolás Gómez España (b. 1454) link
picture of Nicholas Throckmorton Nicholas Throckmorton Nicholas Throckmorton English diplomat, Kingdom of England (b. 1515) link
picture of Nicholas Goudanus Nicholas Goudanus Nicholas Goudanus Dutch Papal diplomat, Netherlands (b. 1517) link
picture of Nicholas Mosley Nicholas Mosley Nicholas Mosley Textile manufacturer and Lord Mayor of London (b. 1520) link