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Forename วันเพ็ญ

All around the world, วันเพ็ญ (วันเพ็ญ Thailand, Wanpen Thailand United States Belgium United Kingdom, Wanphen Thailand Taiwan United States Belgium) is a common principally girly, but very seldom manly first name. Forename วันเพ็ญ is habitual to South-eastern Asia, particularly Thailand, where it is quite a common primarily feminine, but very infrequently masculine name. Very seldom, วันเพ็ญ is the last name as well as a forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name วันเพ็ญ

name Wanphanet, name Whanphen, name Wannamong, name Wanphen, name Wanpen, name Duernpen, name Vanpen, name Vannapen, name Wannueng, name Wunphen, name Wanphean, name Wannpeth, name Wunphean, name Wannapeht, name Wannpen, name Wanphaen, name วันเพ็ญ, name Wanpuet, name Wanbhen, name Wanpenh, name Full Moon, name Dhuanpen
วันเพ็ญ Thailand
Wanpen United States, Belgium, Thailand, United Kingdom
Wanphen United States, Taiwan, Belgium, Thailand
Vanpen United States, Canada, Thailand, United Kingdom

Notable namesakes

วันเพ็ญ พร้อมพัฒน์ Thailand (b. 1950) link

Characteristic surnames

ใจกล้า, แซ่ลิ้ม, แซ่อึ้ง, ขันคำ, เปลี่ยนผดุง, สังข์ทอง, เจริญสุข, แซ่ตั้ง, แซ่เฮ้ง, and บุญมา