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Forename Dragica

All over the world, Dragica (Dragica Croatia Serbia North Macedonia Germany Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a common female given name. Firstname Dragica is characteristic to Southern Europe, particularly Croatia, where it is a common female name, Serbia, where it is quite a common feminine name, and Montenegro (explore name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country population this name is the most popular in Croatia, Serbia, and Germany. Very seldom, Dragica is the last name as well as a forename.

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name Драгица, name Dragica
Dragica North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Germany

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Notable namesakes

picture of Dragica Končar Dragica Končar Dragica Končar Kingdom of Yugoslavia (b. 1915) link
picture of Dragica Čadež Dragica Čadež Dragica Čadež Slovene sculptor, Yugoslavia (b. 1940) link
picture of Dragica Potočnjak Dragica Potočnjak Dragica Potočnjak Slovenian actress, Slovenia (b. 1958) link
picture of Драгица Правица Драгица Правица Драгица Правица Kingdom of Yugoslavia (b. 1919) link
picture of Dragica Rajčić Dragica Rajčić Dragica Rajčić Croatian writer, HR (b. 1959) link
Dragica Basletić Croatian gymnast (b. 1916) link
picture of Dragica Pavlov Krstić Dragica Pavlov Krstić Dragica Pavlov Krstić (b. 1958) link
Dragica Srzentić (b. 1912) link
Dragica Turnšek Slovene geologist and paleontologist, Slovenia (b. 1932) link
Dragica Novaković Yugoslavian actor, Yugoslavia (b. 1934) link
Dragica Dodig (b. 1926) link
picture of Dragica Mitrova Dragica Mitrova Dragica Mitrova Macedonian handball player, mk (b. 1987) link
Dragica Cvek-Jordan (b. 1940) link
Dragica Nikolic member of Association of Fine Artists of Serbia, Serbia (b. 1955) link
Dragica Noe Yugoslavia (b. 1946) link
Dragica Kaldaraš Serbian Roma poet, Serbia (b. 1958) link
Dragica Wedam Lukić Yugoslavia (b. 1949) link
Dragica Kovačič Slovenia (b. 1951) link
Dragica Lapornik (b. 1952) link
Dragica Vrtelova Slovakia (b. 1952) link
Dragica Palaversa Mijac HR (b. 1953) link
Dragica Đurić Serbian handball player, Serbia (b. 1963) link
Dragica Ponorac (b. 1956) link
Dragica Sušanj Slovene painter, Slovenia (b. 1966) link
Dragica Haramija Slovene writer, Slovenia (b. 1966) link
Dragica Gračner Slovenia (b. 1961) link
Dragica Mitrovic researcher link
Dragica Radojkovic researcher link
Dragica Gajic researcher link
Dragica M. Jakovljević researcher link
Dragica Krapež Slovene writer, Slovenia link
Dragica Jeremic researcher link
Dragica Petar Pesut researcher link
Dragica Selakovic researcher link
Dragica Dragosav researcher link
Dragica Maric Australian echinodermologist link
Dragica Sekulić Montenegrin politician (b. 1980) link
Dragica Miloradovic researcher link
Dragica Selakovic researcher ORCID 0000-0003-4814-8664 link
Dragica Krgović Ph.D. University of Belgrade 1983 link
Dragica Maja Smrke researcher link
Dragica Bobinac researcher link
Dragica Purger researcher link
Dragica Cepernić footballer, HR (b. 1981) link
Dragica Kresoja Macedonian handball player, Serbia (b. 1986) link
Dragica Džono Croatian handball player, HR (b. 1987) link
Dragica Roščić Croatian politician (b. 1988) link
Dragica Čeč Slovenia link
Dragica Krog-Radoš link
Dragica Fabjan Slovenia link
Dragica Strmole Slovenia link
Dragica Denda Bosnian association football player, ba (b. 1990) link
Dragica Stipic Slovene association football player, Slovenia (b. 1992) link
Draghixa Laurent French pornographic actress, France (b. 1973) link

Characteristic surnames

Kovačević, Jovanovic, Babić, Kovačić, Novak, Vuković, Petrović, Pavlović, Popović, and Novosel