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Forename Franjo

Globally, Franjo (Franjo Croatia Germany Bosnia and Herzegovina Slovenia Sierra Leone, Франьо Ukraine Russia, פרניו Israel) is a common manly forename. Firstname Franjo is characteristic to Southern Europe, particularly Croatia, where it is a common male name, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it is quite a common manly name, and Slovenia. Measured by an absolute frequency it is most frequently occurring in Croatia, Germany, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Very seldom, Franjo is the last name as well as a forename.

Transliterations and variants of Franjo

Franjo Sierra Leone, Germany, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia
Франьо Russia, Ukraine
פרניו Israel

First name Franjo in the context

Franjo is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Franjo , the operatic character in the operetta Jabuka.

First names said to be same

Ferenc, Frano, František, François, Франйо, Франц, Франциск, and فرانسوا

Notable namesakes

Franciscus Bossinensis composer (b. 1485) link
Ferenc Frangepán Croatian nobleman and cleric, Kingdom of Hungary (b. 1490) link
picture of Franjo Glavinić Franjo Glavinić Franjo Glavinić Holy Roman Empire (b. 1585) link
Franjo Soimirovic roman-catholic archbishop (b. 1614) link
Franjo Vernić roman-catholic bishop (b. 1673) link
Franjo Klobusiczky archbishop, Hungary (b. 1707) link
Franjo Thauszy (b. 1698) link
picture of Franjo Tomašić Franjo Tomašić Franjo Tomašić Croation Baron and Field Marshal, Austrian Empire (b. 1761) link
picture of Franjo Vlašić Franjo Vlašić Franjo Vlašić Croatian General and Ban, Austrian Empire (b. 1766) link
Франц-Ксавер Иван де Пеячевич Българо-хърватски историк и теолог (b. 1707) link
Franjo Antun Blažić politician (b. 1746) link
picture of Franjo Kulmer Franjo Kulmer Franjo Kulmer (b. 1806) link
picture of Franjo Rački Franjo Rački Franjo Rački Croatian historian, politician and writer, HR (b. 1828) link
picture of Franjo Magdič Franjo Magdič Franjo Magdič Slovene stenographer, Austria-Hungary (b. 1830) link
picture of Franjo Gašparić Franjo Gašparić Franjo Gašparić Austrian Empire (b. 1822) link
picture of Franjo Iveković Franjo Iveković Franjo Iveković Croatian lexicographer, Austria-Hungary (b. 1834) link
picture of Franjo Kuhač Franjo Kuhač Franjo Kuhač Croatian musicologist, Austria (b. 1834) link
picture of Franjo Bradaška Franjo Bradaška Franjo Bradaška Austrian Empire (b. 1829) link
picture of Franjo Maixner Franjo Maixner Franjo Maixner Croatian philologist (b. 1841) link
picture of Franjo Marković Franjo Marković Franjo Marković Croatian philosopher and writer, Austria-Hungary (b. 1845) link
picture of Frano Zubić Frano Zubić Frano Zubić Roman Catholic priest (b. 1822) link
picture of Xavér Ferenc Stéger Xavér Ferenc Stéger Xavér Ferenc Stéger Hungarian singer, Hungary (b. 1824) link
picture of Franjo Marn Franjo Marn Franjo Marn Austria-Hungary (b. 1846) link
picture of Franjo Vrbanić Franjo Vrbanić Franjo Vrbanić Austria-Hungary (b. 1847) link
Franjo Magdalenić (b. 1798) link
picture of Franjo Vilhar Kalski Franjo Vilhar Kalski Franjo Vilhar Kalski Kingdom of Yugoslavia (b. 1852) link
picture of Franjo Krežma Franjo Krežma Franjo Krežma Croatian violinist, HR (b. 1862) link
picture of Franjo Rosina Franjo Rosina Franjo Rosina Slovene lawyer, Austria-Hungary (b. 1863) link
picture of Franjo Bučar Franjo Bučar Franjo Bučar Croatian sports writer, Austria-Hungary (b. 1866) link
Franjo Anijan Feretić roman-catholic bishop (b. 1816) link
picture of Filip Frano Nakić Filip Frano Nakić Filip Frano Nakić roman-catholic bishop (b. 1837) link
Franjo Milašinović (b. 1808) link
Franjo Vaníček (b. 1809) link
picture of Franjo Dular Franjo Dular Franjo Dular Austria-Hungary (b. 1860) link
picture of Franjo Hanaman Franjo Hanaman Franjo Hanaman Croatian engineer and inventor, Kingdom of Yugoslavia (b. 1878) link
Franjo Pommer (b. 1818) link
Franjo Klein Croatian architect (b. 1828) link
Franjo Klaić (b. 1819) link
picture of Franjo Žebot Franjo Žebot Franjo Žebot politician, Yugoslavia (b. 1881) link
picture of Franjo Pirc Franjo Pirc Franjo Pirc Yugoslavia (b. 1872) link
picture of Franjo Neubauer Franjo Neubauer Franjo Neubauer Kingdom of Yugoslavia (b. 1872) link
Franjo Petračić classical philologist and hellenist (b. 1833) link
picture of Franjo Lipold Franjo Lipold Franjo Lipold politician, Yugoslavia (b. 1885) link
picture of Franjo Vučer Franjo Vučer Franjo Vučer Yugoslavia (b. 1875) link
picture of Franjo Lučić Franjo Lučić Franjo Lučić Croatian composer (b. 1889) link
Franjo Ravnik Austria-Hungary (b. 1832) link
picture of Franjo Malgaj Franjo Malgaj Franjo Malgaj Slovenian writer, Austria-Hungary (b. 1894) link
Franjo Uccelini-Tice roman-catholic bishop (b. 1847) link
Franjo Ciraki Croatian writer (b. 1847) link
picture of Franjo Sterle Franjo Sterle Franjo Sterle Austria-Hungary (b. 1889) link
picture of Franjo Gaži Franjo Gaži Franjo Gaži Soviet politician 1900-1964, HR (b. 1900) link
picture of Franjo Šimić Franjo Šimić Franjo Šimić Croatian soldier, HR (b. 1900) link
Franjo Šuller Austria-Hungary (b. 1841) link
picture of Franjo Sirc Franjo Sirc Franjo Sirc Yugoslavia (b. 1891) link
picture of Franjo Sič Franjo Sič Franjo Sič Yugoslavia (b. 1893) link
picture of Franjo Kogoj Franjo Kogoj Franjo Kogoj Yugoslavia (b. 1894) link
picture of Franjo Šeper Franjo Šeper Franjo Šeper Croatian cardinal, HR (b. 1905) link
Franjo Ferfila Austria-Hungary (b. 1845) link
picture of Franjo Sevnik Franjo Sevnik Franjo Sevnik Yugoslavia (b. 1895) link
picture of Franjo Žgeč Franjo Žgeč Franjo Žgeč Yugoslavia (b. 1896) link
Franjo Fugger (b. 1846) link
picture of Franjo Džal Franjo Džal Franjo Džal Croatian Air Force commander (b. 1906) link
Franjo Selak Austria-Hungary (b. 1847) link
Franjo Kuralt Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (b. 1847) link
picture of Franjo Giler Franjo Giler Franjo Giler Yugoslav footballer, Yugoslavia (b. 1907) link
picture of Franjo Stiplovšek Franjo Stiplovšek Franjo Stiplovšek Yugoslavia (b. 1898) link
Franjo Tomšič Austria-Hungary (b. 1848) link
picture of Franjo Baš Franjo Baš Franjo Baš Yugoslavia (b. 1899) link
picture of Franjo Čibej Franjo Čibej Franjo Čibej Kingdom of Yugoslavia (b. 1901) link
Franjo Kružić (b. 1852) link
picture of Franjo Punčec Franjo Punčec Franjo Punčec Yugoslav tennis player, Yugoslavia (b. 1913) link
picture of Franjo Kluz Franjo Kluz Franjo Kluz Yugoslav partisan (b. 1913) link
Franjo Josip Spevec (b. 1855) link
picture of Franjo Sornik Franjo Sornik Franjo Sornik Yugoslavia (b. 1906) link
Franjo Kesterčanek (b. 1856) link
Franjo Jenč Serbian architect, Serbia (b. 1867) link
picture of Francis W. Jedlička Francis W. Jedlička Francis W. Jedlička Czech American Catholic priest, USA (b. 1887) link
picture of Franjo Kuharić Franjo Kuharić Franjo Kuharić Archbishop of Zagreb and cardinal., HR (b. 1919) link
picture of Franjo Mihalić Franjo Mihalić Franjo Mihalić Yugoslav long-distance runner, Yugoslavia (b. 1920) link
picture of Franjo Vrunč Franjo Vrunč Franjo Vrunč Kingdom of Yugoslavia (b. 1910) link
Franjo Sudarević (b. 1861) link
picture of Franjo Tuđman Franjo Tuđman Franjo Tuđman Croatian politician, soldier and president, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (b. 1922) link
Franjo Bilanić (b. 1863) link
picture of Franjo Knebl Franjo Knebl Franjo Knebl Yugoslavia (b. 1915) link
picture of Franjo Rustja Franjo Rustja Franjo Rustja Slovenia (b. 1916) link
Franjo Horvat Kiš Croatian writer (b. 1876) link
Franjo Kresnik (b. 1869) link
Franjo Trampuž Yugoslavia (b. 1870) link
picture of Franjo Kumer Franjo Kumer Franjo Kumer Yugoslavia (b. 1920) link
Fran Flego Croatian politician, Austria-Hungary (b. 1852) link
Franjo Salis-Seewis (b. 1872) link
picture of Fraňo Štefunko Fraňo Štefunko Fraňo Štefunko sculptor from Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovakia (b. 1903) link
Franjo Dugan Austria-Hungary (b. 1874) link
Franjo Herič (b. 1875) link
Franjo Durst (b. 1875) link
Franjo Poljak (b. 1877) link
Franjo Štefanović (b. 1879) link
picture of Franjo Gregurić Franjo Gregurić Franjo Gregurić Croatian politician, HR (b. 1939) link
Franjo Gumilar Slovene writer, Yugoslavia (b. 1890) link
Franjo Gregl Slovene cyclist, Slovenia (b. 1891) link

Characteristic surnames

Novak, Kovačić, Kovač, Kovačević, Kos, Babić, Varga, Novosel, Marković, and Božić