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Forename Hildegard

Throughout the world, Hildegard (Hildegard Germany United States Brazil South Africa Austria, Хилдегард Bulgaria Russia, הילדגרד Israel) is a common female forename. Given name Hildegard is characteristic to Germany, where it is quite a common female name, Austria, and Namibia, where it is quite a rare feminine name. In absolute terms this name is the most popular in Germany, the United States, and Brazil.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Hildegard

name Hildégard, name Hildegard, name Hildegarda, name Bingeni, name Гильдегард, name Bingen, name Хилдегард, name Hildegárd, name הילדגרד, name Ildegarda, name Хільдегард, name Гільдегард, name Хильдегарда
Hildegard South Africa, Austria, United States, Brazil, Germany
Хилдегард Bulgaria, Russia
הילדגרד Israel
Хильдегарда Russia

First name Hildegard in the context

Hildegard is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Hildegard Scholz , the fictional character from Lindenstraße; Hildegard von Krone , the fictional character, Soulcalibur; Hildegard von Mariendorf , character in Legend of the Galactic Heroes; Hildegard Sonnbichler , character in Storm of Love and Hildegard , the operatic character in the operetta Simplicius, among other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of Hildegard of Vinzgouw Hildegard of Vinzgouw Hildegard of Vinzgouw Queen of the Franks (b. 758) link
Hildegard frankish princess daughter of Charlemagne (b. 783) link
Hildegard abbess of Fraumünster, daughter of Louis the German (b. 828) link
picture of Hildegard von Stein Hildegard von Stein Hildegard von Stein (b. 910) link
Hildegard frankish princess daughter of Louis the younger (b. 879) link
Hildegard of Flanders countess of Holland (b. 936) link
Hildegard of Sundgau Peerage person ID=5082 (b. 950) link
picture of Hildegard von Egisheim Hildegard von Egisheim Hildegard von Egisheim (b. 1020) link
picture of Hildegard of Bingen Hildegard of Bingen Hildegard of Bingen German Medieval saint, prophet, mystic and Doctor of Church, Germany (b. 1098) link
Hildegard von Henneberg German noble (b. 1106) link
Hildegard (b. 1100) link
Hildegard of Denmark Princess of Rügen (b. 1157) link
Hildegard Meixner (b. 1649) link
Hildegard von Moskopp Germany (b. 1755) link
picture of Princess Hildegard of Bavaria Princess Hildegard of Bavaria Princess Hildegard of Bavaria Bavarian princess, Germany (b. 1825) link
picture of Hildegard Werner Hildegard Werner Hildegard Werner Swedish musician, SE (b. 1834) link
picture of Hildegard von Spitzemberg Hildegard von Spitzemberg Hildegard von Spitzemberg German salon-holder, Deutsches Kaiserreich (b. 1843) link
picture of Hildegard Norberg Hildegard Norberg Hildegard Norberg Swedish artist, SE (b. 1844) link
picture of Hildegard Björck Hildegard Björck Hildegard Björck First Swedish woman to gain a degree, SE (b. 1847) link
picture of Hildegard Thorell Hildegard Thorell Hildegard Thorell Swedish artist, SE (b. 1850) link
Hildegard Lasaulx (b. 1810) link
picture of Hildegard Wegscheider Hildegard Wegscheider Hildegard Wegscheider German politician, Germany (b. 1871) link
picture of Hildegard Harring Hildegard Harring Hildegard Harring Swedish actress, SE (b. 1871) link
picture of Hildegard Lindzén Hildegard Lindzén Hildegard Lindzén Swedish actress, SE (b. 1872) link
picture of Hildegard Berencreutz Hildegard Berencreutz Hildegard Berencreutz (b. 1866) link
picture of Hildegard Burjan Hildegard Burjan Hildegard Burjan Austrian politician, Austria (b. 1883) link
picture of Hildegard Tamm Hildegard Tamm Hildegard Tamm SE (b. 1873) link
picture of Hildegard Zoir Hildegard Zoir Hildegard Zoir SE (b. 1876) link
Hildegard Fugger (b. 1830) link
Hildegard von Lassberg (b. 1836) link
picture of Anna Virgin Anna Virgin Anna Virgin Swedish painter, SE (b. 1866) link
Hildegard Emilia Christina Pira actor (b. 1847) link
picture of Hildegard Bleyler Hildegard Bleyler Hildegard Bleyler German politician, Germany (b. 1899) link
Hildegard Brandenburg (b. 1841) link
picture of Hildegard Jäckel Hildegard Jäckel Hildegard Jäckel German photographer, Germany (b. 1903) link
Hildegard Staegemann (b. 1844) link
picture of Hildegard Cornelsen Hildegard Cornelsen Hildegard Cornelsen German author, Germany (b. 1905) link
Hildegard von Portner painter from Austria, Austrian Empire (b. 1856) link
Hildegard Voigt German author, Germany (b. 1856) link
Hildegard Lehnert German painter, Deutsches Reich (b. 1857) link
Hildegard Marie Josephine Mouchet de Battefort de Laubespin (b. 1847) link
picture of Hildegard Heise Hildegard Heise Hildegard Heise (b. 1897) link
picture of Hildegard Brom-Fischer Hildegard Brom-Fischer Hildegard Brom-Fischer Dutch textile artist, Kingdom of the Netherlands (b. 1908) link
Hildegard von Bethmann Hollweg German matron, Deutsches Reich (b. 1860) link
Hildegard Mannheim holocaust victim, b. 1863-04-11 (b. 1863) link
Hildegard Jenicke (b. 1856) link
Hildegard Neuffer-Stavenhagen German woman writer (b. 1866) link
Hildegard Moserová holocaust victim, b. 1866-09-20 (b. 1866) link
picture of Hildegard Maria Rauchfuß Hildegard Maria Rauchfuß Hildegard Maria Rauchfuß German writer, Germany (b. 1918) link
picture of Adina Tidlund Adina Tidlund Adina Tidlund Swedish painter, SE (b. 1889) link
picture of Hildegard Lächert Hildegard Lächert Hildegard Lächert Nazi concentration camp guard, Nazi Germany (b. 1920) link
picture of Hildegard Hamm-Brücher Hildegard Hamm-Brücher Hildegard Hamm-Brücher German politician, Germany (b. 1921) link
picture of Hildegard Schüller-Falk Hildegard Schüller-Falk Hildegard Schüller-Falk Swedish artist, SE (b. 1922) link
picture of Edwin Linkomies Edwin Linkomies Edwin Linkomies Finnish politician, rector and Prime Minister of Finland, Finland (b. 1894) link
Hildegard Keppich holocaust victim, b. 1874-09-29 (b. 1874) link
Hildegard Stradal Austria (b. 1864) link
Hildegard Tauber holocaust victim, b. 1875-07-12 (b. 1875) link
picture of Hildegard Knef Hildegard Knef Hildegard Knef German actress, singer and writer, Germany (b. 1925) link
picture of Hildegard Rauschenbach Hildegard Rauschenbach Hildegard Rauschenbach German author, Germany (b. 1926) link
Hildegard Wieselgren Swedish translator, SE (b. 1876) link
Hildegard Zoder teacher and children's writer from Austria, Austria (b. 1876) link
picture of Hildegard Trabant Hildegard Trabant Hildegard Trabant East German woman killed trying to cross the Berlin Wall, Germany (b. 1927) link
Hildegard Alstermark (b. 1867) link
Hildegard Freiin Capler von Oedheim (b. 1867) link
picture of Hilde Claassen Hilde Claassen Hilde Claassen German publisher, Germany (b. 1897) link
picture of May Hildegard Söderström May Hildegard Söderström May Hildegard Söderström (b. 1918) link
Hildegard Boerner (b. 1870) link
Hildegard Viktoria Carlsson actor (b. 1881) link
Hildegard Bodlaender holocaust victim, b. 1881-11-01 (b. 1881) link
Hildegard Gronem holocaust victim, b. 1881-09-13 (b. 1881) link
Hildegard von Hippel (b. 1872) link
Hildegard Riess holocaust victim, b. 1882-10-01 (b. 1882) link
Hildegard Horwitz holocaust victim, b. 1882-08-24 (b. 1882) link
Hildegard Geldner (b. 1874) link
Hildegard Brunnerová holocaust victim, b. 1884-05-12 (b. 1884) link
Hildegard Böhme German military personnel, Deutsches Reich (b. 1884) link
picture of Hildegard Ochse Hildegard Ochse Hildegard Ochse German photographer, Germany (b. 1935) link
Hildegard Margarete Wurm holocaust victim, b. 1886-03-13 (b. 1886) link
Hildegard Margis German author, Deutsches Reich (b. 1887) link
Hildegard Pachten (b. 1877) link
Hildegard Backlund (b. 1878) link
Hildegard von Kluck (b. 1878) link
picture of Hildegard Hahn Hildegard Hahn Hildegard Hahn German artist, Germany (b. 1938) link
Hildegard Heyne (b. 1878) link
Hildegard Gaehtgens (b. 1878) link
Hildegard Loeb holocaust victim, b. 1889-02-26 (b. 1889) link
Hildegard Gräfin Almásy von Zsadány (b. 1879) link
Hildegard Dahlenburg (b. 1879) link
picture of Birgit Forssell Birgit Forssell Birgit Forssell Swedish artist, SE (b. 1909) link
Hildegard Gräfin zu Rechteren-Limpurg-Speckfeld born 1890 (b. 1890) link
Hildegard Köchert (b. 1880) link
Hildegard Gierke Germany (b. 1880) link
Hildegard Ascher holocaust victim, b. 1890-01-04 (b. 1890) link
Hildegard Meißner (b. 1880) link
Hildegard Dinclau textile artist, teacher, SE (b. 1890) link
picture of Hilde Schrader Hilde Schrader Hilde Schrader swimmer, Germany (b. 1910) link
Hildegard H. Ebbinghaus Citizen of Wuppertal, victim of nazism (b. 1891) link
Hildegard Maria von Bayern Germany (b. 1881) link
Hildegard Stücklen American physicist, USA (b. 1891) link
Hildegard Sauerbier principal of Stadtgymnasium Detmold 1950-1957 (b. 1891) link

Characteristic surnames

Muller, Schmidt, Smith, Johnson, Santos, Schneider, Fischer, Becker, Jones, and Brown