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Forename Amilcar

All around the world, Amilcar (Amilcar Mozambique Venezuela Guatemala Angola Honduras, Amílcar Mozambique Venezuela Guatemala Angola Argentina, Амилкар Russia) is a common manly given name. Forename Amilcar is habitual to Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Guatemala, where it is quite a common male name, El Salvador, and Honduras (explore name in all countries). Measured by an absolute frequency this name is the most popular in Venezuela, Guatemala, and Angola. Very seldom, Amilcar is the last name as well as a forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Amilcar

name Гамилькар, name Амилцар, name Hamilkar, name Amilcar, name Amílcar, name Амилькар, name Amìlcar, name Амилкар, name Hamilcar
Amilcar Mozambique, Venezuela, Guatemala, Angola, Honduras
Amílcar Argentina, Mozambique, Venezuela, Guatemala, Angola
Амилкар Russia
Амилькар Kyrgyzstan

First names said to be same

Amìlcar, Hamilcar, Hamilkar, Амилцар, and Гамилькар

Notable namesakes

picture of Barca Hamilcar Barca Hamilcar Barca Hamilcar Carthaginian general, Carthage (b. 275) link
picture of Amílcar de Sousa Amílcar de Sousa Amílcar de Sousa Portuguese medical doctor, Portugal (b. 1876) link
picture of Amilcar Vasiliu Amilcar Vasiliu Amilcar Vasiliu Romania (b. 1900) link
picture of Amílcar Barbuy Amílcar Barbuy Amílcar Barbuy Brazilian footballer and manager, Brazil (b. 1893) link
picture of Amilcar Tapia Tamayo Amilcar Tapia Tamayo Amilcar Tapia Tamayo Ecuadorian writer, Ecuador (b. 1953) link
picture of Amílcar Cabral Amílcar Cabral Amílcar Cabral Guinea-Bissauan politician, First Portuguese Republic (b. 1924) link
picture of Amílcar Argüelles Amílcar Argüelles Amílcar Argüelles Argentina (b. 1918) link
Amilcar Crétier Italian mountaineer, Kingdom of Italy (b. 1909) link
Amílcar Ramada Curto Portuguese journalist, Portugal (b. 1886) link
picture of Jorge Manera Jorge Manera Jorge Manera Uruguay (b. 1929) link
Amilcar Zannoni French sculptor, France (b. 1922) link
picture of Amílcar Scalisi Amílcar Scalisi Amílcar Scalisi Argentinian singer, Argentina (b. 1942) link
Amílcar de Jesus Portuguese writer, Portugal (b. 1895) link
Amilcar Salomón Zorilla Peruvian painter, Peru (b. 1925) link
Amílcar Ángel Mercader Argentinian judge, Argentina (b. 1896) link
Amilcar Pittamiglio Uruguayan writer, Uruguay (b. 1928) link
Amilcar Moreira Brazilian politician, Brazil (b. 1930) link
Amílcar Cordones Uruguayan politician, Uruguay (b. 1900) link
Amílcar Figueroa politician, Venezuela (b. 1901) link
Amilcar Arandas Rego Portuguese parasitologist and helminthologist, Portugal (b. 1934) link
Amílcar Chiorrini Alveti Chilean politician, Chile (b. 1904) link
Amilcar Campos Padovani Brazilian lawyer, Brazil (b. 1936) link
Amilcar de Queiroz Brazilian politician, Brazil (b. 1936) link
Amílcar Martins Brazilian physician and scientist, Brazil (b. 1907) link
Amílcar Álvarez Argentine swimmer, Argentina (b. 1910) link
Amílcar Vasconcellos Uruguayan politician, Uruguay (b. 1915) link
Amilcar Gazaniga Brazilian engineer and politician, Brazil (b. 1947) link
Amílcar Zerda Argentina (b. 1908) link
Amílcar de Castro Brazilian sculptor, graphic designer, and artist, Brazil (b. 1920) link
Amílcar Herrera Argentine geologist, Argentina (b. 1920) link
Amilcar Sernadas researcher, Portugal (b. 1952) link
Amílcar Marques Portugal (b. 1917) link
Amilcar Tanuri epidemiologist (b. 1958) link
Amílcar Pereira Brazil (b. 1919) link
Amilcar Almeida Gueiroz Brazilian politician, Brazil (b. 1959) link
Amilcar Boscan Venezuelan singer, Venezuela (b. 1960) link
Amílcar Brusa Argentina (b. 1922) link
picture of Amílcar Vázquez Amílcar Vázquez Amílcar Vázquez USA (b. 1977) link
Amilcar Adrián Balercia Argentine footballer, Argentina (b. 1967) link
Amílcar Osorio Colombian writer, Colombia (b. 1940) link
Amílcar Vásques Días Portuguese composer and pianist, Portugal (b. 1945) link
Amilcar Nadal Argentine musician, Argentina (b. 1975) link
Amílcar Jesús Legazcue Uruguayan writer, Uruguay (b. 1946) link
Amílcar Theias Portuguese politician, Portugal (b. 1946) link
Amílcar Maidana Camejo Uruguay (b. 1936) link
Amílcar Rodríguez Inda Uruguay (b. 1937) link
Amílcar Spencer Lopes Cape Verdean politician, lawyer and diplomat, Cape Verde (b. 1948) link
Amílcar Romero Dominican politician, República Dominicana (b. 1948) link
Amílcar Lobo (b. 1939) link
Amilcar Campos Colela Angolan politician, Angola link
Amilcar Guerra researcher, ORCID id 0000-0003-3478-0036 link
Amilcar Diaz researcher link
Amilcar Moreira researcher link
Amilcar Roberto researcher link
Amilcar Flores-Morales researcher link
Amilcar Zani university professor and researcher active in Brazil, Brazil link
Amilcar Perez-Riverol researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-1294-0142 link
Amilcar L. Antonio researcher link
Amilcar Arenal researcher link
Amilcar L Cupul-Magaña researcher link
Amilcar Tinoco-Solórzano researcher link
Amilcar Pacheco Ph.D. Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada 1989 link
Amilcar Vargas researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-5669-6460 link
Amilcar Soares researcher link
Amilcar Meneses-Viveros researcher link
Amilcar Barreta researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-0819-5442 link
Amilcar Rabelo de Queiroz researcher at the University of Brasilia link
Amilcar Tanuri researcher link
Amilcar Soares Junior researcher link
Amilcar L Morales researcher link
Amilcar Cantoni researcher link
Amilcar Bedoya-Pinto researcher link
Norberto Amilcar García Argentine politician, Argentina link
Amilcar Machulek Junior researcher link
Amílcar Tolosa Argentina (b. 1944) link
Amílcar Fonseca Portuguese football player/manager, Portugal (b. 1954) link
Amílcar Leis Márquez Uruguayan writer, Uruguay (b. 1956) link
Amilcar Moret Gonzalez (b. 1977) link
Amilcar Christófaro Brazil (b. 1977) link
Amilcar Rodrigues link
Amilcar Lobo Moreira link
Amilcar Cetino Perez link
Amílcar Villafuerte Trujillo Mexican politician, MX (b. 1964) link
Amílcar Bettega Barbosa Brazilian writer, Brazil (b. 1964) link
Chichilo Viale Argentina (b. 1955) link
Amílcar Rodríguez Uruguay (b. 1956) link
Amílcar Gramajo cyclist, Guatemala (b. 1974) link
Amílcar Falcão Portugal (b. 1964) link
Amílcar Bengla Mourão Portugal (b. 1967) link
Amílcar Persichetti Uruguayan photographer, Uruguay link
Amílcar da Silva Pinto Portuguese architect, Portugal link
Amílcar Méndez Urízar Guatemalan activist and politician, Guatemala link
Amílcar Azenha Portugal (b. 1973) link
Amílcar Henríquez Panamanian footballer, Panama (b. 1983) link
Amílcar Sánchez Bolivian association football player, Bolivia (b. 1993) link