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Forename วรรณา

In the world, วรรณา (วรรณา Thailand, Wanna Thailand Myanmar United States Ethiopia, Wanya Thailand United States Tanzania Indonesia) is a common dominantly female, but uncommonly male firstname. First name วรรณา is habitual to Thailand, where it is quite a common primarily female, but very seldom male name, Myanmar, where it is quite a rare male name, and Ethiopia, where it is a rare largely feminine, but seldom manly name. Much less frequently, วรรณา is the last name as well as a forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name วรรณา

name Varunn, name Ownwanna, name Wanya, name Wunchana, name วรรณา, name Wannaorn, name Wanna
วรรณา, Wannaorn Thailand
Wanna Myanmar, Ethiopia, Thailand, United States
Wanya United States, Tanzania, Indonesia, Thailand

First names said to be same

Ownwanna, Varunn, and Wunchana

Characteristic surnames

เลิศเกียรติดำรงค์, แซ่ตั้ง, บุญเลิศ, แซ่ตัน, แซ่อึ้ง, บุญช่วย, พงษ์ภู่, เจริญบุญชู, เปรมอิสระกูล, and บำรุง