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Forename Natália

Globally, Natália (Наталья Russia Belarus Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Ukraine, Наталия Russia Belarus Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Ukraine, Natália Slovakia Angola Portugal Brazil Mozambique) is an extremely common feminine first name. Firstname Natália is habitual to Belarus, where it is an extremely common girly name, Russia, and Kazakhstan, where it is a very common girly name (explore name in all countries).

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Natália

name Natalja, name Наталија, name Natalya, name Наталка, name Natal'Ja, name 娜塔莉, name Nataly, name Natàlia, name ナターリア, name Наталья, name Ната, name ナタリア, name Natalie, name Natallja, name Натальля, name Natālija, name Наталия, name Nathalia, name Natali, name ナタリ, name Natalija, name Тата, name Nathalie, name Natalla, name Наталля, name Nataliya, name Наталі, name Наталія, name ناتالي, name Natália, name ナタリー, name Наташа, name Natalee, name Natallia, name Natálie, name נטליה, name نتاليا, name Natalia, name Natalka, name Ναταλία, name Νάταλι, name Наталя, name Nathália, name נטלי, name Nataliia, name Натали, name ناتاليا
Наталия, Наталья Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine
Natália Mozambique, Angola, Portugal, Brazil, Slovakia
ナタリア Japan

First name Natália in the context

Natália is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Natasha Rostova , the character from Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace; Natasha Romanoff , the fictional character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Infinity War; Natalia Korda , the Resident Evil character, Resident Evil: Revelations 2; Nocturna , the DC Comics character and Natalya Nikolayevna , the character from Dostoyevsky's Humiliated and Insulted, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

Natalia Christian martyr, emirate of Córdoba (b. 825) link
picture of Natalia Lopukhina Natalia Lopukhina Natalia Lopukhina Russian noble, Russian Empire (b. 1699) link
picture of Natalia Sheremeteva Natalia Sheremeteva Natalia Sheremeteva Russian writer (b. 1714) link
picture of Natalia Zagryazhskaya Natalia Zagryazhskaya Natalia Zagryazhskaya Russian nobility, Russian Empire (b. 1747) link
picture of Natalia Alexeievna of Russia Natalia Alexeievna of Russia Natalia Alexeievna of Russia Russian Grand duchess, Russian Empire (b. 1755) link
picture of Natalia Borshchova Natalia Borshchova Natalia Borshchova Russian courtier, Russian Empire (b. 1759) link
picture of Natalia Shelikova Natalia Shelikova Natalia Shelikova Russian explorer and entrepreneur, Russian Empire (b. 1762) link
Natàlia Maria Petrovna (b. 1713) link
picture of Natalia Suvorova Natalia Suvorova Natalia Suvorova 1 Aug 1775 - 30 Mar 1844 Moscow, Russian Empire (b. 1775) link
picture of Natalia Ivanovna Goncharova Natalia Ivanovna Goncharova Natalia Ivanovna Goncharova Russian Empire (b. 1785) link
picture of Natália Csercser Natália Csercser Natália Csercser Hungarian actress, Hungary (b. 1827) link
picture of Natalia Anna Kicka Natalia Anna Kicka Natalia Anna Kicka Polish archaeologist and numismatist, 🇵🇱 (b. 1801) link
picture of Natalia Dmitrievna Chtcherbatova Natalia Dmitrievna Chtcherbatova Natalia Dmitrievna Chtcherbatova Russian Empire (b. 1795) link
picture of Natalia Potocka Natalia Potocka Natalia Potocka Polish noble (b. 1807) link
picture of Natalia Castrén Natalia Castrén Natalia Castrén Finnish culture personality and salon hostess, Grand Duchy of Finland (b. 1830) link
picture of Natalia Janotha Natalia Janotha Natalia Janotha Pianist and Composer, 🇵🇱 (b. 1856) link
Natalia Raciborowska Polish painter (b. 1810) link
picture of Natalia Nordman Natalia Nordman Natalia Nordman Russian author, Russian Empire (b. 1863) link
picture of Natalia Górriz Natalia Górriz Natalia Górriz Guatemalan professor, Guatemala (b. 1868) link
picture of Anatol Krzyżanowski Anatol Krzyżanowski Anatol Krzyżanowski 🇵🇱 (b. 1858) link
picture of Natalia Dzierżkówna Natalia Dzierżkówna Natalia Dzierżkówna (b. 1861) link
picture of Natalia Siennicka Natalia Siennicka Natalia Siennicka (b. 1866) link
Natalia Argumosa Spanish engraver, España (b. 1826) link
picture of Natalia Chacón Natalia Chacón Natalia Chacón Mexican politician, MX (b. 1879) link
picture of Natalia Brasova Natalia Brasova Natalia Brasova Mistress of Russian royal, Russian Empire (b. 1880) link
picture of Natalia Negru Natalia Negru Natalia Negru Romanian poet and prose writer, Romania (b. 1882) link
picture of Natalia Sedova Natalia Sedova Natalia Sedova Russian revolutionary and second wife of Leon Trotsky, Russian Empire (b. 1882) link
picture of Nataliia Polonska-Vasylenko Nataliia Polonska-Vasylenko Nataliia Polonska-Vasylenko Ukrainian historian (b. 1884) link
picture of Natalia Trukhanova Natalia Trukhanova Natalia Trukhanova French ballet dancer of Ukrainian origin, Russian Empire (b. 1885) link
Natalia Macfarren (b. 1827) link
Natalia Palacios Bolivian writer, Bolivia (b. 1837) link
picture of Natalia Peterson Natalia Peterson Natalia Peterson SE (b. 1878) link
picture of Natalya Tikhonovna Osadcha-Yanata Natalya Tikhonovna Osadcha-Yanata Natalya Tikhonovna Osadcha-Yanata Ukrainian botanist and folklorist (b. 1891) link
Natalia Nisbeth Swedish translator, SE (b. 1842) link
picture of Natália Correia Natália Correia Natália Correia Portuguese writer, Portugal (b. 1923) link
Natalia Dygasińska Polish translator, 🇵🇱 (b. 1845) link
Natalia Ghica (b. 1835) link
picture of Natalia Zarembina Natalia Zarembina Natalia Zarembina Polish writer, 🇵🇱 (b. 1895) link
picture of Natalia Díaz Quintana Natalia Díaz Quintana Natalia Díaz Quintana Costa Rican politician, CRC (b. 1901) link
picture of Natalia Danesi Murray Natalia Danesi Murray Natalia Danesi Murray American publisher (b. 1901) link
Hilma Montell Finnish writer, Finland (b. 1853) link
picture of Natalia Pavlovna Paley Natalia Pavlovna Paley Natalia Pavlovna Paley member of the Romanov family, Russian Empire (b. 1905) link
picture of Natalia Tułasiewicz Natalia Tułasiewicz Natalia Tułasiewicz Beatified by Catholic church, 🇵🇱 (b. 1906) link
picture of Natalia Dudinskaya Natalia Dudinskaya Natalia Dudinskaya Russian ballet dancer, Soviet Union (b. 1912) link
picture of Natalia Hiszpańska Natalia Hiszpańska Natalia Hiszpańska II Rzeczpospolita (b. 1904) link
Natalia Dadiani Moldovan teacher, Russian Empire (b. 1865) link
picture of Natalia Ginzburg Natalia Ginzburg Natalia Ginzburg Italian writer, Italia (b. 1916) link
picture of Natalia Shvedova Natalia Shvedova Natalia Shvedova Russian lexicographer, Soviet Union (b. 1916) link
picture of Natalia Gałczyńska Natalia Gałczyńska Natalia Gałczyńska 🇵🇱 (b. 1908) link
picture of Natália Carrascalão Antunes Natália Carrascalão Antunes Natália Carrascalão Antunes politician, diplomat, Portugal (b. 1952) link
Natalia Baquedano Mexican photographer, MX (b. 1872) link
picture of Natália Viana Natália Viana Natália Viana Brazilian journalist, Brazil (b. 1953) link
picture of Natália do Vale Natália do Vale Natália do Vale Brazilian actress, Brazil (b. 1953) link
picture of Bronisława Kopczyńska-Jaworska Bronisława Kopczyńska-Jaworska Bronisława Kopczyńska-Jaworska Polish ethnographer and ethnologist, 🇵🇱 (b. 1924) link
Natalia Leonida Romanian teacher, Romania (b. 1878) link
picture of Natalia Aspesi Natalia Aspesi Natalia Aspesi Italian journalist and writer, Italia (b. 1929) link
Natalia Morozowicz Polish actress, 🇵🇱 (b. 1879) link
Natalia Ermolenko-Yuzhina singer, France (b. 1881) link
Natalia Gąsiorowska Polish historian, 🇵🇱 (b. 1881) link
Natalia Serdán MX (b. 1875) link
picture of Natalia Shakhovskaya Natalia Shakhovskaya Natalia Shakhovskaya Russian musician, Soviet Union (b. 1935) link
Natalia Steinowa Polish activist, feminist, 🇵🇱 (b. 1886) link
Natalia Moszkowska Polish economist, 🇵🇱 (b. 1886) link
picture of Natalya Gorbanevskaya Natalya Gorbanevskaya Natalya Gorbanevskaya Russian poet, translator, and civil rights activist, Soviet Union (b. 1936) link
picture of Natalia LL Natalia LL Natalia LL Polish photographer, 🇵🇱 (b. 1937) link
picture of Natalia Kot Natalia Kot Natalia Kot Polish former artistic gymnast, 🇵🇱 (b. 1938) link
picture of Natalia Figueroa Natalia Figueroa Natalia Figueroa Spanish journalist and television presenter, España (b. 1939) link
picture of Natália Nagy Natália Nagy Natália Nagy Hungarian actress, Hungary (b. 1970) link
picture of Natalia Gliga Natalia Gliga Natalia Gliga Romanian musician, Romania (b. 1940) link
Natalia Lipman Polish actress, 🇵🇱 (b. 1890) link
picture of Natalia Makarova Natalia Makarova Natalia Makarova Soviet and American ballet dancer, Soviet Union (b. 1940) link
picture of Natalia Bessmertnova Natalia Bessmertnova Natalia Bessmertnova Soviet prima ballerina, Soviet Union (b. 1941) link
Natália Nunes Portuguese writer, Portugal (b. 1921) link
picture of Natalia Yakovenko Natalia Yakovenko Natalia Yakovenko Ukrainian historian, Soviet Union (b. 1942) link
picture of Natalia Ananjeva Natalia Ananjeva Natalia Ananjeva Russian herpetologist, Soviet Union (b. 1946) link
picture of Natalia Arinbasarowa Natalia Arinbasarowa Natalia Arinbasarowa Soviet and Russian actress, Soviet Union (b. 1946) link
Natalia Szymańska Polish actress, 🇵🇱 (b. 1896) link
Natália Silva Portuguese gymnast born 1927 (b. 1927) link
picture of Natalia E. Bazhanova Natalia E. Bazhanova Natalia E. Bazhanova Russian scholar, Russia (b. 1947) link
picture of Natália Lage Natália Lage Natália Lage Brazilian actress, Brazil (b. 1978) link
picture of Natalia Kuchinskaya Natalia Kuchinskaya Natalia Kuchinskaya Soviet Olympic gymnast, Soviet Union (b. 1949) link
Natalia Attardi Donnini giornalista, narratrice e scrittrice italiana (b. 1899) link
picture of Natalya Vorobyova-Khrzhich Natalya Vorobyova-Khrzhich Natalya Vorobyova-Khrzhich Soviet actor, Soviet Union (b. 1949) link
Natalia Mola Italian painter, Italia (b. 1899) link
Natalia Pravosudovič Russian composer (b. 1899) link
picture of Natália Mazotte Natália Mazotte Natália Mazotte Brazilian activist, Brazil link
picture of Natalia Kanem Natalia Kanem Natalia Kanem Executive Director of UNFPA, the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency, Panama (b. 1950) link
picture of Natália Pasternak Taschner Natália Pasternak Taschner Natália Pasternak Taschner Brazilian biologist and science advocate, Brazil link
Natalia Goudkova Paralympic athlete of Russia, Russia (b. 1901) link
Natalia Gutiérrez Jaramillo Colombian politician, Colombia (b. 1901) link
Natalia Kim Argentinian actor, Argentina (b. 1901) link
picture of Nataliya Vitrenko Nataliya Vitrenko Nataliya Vitrenko Ukrainian politician, Soviet Union (b. 1951) link
picture of Natalia Mărășescu Natalia Mărășescu Natalia Mărășescu Romanian middle distance runner, Romania (b. 1952) link
Natalia Konchalovskaïa Russian poet and children's writer, Russian Empire (b. 1903) link
picture of Oszkó-Jakab Natália Oszkó-Jakab Natália Oszkó-Jakab Natália magyar üzletember, művelődésszervező, Hungary (b. 1983) link
picture of Natália Guimarães Natália Guimarães Natália Guimarães Brazilian actress, Brazil (b. 1984) link
Natalia Batowska 🇵🇱 (b. 1894) link
picture of Natália Dubovcová Natália Dubovcová Natália Dubovcová Slovak beach volleyball player, Slovakia (b. 1984) link
picture of Natália Falavigna Natália Falavigna Natália Falavigna Brazilian taekwondo practitioner, Brazil (b. 1984) link
Natalia Gippius Russian artist (b. 1905) link

Characteristic surnames

Santos, Oliveira, Rodrigues, Alves, Pereira, Ferreira, Souza, Gomes, Lima, and Martins