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Forename Lúcia

Globally, Lúcia (Lúcia Mozambique Angola Portugal Brazil, لوسيا Syria Egypt Palestinian Territory, ルシア Japan) is quite a common feminine given name. Forename Lúcia is habitual to Portugal, where it is quite a common feminine name, Angola, and Slovenia, where it is a rare female name. In absolute terms it is the most numerous in Angola, Portugal, and Brazil. Also, Lúcia is the last name as well as a forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Lúcia

name Łucja, name Luce, name لوسيل, name Люсиль, name Люсия, name Луцие, name Lucilla, name ルシル, name Люси, name Люсі, name Luca, name لوسي, name Luciane, name Luzie, name Луци, name Люсіль, name Lucia, name 露西亚, name Lucía, name Llucia, name 露西雅, name 露西, name Lúcio, name Lucija, name Lleucu, name 露夏, name Lucja, name לוציה, name לוסי, name Luci, name Лукия, name Лукія, name 露琪, name Lucille, name Луций, name Լուսի, name Луция, name لوسيا, name Lucy, name Lucius, name Luzi, name Луцыя, name 盧西, name Λουκία, name Лусия, name Lúcía, name Luzia, name Луси, name לוסיה, name Lúcia, name Lucie, name ルーシー, name Llúcia, name ルシア
Lúcia Angola, Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique
لوسيا Egypt, Syria, Palestinian Territory
ルシア Japan
לוסיה Israel

First name Lúcia in the context

Lúcia is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Thornn , the fictional character in Marvel Comics; Lucia Mondella , the fictional character of the novel I Promessi Sposi by Alessandro Manzoni, The Betrothed; Lucía Álvarez , character in Aquí no hay quien viva; Lucía Gómez López and Lucia Torres , the fictional character from the television series Grey's Anatomy, among other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of Lúcia dos Santos Lúcia dos Santos Lúcia dos Santos Sister Lúcia of Fatima, Portugal (b. 1907) link
picture of Lúcia Delor Lúcia Delor Lúcia Delor Brazilian actress, Brazil (b. 1915) link
picture of Lúcia Braga Lúcia Braga Lúcia Braga Brazilian politician, Brazil (b. 1934) link
picture of Lúcia Vânia Abrão Costa Lúcia Vânia Abrão Costa Lúcia Vânia Abrão Costa Brazilian politician, Brazil (b. 1944) link
picture of Lúcia Alves Lúcia Alves Lúcia Alves Brazilian actress, Brazil (b. 1948) link
picture of Lúcia Maria Murat de Vasconcelos Lúcia Maria Murat de Vasconcelos Lúcia Maria Murat de Vasconcelos brazilian filmmaker and former member of the armed struggle against the military dictatorship in Brazil, Brazil (b. 1949) link
Lúcia Miguel Pereira Brazilian writer and journalist, Brazil (b. 1901) link
picture of Lúcia Maria de Souza Lúcia Maria de Souza Lúcia Maria de Souza Brazil (b. 1944) link
picture of Lúcia Veríssimo Lúcia Veríssimo Lúcia Veríssimo Brazilian actress and film director, Brazil (b. 1958) link
Lúcia Machado de Almeida Brazilian writer, Brazil (b. 1910) link
picture of Lúcia Helena de Amaral Pinto Lúcia Helena de Amaral Pinto Lúcia Helena de Amaral Pinto Brazilian politician, Brazil (b. 1960) link
picture of Lúcia França Lúcia França Lúcia França Wife of Márcio França, governor of São Paulo, Brazil (b. 1962) link
Lúcia Benedetti Brazilian writer, playwright, journalist, teacher and translator, Brazil (b. 1914) link
picture of Lúcia Lobato Lúcia Lobato Lúcia Lobato East Timorese politician, Timor-Leste (b. 1965) link
picture of Lúcia Taeki Lúcia Taeki Lúcia Taeki politician (b. 1972) link
Lúcia Aizim (b. 1915) link
Lúcia Lambertini Brazilian actress, Brazil (b. 1926) link
picture of Lúcia Moniz Lúcia Moniz Lúcia Moniz singer, actress, Portugal (b. 1976) link
picture of Lúcia Megyesi Schwartz Lúcia Megyesi Schwartz Lúcia Megyesi Schwartz (b. 1970) link
Lúcia Mello Brazilian actress, Brazil (b. 1932) link
Lúcia Viveiros Brazilian architect, Brazil (b. 1935) link
Lúcia Valle Figueiredo Brazilian lawyer, Brazil (b. 1935) link
Lúcia Mendes de Morais Brazilian volleyball player, Brazil (b. 1939) link
Lúcia Tereza Brazilian politician, Brazil (b. 1947) link
Lúcia Mendonça Previato Brazilian biologist, Brazil (b. 1949) link
Lúcia Souto Brazilian politician, Brazil (b. 1949) link
Lúcia Petterle Brazilian model, Brazil (b. 1949) link
Lúcia Flecha de Lima Brazil (b. 1941) link
Lúcia Almeida Matos Art Historian, Portugal (b. 1952) link
Lúcia Bastos Pereira das Neves Brazilian historian, Brazil (b. 1952) link
Lúcia Maria Portuguese actress, Portugal (b. 1954) link
Lúcia Mas Garcia Spanish singer-songwriter and music educator, España (b. 1954) link
Lúcia Liba Mucznik (b. 1945) link
Lúcia Nagib Brazilian university teacher, Brazil (b. 1956) link
Lúcia Conceição Anjos do Nascimento politician from Brazil, Brazil (b. 1958) link
Lúcia Willadino Braga Brazilian neuroscientist, Brazil (b. 1958) link
Lúcia de Fatima de França Medeiros politician from Brazil, Brazil (b. 1959) link
Lúcia de Almeida Braga Brazilian publisher, Brazil (b. 1960) link
Lúcia Carvalho Brazil (b. 1954) link
Lúcia Fidalgo Brazilian writer, storyteller, librarian and teacher, Brazil (b. 1965) link
Lúcia Helena Dornellas politician from Brazil, Brazil (b. 1968) link
Lúcia Xavier Brazil (b. 1959) link
Lúcia Bettencourt Brazilian writer, Brazil (b. 1969) link
Lúcia Hiratsuka Brazil (b. 1960) link
Lúcia Garcez Lohmann botanist, Brazil (b. 1973) link
Lúcia Helena Faccioli researcher (b. 1978) link
Ana Lúcia Tasca Góis Ruiz researcher, Brazil link
Lúcia Nazareth Amante researcher link
Lúcia Santos researcher link
Lúcia Tavares researcher link
Lúcia A Silva researcher link
Lúcia Mara Januário Dos Anjos researcher link
Lúcia Nóbrega Brazilian writer, Brazil link
Lúcia Massutti de Almeida Brazilian entomologist, Brazil link
Lúcia Chaves Simões researcher, ORCID id 0000-0002-4893-1985 link
Lúcia Machado Koch university professor and researcher active in Brazil, Brazil link
Lúcia Cristina Pereira Arruda researcher link
Lúcia H Vieira researcher link
Lúcia Valéria Ramos de Arruda researcher link
Lúcia Hussak van Velthem Brazilian researcher, Brazil link
Lúcia F H Lourenço researcher link
Lúcia Guimarães Brazilian journalist, Brazil link
Lúcia Helena Cavasin Zabotto Pulino researcher at the University of Brasilia link
Lúcia Campos researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-7858-9869 link
Lúcia Maria de Assunção Barbosa researcher at the University of Brasilia link
Lúcia Maria de Oliveira Gusmão oceanographer and researcher link
Lúcia Trazzi Prieto researcher link
Lúcia Helena Marques Ribeiro researcher at the University of Brasilia link
Lúcia Marina Scatena researcher link
Lúcia Lima Rodrigues researcher, ORCID id 0000-0003-0859-0853 link
Lúcia Garrido researcher link
Lúcia H A Gratão researcher link
Lúcia H S Silva researcher link
Lúcia Rota Borges researcher link
Lúcia Coelho researcher link
Lúcia de Fátima da Silva researcher link
Lúcia Maria de Campos Fragoso Brazilian entomologist, Brazil link
Lúcia Helena Xavier researcher link
Lúcia Dias researcher link
Lúcia Dias da Silva Guerra researcher link
Lúcia Helena Sipaúba Tavares researcher link
Lúcia Fadiga researcher link
Lúcia Resende Pereira Bonfim Ph.D. Universidade Federal de São Carlos 2002 link
Lúcia Santos researcher ORCID ID=0000-0002-9349-9319 link
Lúcia Rotenberg researcher link
Lúcia Marinilza Beccaria researcher link
Lúcia Vinadé researcher link
Lúcia S Campos researcher link
Lúcia de Fátima Santos researcher link
Lúcia Virgínia Mendonça Gomes Porto researcher link
Lúcia de Jesus leader of a Candomblé temple link
Lúcia Brandão researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-8210-3796 link
Lúcia Vieira researcher link
Lúcia Santana Rolim researcher link
Ana Lúcia Brazilian singer, Brazil link
Lúcia Alves Silva Lara researcher link
Angela Lúcia de Araújo Ferreira Brazilian architect, Brazil link
Lúcia Adriana Dos Santos Gruginskie researcher link
Lúcia Costa-Paiva researcher link
Lúcia M Teixeira researcher link