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Forename กาญจนา

In the entire world, กาญจนา (กาญจนา Thailand, Kanchana Thailand India Sri Lanka Laos, Kanjana Thailand India Sri Lanka Laos, along with others...) is a very common principally feminine, but very infrequently male given name. Firstname กาญจนา is habitual to Thailand, where it is a common predominantly girly, but very infrequently manly name, Sri Lanka, where it is quite a common unisex name, and India, where it is quite a rare female name. Much less frequently, กาญจนา is the last name as well as a forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name กาญจนา

name Kanjana, name Kanchajana, name Kanjaratana, name Karnjana, name Karnjina, name Kanakanjana, name Kanchanah, name Kanchanya, name Kanjanas, name Kanchano, name Kanchanar, name Garnchana, name Kanjanaa, name Kanchanoo, name Janchana, name Kanjanawipu, name Karnjanaopast, name Kanchnna, name Garjana, name Karnjahong, name กาญจนา, name Kanchanana, name Karnjanas, name Kaanchanaa, name Kanchanna, name Karnkhana, name Khanjana, name Karnchana, name Khanchana, name Kanjanapimon, name Kanchana, name Kanjajan, name Kanchanaa, name Kanjachaya, name Kanjaparn, name Ganchana, name Karnlana, name Kanchhana, name Kanjaana, name Kharnjana, name Sanchana, name Ganjana, name Kanchane, name Karnchan, name Karnjanee, name Kanachana
กาญจนา Thailand
Kanjana, Kanchana India, Laos, Sri Lanka, Thailand
Karnjana United States, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand
Ganjana United States, India, Thailand, South Africa

Notable namesakes

Nongchanai Prinyathawat Thai novelist, Thailand (b. 1921) link
picture of Kanjana Sungngoen Kanjana Sungngoen Kanjana Sungngoen Thai footballer, Thailand (b. 1986) link
Kanjana Jindawat Thai actor, Thailand (b. 1958) link
กาญจนา นาคสกุล link

Characteristic surnames

แซ่ลิ้ม, แซ่ตั้ง, เชื่อมไมตรีสกุล, แซ่อึ้ง, ไวทยะวิจิตร, แซ่เตียว, บุญมี, ศรีเฟื่องฟุ้ง, ศิริเจริญ, and แซ่ฉั่ว