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Forename Laurence

Worldwide, Laurence (Laurence France United States United Kingdom Belgium Ivory Coast, لورنس Syria Jordan Iraq Saudi Arabia, 勞倫斯 China, among others...) is a very common epicene first name. Given name Laurence is habitual to France, where it is a common girly name, Belgium, where it is quite a common feminine name, and Guyana, where it is quite a common masculine name (explore name in all countries). In absolute terms it is most frequently occurring in France, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Very seldom, Laurence is the last name as well as a forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Laurence

name Lorenzová, name Лоренс, name Lorensa, name Loran, name Лоренсо, name Лаврентий, name Laurencé, name ลอเรนซ์, name Лоренц, name Лоранс, name لوران, name Лауренце, name Laurus, name ロレンス, name Лоренцо, name Laurence, name ローラン, name Lowrance, name Llorenc, name Láurence, name لورنس, name Лоран, name Lawrence, name Laurent, name Ларан, name لارس, name לורנס, name Ловренс, name 拉斯, name 洛朗, name Llorenç, name Laurentius, name Lars, name Laurance, name Lorenzo, name Lourenço, name Лоуренс, name Laurenz, name 劳伦斯, name 勒林, name لارنس, name لورينزو, name Laurénce, name Ĺaurence, name לורנץ, name 拉尔斯, name Lorenss, name 勞倫斯, name Ларс, name Luregn, name Làurence, name Lőrinc, name Lorenz, name Лаврентій, name ラース, name ローレンス, name لورانس
Laurence France, Belgium, United States, Ivory Coast, United Kingdom
لورنس Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq
勞倫斯, 劳伦斯 China
Лоренс Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia
Лоуренс Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Russia
Лоранс Armenia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Russia
ローレンス Japan
לורנס Israel

First name Laurence in the context

Laurence is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Friar Laurence , the Shakespeare character, Romeo and Juliet; Laurence de Cinq-Cygne , the Honoré de Balzac character, Une ténébreuse affaire; Dr. Laurence Erhardt , the fictional character from Mystery Science Theater 3000; Laurence Beaupré , character in Plus belle la vie and Laurence , the operatic character in the opera Jocelyn by Benjamin Godard, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

Laurence of Byzantium (b. 100) link
Laurence of Somercotes English ecclesiastic and canonist, Kingdom of England (b. 1200) link
Laurence de Ergadia Thirteenth-century Scottish bishop (b. 1300) link
Laurence Minot English poet, Kingdom of England (b. 1300) link
Laurence Hastings, 1st Earl of Pembroke English noble (b. 1319) link
Laurence Acton English Member of Parliament, Kingdom of England (b. 1350) link
Laurence Abernethy Scottish lord of parliament, Kingdom of Scotland (b. 1400) link
Laurence Lister (b. 1406) link
Laurence Oliphant, 1st Lord Oliphant Scottish peer (b. 1434) link
picture of Laurence Nowell Laurence Nowell Laurence Nowell antiquary (b. 1515) link
picture of Laurence Chaderton Laurence Chaderton Laurence Chaderton English bible translator (b. 1536) link
Laurence Hastings Peerage person ID=359266 (b. 1500) link
Laurence Nowell English churchman, dean of Lichfield (b. 1516) link
Laurence Vaux English priest (b. 1519) link
Laurence Saunders English martyr (b. 1519) link
Laurence Andrewe Translator/printer (b. 1520) link
Laurence Oliphant, 4th Lord Oliphant Scottish nobleman (b. 1529) link
Laurence Dyer (b. 1527) link
Laurence Tomson English theologian (b. 1539) link
Laurence Aldersey English adventurer (b. 1546) link
Laurence Washington English politician (b. 1546) link
Laurence Bruce Scottish politician (b. 1547) link
Laurence Bodley Church of England clergyman, Kingdom of England (b. 1548) link
Laurence Stoughton politician (b. 1554) link
Laurence Caddy Roman Catholic seminarist, Kingdom of England (b. 1558) link
Sir Laurence Esmonde, 1st Baron Esmonde C Irish peer (b. 1570) link
Laurence Humphreys English Catholic martyr (b. 1571) link
picture of Laurence Fogg Laurence Fogg Laurence Fogg dean of Chester (b. 1623) link
Laurence Ramsay English poet, Kingdom of England (b. 1577) link
Laurence Anderton English Jesuit (b. 1577) link
Laurence Whitaker English politician (b. 1578) link
Laurence Wright physician (b. 1590) link
picture of Laurence Hyde, 1st Earl of Rochester Laurence Hyde, 1st Earl of Rochester Laurence Hyde, 1st Earl of Rochester English politician, diplomat, and writer, Kingdom of England (b. 1641) link
Laurence Rollo born 1604 (b. 1604) link
Laurence Gigault de Bellefonds Benedictine abbess (b. 1611) link
Laurence Oxburgh English politician (b. 1611) link
Laurence Womock Bishop of St David's (b. 1612) link
Laurence Hyde 1612-1682 (b. 1612) link
Laurence Clarkson English theologian (b. 1615) link
picture of Laurence Echard Laurence Echard Laurence Echard British historian, Kingdom of Great Britain (b. 1670) link
Laurence Price Price, Laurence (b. 1628) link
Laurence de Boysset Danish military personnel, Denmark (b. 1633) link
picture of Laurence Eusden Laurence Eusden Laurence Eusden English poet (b. 1688) link
picture of Laurence Oliphant Laurence Oliphant Laurence Oliphant Scottish Jacobite army officer (b. 1691) link
picture of Laurence Sterne Laurence Sterne Laurence Sterne Irish/English writer, Kingdom of Great Britain (b. 1713) link
Laurence Howell Howell, Laurence, Kingdom of England (b. 1664) link
picture of Laurence Shirley, 4th Earl Ferrers Laurence Shirley, 4th Earl Ferrers Laurence Shirley, 4th Earl Ferrers english noble last peer to be executed (b. 1720) link
Laurence Jackson Church of England clergyman and religious writer, Kingdom of England (b. 1691) link
Laurence Cotter born 1697 (b. 1697) link
Laurence Richardson Irish bishop (b. 1701) link
Laurence Shirley (b. 1693) link
picture of William Laurence Brown William Laurence Brown William Laurence Brown Scottish minister (b. 1755) link
Laurence Sulivan British politician (b. 1713) link
picture of Laurence Hynes Halloran Laurence Hynes Halloran Laurence Hynes Halloran Convict transported to Australia, Australia (b. 1765) link
Laurence Dermott Irish merchant and freemason (b. 1720) link
Laurence Arthur Nihill roman-catholic bishop (b. 1726) link
Laurence Gale born 1730 (b. 1730) link
picture of Laurence Edmondston Laurence Edmondston Laurence Edmondston 1795–1879, British ornithologist (b. 1795) link
Laurence Parsons, 1st Earl of Rosse Irish politician (b. 1749) link
picture of Bertrand-Sévère Laurence Bertrand-Sévère Laurence Bertrand-Sévère Laurence (b. 1790) link
Laurence J. Cossé British painter, active 1784-1837 (b. 1758) link
Laurence Curran (b. 1751) link
Laurence Kavanagh Canadian politician, Canada (b. 1764) link
picture of Laurence Sheil Laurence Sheil Laurence Sheil Catholic bishop, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (b. 1814) link
picture of Laurence M. Keitt Laurence M. Keitt Laurence M. Keitt American politician, USA (b. 1824) link
Laurence O'Donnell Roman Catholic Bishop of Galway (b. 1777) link
picture of Laurence Oliphant Laurence Oliphant Laurence Oliphant British author, traveller, diplomat and Christian mystic, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (b. 1829) link
picture of Laurence S. Baker Laurence S. Baker Laurence S. Baker Confederate Army general, USA (b. 1830) link
Laurence Ball (b. 1776) link
Laurence Kavanagh, Jr. Canadian politician, Canada (b. 1789) link
Laurence Potts British surgeon and inventor (b. 1789) link
Laurence Oliphant Scottish Chief of Clan Oliphant and Member of Parliament, Kingdom of Great Britain (b. 1791) link
Laurence O'Brien Canadian politician, Canada (b. 1792) link
picture of Laurence Hutton Laurence Hutton Laurence Hutton American essayist and critic, USA (b. 1843) link
Laurence Sulivan (b. 1783) link
picture of Laurence Carroll Cussen Laurence Carroll Cussen Laurence Carroll Cussen New Zealand surveyor and geologist, Colony of New Zealand (b. 1843) link
picture of Laurence Grivot Laurence Grivot Laurence Grivot singer, France (b. 1843) link
picture of Laurence Gronlund Laurence Gronlund Laurence Gronlund United States socialist, USA (b. 1846) link
picture of Laurence Oliphant Laurence Oliphant Laurence Oliphant British Army General, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (b. 1846) link
Laurence F. Renehan Irish priest and scholar, Kingdom of Ireland (b. 1797) link
picture of J. Laurence Laughlin J. Laurence Laughlin J. Laurence Laughlin American economist, USA (b. 1850) link
Laurence Peel British politician, 1801-1888, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (b. 1801) link
picture of Laurence Ginnell Laurence Ginnell Laurence Ginnell Irish politician and writer, Irish Republic (b. 1852) link
Laurence Esmonde (b. 1793) link
picture of Laurence Gomme Laurence Gomme Laurence Gomme British folklorist (b. 1853) link
picture of Laurence Waddell Laurence Waddell Laurence Waddell British explorer, United Kingdom (b. 1854) link
Laurence O'Connor Doyle Canadian politician, Canada (b. 1804) link
Laurence Kindt Belgian painter, Belgium (b. 1805) link
Laurence Waldron politician, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (b. 1811) link
picture of Laurence Guillemard Laurence Guillemard Laurence Guillemard British Colonial Governor (b. 1862) link
Laurence Richardson Baily British politician, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (b. 1815) link
Laurence Parsons (b. 1805) link
picture of Laurence Alma-Tadema Laurence Alma-Tadema Laurence Alma-Tadema English novelist, Belgium (b. 1865) link
picture of Laurence Housman Laurence Housman Laurence Housman British playwright, writer and illustrator, United Kingdom (b. 1865) link
Laurence Pleydell-Bouverie 1817-1887 (b. 1817) link
Laurence Ball (b. 1807) link
Laurence Gillooly Bishop of Elphin (b. 1819) link
picture of Laurence Binyon Laurence Binyon Laurence Binyon English poet, dramatist, and art scholar, United Kingdom (b. 1869) link
picture of Laurence Irving Laurence Irving Laurence Irving British dramatist and actor, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (b. 1871) link
picture of Paul Laurence Dunbar Paul Laurence Dunbar Paul Laurence Dunbar American author, USA (b. 1872) link

Characteristic surnames

Martin, Brown, Thomas, Jones, Bernard, Johnson, Miller, Garcia, Williams, and Richard