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Forename Esdras

All around the world, Esdras (Esdras Democratic Republic of the Congo Brazil Guatemala Rwanda Haiti, Esdra Brazil Mexico United States Venezuela, Эдра Russia) is a common mostly manly, but uncommonly feminine given name. Forename Esdras is habitual to Guatemala, where it is quite a common male name, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where it is quite a common gender-neutral name, and Honduras, where it is quite a common male name. In absolute terms the name is most common in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Brazil, and Guatemala. Very seldom, Esdras is the last name as well as a forename.

Jesus fishEsdras is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Esdras

name Esdrás, name Êsdras, name Эсра, name Эдра, name Ésdras, name Ezdrasz, name Esdras, name Esdra, name עזרא, name Esra
Esdras Haiti, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guatemala, Brazil
Esdra United States, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil
Эдра Russia
עזרא Israel

First names said to be same

Esdrás, Esra, Ezdrasz, Ésdras, Êsdras, and Эсра

First name Esdras in the context

Esdras is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Ezra , the Hebrew Prophet, Book of Nehemiah; Ezra Kramer , the fictional character, The Bourne Ultimatum; Ezra , the fictional character in comic books; Ezra Fitz , the fictional character in the Pretty Little Liars book and television series and Ezra Spurnrose , the character from Carnival Row.

Notable namesakes

Esdras Heinrich Edzardi 1703-1733 Theologe und Katechet, Verf. theol. und kirchenhist. Schriften, Sohn von: Edzardi, Sebastian, Germany (b. 1703) link
picture of Michel Esdras Bernier Michel Esdras Bernier Michel Esdras Bernier Canadian politician, Canada (b. 1841) link
picture of Esdras Alfred de St-Georges Esdras Alfred de St-Georges Esdras Alfred de St-Georges Canadian politician, Canada (b. 1849) link
picture of Esdras Minville Esdras Minville Esdras Minville Canadian economist and sociologist, Canada (b. 1896) link
Esdras Hartley (b. 1892) link
Esdras Marques Lins researcher link
Esdras Kambale politician link
Esdras Fabien Haitian politician, Haiti link
Esdras Campos França researcher link
Esdras Medeiros Ph.D. Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada 2009 link
Esdras Arraes researcher link
Esdras Medeiros researcher link
Lalão Brazilian violonist and composer, Brazil (b. 1956) link
Esdras Morales Guatemala link
Esdras Morales cyclist, Guatemala (b. 1995) link
Esdras López lluchador mexicanu, MX (b. 1997) link

Characteristic surnames

Santos, Oliveira, Souza, Lima, Costa, Pereira, Ferreira, Junior, Nascimento, and Almeida