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Forename Andreanne

In the world, Andreanne (Andreanne Canada Democratic Republic of the Congo Zambia Ivory Coast New Zealand) is a rare girly first name. Given name Andreanne is characteristic to Canada, where it is quite a rare girly name, New Zealand, where it is a rare girly name, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Very seldom, Andreanne is the last name as well as a forename.

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name Andréanne, name Andreanne
Andreanne Canada, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, New Zealand, Ivory Coast

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Notable namesakes

Andreanne Morin researcher link
Andreanne Gomes Vasconcelos researcher link
Andreanne Champagne-Macneill Canada link
Andreanne Demers canadian fencer, Canada (b. 1991) link
Andréanne Marchand-Girard work in the theatrical field link

Characteristic surnames

Tremblay, Silva, Lemay, Dupont, Simard, Dube, Santos, Jean Marie, Girard, and Bouchard