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Forename ขนิษฐา

In the world, ขนิษฐา (ขนิษฐา Thailand, Khanittha Thailand Laos United States Sweden, Kanittha Thailand United States Sweden Japan, and others...) is a common primarily girly, but very infrequently masculine first name. Firstname ขนิษฐา is habitual to South-eastern Asia, particularly Thailand, where it is quite a common principally feminine, but very seldom masculine name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name ขนิษฐา

name Khanitdhana, name Khanidtha, name Chankachorchai, name Khaanittha, name Khanitsat, name Khanitnat, name Khanintha, name Khanisatha, name Khanijta, name Khhanittha, name Kanittha, name Khaniitta, name Kanitta, name Khanidda, name Khanitlha, name Khnitha, name Kahnitta, name Khanisdha, name Khanitha, name Khanittiha, name Khanishtha, name Khanidorn, name ขนิษฐา, name Bniticha, name Cahnatee, name Khanitdtha, name Khanittha, name Khanitthee, name Khanidsak, name Khanitta, name Khaninta, name Khanitsr
ขนิษฐา Thailand
Khanittha United States, Laos, Sweden, Thailand
Kanittha United States, Japan, Sweden, Thailand
Kanitta United States, Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom
Khanitta United States, Malaysia, Thailand, Netherlands

Notable namesakes

Kanitta Mansamuth badminton player, Thailand (b. 1954) link

Characteristic surnames

หัสสรังสี, แสงหิรัญ, ไวยรัชพานิช, ประเสริฐ, พงศ์สะอาด, แก้วพิบูลย์, แซ่ตั้ง, กองทิพย์, จิระโชติวานิช, and ฐานวิเศษ