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Forename Marijana

Worldwide, Marijana (Marijana Serbia Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina North Macedonia, Мариана Russia Bulgaria Serbia Armenia, Марияна Russia Bulgaria Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan) is a common feminine given name. Firstname Marijana is characteristic to Southern Europe, particularly Serbia, where it is a common feminine name, Croatia, and Montenegro (explore name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country population it is the most numerous in Southern Europe, particularly Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Much less frequently, Marijana is the last name as well as a forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Marijana

name Marjana, name Marijana, name Маріанна, name Мар'Яна, name Марияна, name Маріяна, name Мариана, name Марьяна, name Марийана, name Маријана
Marijana Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia
Мариана Armenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia
Марияна Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Russia
Маријана Serbia

First name Marijana in the context

Marijana is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Marijana , the operatic character in the opera Slow Man by Nicholas Lens; Marianne Dashwood , the fictional character in Jane Austen's 1811 novel Sense and Sensibility; Marianne , the fictional character from the video game The Medium; Marianne Klein , the fictional character from Margarethe von Trotta's Marianne and Juliane and Marianne Bastiaens , the fictional character, Thuis, among other works.

Notable namesakes

Mariana Cabanas España (b. 1750) link
picture of Marijana Lubej Marijana Lubej Marijana Lubej sprinter and athletics competitor, Yugoslavia (b. 1945) link
picture of Marijana Brecelj Marijana Brecelj Marijana Brecelj Yugoslavia (b. 1946) link
Marijana Željeznov-Kokalj Yugoslavia (b. 1898) link
Marijana Radev Croatian opera singer, HR (b. 1913) link
picture of Marijana Matthäus Marijana Matthäus Marijana Matthäus socialite, Serbia (b. 1971) link
picture of Marijana Berbakov Marijana Berbakov Marijana Berbakov Austrian swimmer, Austria (b. 1974) link
picture of Marijana Nikołowa Marijana Nikołowa Marijana Nikołowa Bulgarian lawyer, Bulgaria (b. 1975) link
picture of Marijana Petronić Marijana Petronić Marijana Petronić (b. 1965) link
picture of Marijana Marković Marijana Marković Marijana Marković German épée fencer, Germany (b. 1982) link
picture of Marijana Rajcic Marijana Rajcic Marijana Rajcic Australian footballer, Australia (b. 1989) link
picture of Marijana Sukič Marijana Sukič Marijana Sukič HR link
Marijana Senftleben (b. 1943) link
Marijana Grandits Austrian politician, Austria (b. 1954) link
Marijana Pajvančić (b. 1946) link
Marijana Muljević (b. 1948) link
Marijana Mavsar Slovenia (b. 1950) link
Marijana Bušljeta Yugoslavia (b. 1954) link
Marijana Puljak Croatian politician (b. 1971) link
Marijana Zovko German composer, Germany (b. 1972) link
Marijana Petir Croatian politician, HR (b. 1975) link
Marijana Kravos German actress, Germany (b. 1975) link
Marijana Kovačević Croatian tennis player (b. 1978) link
Marijana Ribičić Croatian volleyball player, HR (b. 1979) link
Marijana Rucevic researcher link
Marijana Skoric researcher link
Marijana Gavrilovic researcher link
Marijana Gorjanac-Ranitović Ph.D. University of Novi Sad 2015 link
Marijana Erk researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-7221-5551 link
Marijana Brezovski Swiss association football player, CH (b. 1980) link
Marijana Hadzima-Nyarko researcher link
Marijana Popović Hadžija researcher link
Marijana Jukić researcher link
Marijana Bađun researcher link
Marijana Blesic researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-1562-6298 link
Marijana Radić Stojković researcher link
Marijana Popović researcher, ORCID id 0000-0001-8973-1392 link
Marijana Vučić Lovrenčić researcher link
Marijana Jakovljević Croatian film critic link
Marijana Lazić researcher link
Marijana Despotović-Zrakić researcher link
Marijana Matijaš researcher link
Marijana Grgic Medic researcher link
Marijana B Živković researcher link
Marijana Đaković researcher link
Marijana Tadic researcher link
Marijana Gulin researcher link
Marijana Blažić researcher link
Marijana Antic researcher link
Marijana Jurić researcher link
Marijana Todorčević researcher link
Marijana Serdar researcher link
Marijana Peričić Salihović researcher link
Marijana Miljkovic-Licina researcher link
Marijana Vučinić researcher link
Marijana Zovko Končić researcher link
Marijana Jevtić Bosnia and Herzegovina footballer, ba (b. 1980) link
Marijana Sekulic-Jablanovic researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-3761-7253 link
Marijana Coric researcher link
Marijana Miler researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-0569-924X link
Marijana Trepăduș Romanian politician from Șopârlița, Olt County, Romania link
Marijana Samardzija researcher link
Marijana Rakić researcher link
Marijana Mionić Ebersold researcher link
Marijana Dovedan Austrian association football player, Austria link
Marijana Petković researcher link
Marijana Lisak researcher link
Marijana Stojanovic researcher link
Marijana Vujkovic researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-4924-5714 link
Marijana Nesic researcher link
Marijana Markovic researcher link
Marijana Hranjec researcher link
Marijana Basic researcher link
Marijana Stanojevic Pirkovic researcher link
Marijana Balić Croatian politician (b. 1981) link
Marijana Mikulić Croatian actress, HR (b. 1981) link
Marijana Bašić Serbian volleyball player, Serbia (b. 1981) link
Marijana Jankovic Danish actress, Denmark (b. 1982) link
Marijana Mišković Croatian judoka, HR (b. 1982) link
Marijana Mićić Actress, television presenter, Serbia (b. 1983) link
Marijana Babic chess player (b. 1984) link
Marijana Mijanovic (b. 1974) link
Marijana Šurković Croatian swimmer, HR (b. 1984) link
Marijana Nola (b. 1975) link
Marijana Živanović actor (b. 1986) link
Marijana Rupčić Croatian model, HR (b. 1986) link
Marijana Veljović Serbian tennis umpire (b. 1987) link
Mariyana Kancheva judge, Bulgaria (b. 1958) link
Marijana Krajnović Serbian politician (b. 1988) link
Marijana Martinjuk Serbian amateur wrestler, Serbia (b. 1989) link
Marijana Goranović Paralympic shot putter, Montenegro (b. 1989) link
Marijana Bacic link
Marijana Kralj link
Marijana Šeremešić link
Marijana Radonjic link
Marijana Jakše Slovenia link
Marijana Vrselja link
Marijana Bartolić link
Marijana Jankov Serbian association football player, Serbia (b. 1995) link
Marijana Verhoef Serbia (b. 1986) link

Characteristic surnames

Jovanovic, Petrovic, Kovačević, Markovic, Marković, Babić, Marić, Matić, Jurić, and Nikolic