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Forename Mako

In the entire world, Mako (Mako Somalia Ethiopia South Africa India Hungary, ماكو Iraq Iran Egypt Jordan Saudi Arabia, Мако Bulgaria Ukraine Kazakhstan Russia Georgia, and others...) is a common epicene firstname. Firstname Mako is characteristic to Somalia, where it is quite a common girly name, Iraq, where it is quite a common gender-neutral name, and Djibouti, where it is quite a common female name. Not in comparison with a country population it commonest in Somalia, Iraq, and Ethiopia. Likewise, Mako is the last name as well as a forename.

Transliterations and variants of Mako

Mako Hungary, Ethiopia, India, Somalia, South Africa
ماكو Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Iraq
Мако Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine
マコ Japan

First name Mako in the context

Mako is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Mako Mori , the fictional character in the Pacific Rim fictional universe; Mako , the character from The Legend of Korra and Roadhog , the player character from the 2016 video game Overwatch.

First names said to be same

Mak, Maka, Makkara, Makò, Makó, Mákó, Мака, מאקו, มะโข, มาโกะ, မက်ဴ, მაკო, マカ, マキオ, 玛科, 真子, and 马科

Notable namesakes

picture of Mako Sajko Mako Sajko Mako Sajko Yugoslavia (b. 1927) link
picture of Mako Hattori Mako Hattori Mako Hattori Japanese presenter and tarento, Japan (b. 1961) link
picture of Mako Kobata Mako Kobata Mako Kobata Japanese volleyball player, Japan (b. 1990) link
Mako Idemitsu experimental video art and film artist, USA (b. 1940) link
picture of Mako Vunipola Mako Vunipola Mako Vunipola New Zealand-English rugby union footballer, New Zealand (b. 1991) link
picture of Princess Mako of Akishino Princess Mako of Akishino Princess Mako of Akishino Japanese princess, Japan (b. 1991) link
Mako Sanjō Japanese actress, Japan (b. 1943) link
Mako Oliveras American baseball player and coach, USA (b. 1946) link
picture of Mako Yamashita Mako Yamashita Mako Yamashita Japanese figure skater, Japan link
Mako Segawa Japanese mangaka, Japan (b. 1955) link
Mako Ishino Japanese actress and singer, Japan (b. 1961) link
Taruishi Mako Japan (b. 1952) link
Mako Hyōdō Japanese actress, voice actress and singer, Japan (b. 1962) link
Mako Takaha Japanese mangaka, Japan (b. 1962) link
Mako Takigawa Japanese AV idol, Japan (b. 1965) link
Mako Tanaka Japan (b. 1955) link
Mako Yoshikawa American writer (b. 1966) link
Mako Kamitsuna American film editor, USA (b. 1968) link
Mako Hyūga Japanese AV idol, Japan (b. 1969) link
Mako Shiraishi Japanese former singer, Japan (b. 1969) link
Mako Yoshimura (b. 1961) link
Mako Miyata Japanese singer, Japan (b. 1973) link
Mako Kunimoto Japanese fashion model and race queen, Japan (b. 1977) link
Mako Morie Japanese mangaka, Japan link
Mako Katagai Japanese seiyū, Japan link
Mako Nakamura researcher link
Mako Kinoshita Japanese AV idol, Japan (b. 1980) link
Mako Emily Haruta Ph.D. Boston University 1992 link
Mako Takami Japanese mangaka, Japan link
Mako Ōtori Japanese mangaka, Japan link
Mako Saiki Japanese mangaka, Japan link
Mako Ayane Japanese seiyū, Japan link
Mako Mishiro Japanese seiyū, Japan link
Mako Ohzono researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-7131-0493 link
Mako Kamiya researcher link
Mako Fukano researcher link
Mako Daidō Japanese singer, Japan link
Mako Okabe researcher link
Mako Tatekawa Japanese illustrator and manga artist, Japan link
Mako Katase Japanese AV idol, Japan (b. 1983) link
Mako Oda Japanese AV idol, Japan (b. 1983) link
Mako Ogawa Japanese professional wrestler, Japan (b. 1983) link
Mako Principal Japanese contemporary artist and idol, Japan (b. 1984) link
Mako Japanese voice actress and singer, Japan (b. 1986) link
Mako Morino Japanese seiyū, Japan (b. 1987) link
Mako Kayama Japan link
Mako Kataoka Japanese model, Japan (b. 1992) link
Mako Urushizaki Japanese badminton player, Japan (b. 1992) link
Mako Yamada Japanese boxer, Japan (b. 1994) link
Mako Uchio judoka, Japan (b. 1995) link
Mako Tamura Japanese announcer, Japan (b. 1996) link
Mako Kojima Japanese actress, Japan (b. 1997) link
Mako Kudo Japanese association football player, Japan (b. 1997) link
Mako Iga Japanese AV idol, Japan (b. 1997) link
Mako Umehara Japanese actor and child actor, Japan (b. 1999) link
Mako Fujimoto Japanese basketball player, Japan (b. 1999) link
Mako Kaihō Japanese child actor, Japan (b. 1999) link
Mako Tabuni West Papua political leader link
Mako Yamaguchi Japanese idol singer, Japan link
Mako Hagiwara Japan (b. 1992) link
Mako Okabe Japan (b. 1995) link