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Forename Susanne

Worldwide, Susanne (Susanne Germany United States Sweden Denmark Austria, سوزان Palestinian Territory Jordan Iran Sudan, Сюзанна Russia Armenia Ukraine Uzbekistan, and others...) is a very common girly given name. Forename Susanne is characteristic to Denmark, where it is a common female name, Sweden, and Germany (explore name in all countries). Measured by an absolute frequency the name is most common in Germany, the United States, and Sweden. Very seldom, Susanne is the last name as well as a forename.

Jesus fishSusanne is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Susanne

name Susana, name Жужана, name 苏珊娜, name Susie, name Suusaat, name Suzi, name Жужа, name Сьюзи, name Suse, name Sue, name Suzan, name Сью, name Сюзи, name Suzette, name Zsuzsa, name Сузет, name Zuzana, name Сюзанн, name Жужанна, name סוזאנה, name סוזן, name Susan, name Susann, name Сусана, name Suzie, name סוזאן, name Susanna, name סוזנה, name Сюзетт, name Susi, name Зузанна, name Susano, name Susy, name Zsuzsanna, name Suzann, name Сусанне, name Сьюзанн, name Zuzanna, name Сюзана, name Сьюзен, name Susanne, name سوزان, name Сьюзан, name Сузанна, name סוסאן, name Зузана, name Suzanne, name Suzannah, name Сузана, name Susannah, name Сузан, name Сусанна, name Sanne, name Susanné, name Сюзанна
Susanne Denmark, Austria, United States, Sweden, Germany
سوزان Sudan, Jordan, Iran, Palestinian Territory
Сюзанна Armenia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia
苏珊娜 China
סוזנה Israel

First name Susanne in the context

Susanne is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Invisible Woman , the fictional character in Marvel Comics, Fantastic Four; Susanna , the character in the deuterocanonical additions to the Book of Daniel (for the section of the additions to Daniel, use Q35555488), Susanna and the Elders; Susan Pevensie , the fictional English girl, a lead character in the first two Narnia books, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; Susanne , the operatic character in the opera Die schlaue Susanne and Susanne Fleuron , the operatic character in the opera Die keusche Susanne, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

Susanne Herzogin von Bayern (b. 1499) link
Susanne von Bodenhausen (b. 1542) link
Susanne von Biela 1567-1603 Ehefrau von Christoph Sigmund von Bila auf Reupzig und Primsdorf (b. 1567) link
Сузана фон Мансфелд-Хинтерорт (b. 1540) link
picture of Susanne de Baudéan Susanne de Baudéan Susanne de Baudéan France (b. 1625) link
Susanne Lechmeyer (b. 1593) link
picture of Susanne Maria von Sandrart Susanne Maria von Sandrart Susanne Maria von Sandrart German engraver, Germany (b. 1658) link
Susanne Stäger (b. 1598) link
Susanne Braun (b. 1600) link
Susanne Barbara von Proeck (b. 1601) link
Susanne Zeisold daughter of the innkeeper and councilor Johannes Engelschall in Schleiz from 1638 wife of pastor Philipp Zeisold the Elder in Göllnitz (b. 1615) link
Susanne Bössemesser (b. 1606) link
Susanne Schäffer (b. 1613) link
Susanne von Ende (b. 1613) link
Susanne Crasemann (b. 1614) link
Susanne Weber (b. 1614) link
Susanne Gøye Danish translator, Denmark (b. 1634) link
Susanne Boemel (b. 1627) link
Susanne Krauchenberg (b. 1627) link
Susanne Margarethe Klöpfer 7 Oct 1637 Hall - 22 Jan 1683 Stuttgart (b. 1637) link
Susanne Huxholtz (b. 1630) link
Susanne Seufferheld (b. 1631) link
Susanne Coith (b. 1636) link
Susanne Elisabeth von Polheim 1647 - 1716 (b. 1647) link
Susanne Winckler (b. 1637) link
Susanne Elisabeth von Haugwitz (b. 1641) link
Susanne Crahmer von Ehrenkron (b. 1644) link
Susanne Struve (b. 1647) link
Susanne Sabine von Kospoth (b. 1649) link
Susanne Jakobe Memminger (b. 1650) link
Susanne (?) born 1661 (b. 1661) link
Susanne Helena Ammann (b. 1652) link
Susanne Elisabeth Döhler (b. 1653) link
Susanne Delfosc born 1667 (b. 1667) link
Susanne le Pelley Seigneur of Sark, Kingdom of Great Britain (b. 1668) link
Susanne Sabine Coeler (b. 1658) link
Susanne Christine von Boyneburg (b. 1660) link
Susanne Elisabeth Prasch (b. 1661) link
Susanne Essen (b. 1661) link
Susanne Dünckler (b. 1661) link
picture of Susanne von Klettenberg Susanne von Klettenberg Susanne von Klettenberg German abbess and writer (b. 1723) link
Susanne Engelmann (b. 1664) link
Susanne Salome Rivinus (b. 1665) link
Susanna Elizabeth Zeidler German poet, Germany (b. 1657) link
Susanne Margarethe Wintziger (b. 1681) link
Susanne Marie Kaupert (b. 1683) link
Susanne Elisabeth Seidel (b. 1686) link
Susanne Groteste de la Buffiere Peerage person ID=686496 (b. 1701) link
Susanne Margarethe Tischbein (b. 1691) link
picture of Susanne Bandemer Susanne Bandemer Susanne Bandemer German author, Germany (b. 1751) link
Susanne Bosanquet died 1774 (b. 1704) link
Susanne David 1705 - 19 Jan 1761 (b. 1705) link
Susanne Elonore von Auerochs (b. 1699) link
Susanne Louise Simond died 1805 (b. 1725) link
Susanne Henriette de Boisragon (b. 1716) link
picture of Susanne Schinkel Susanne Schinkel Susanne Schinkel Wife of the architect, painter and stage designer Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Kingdom of Prussia (b. 1782) link
Susanne Jacobaea Hellbach (b. 1723) link
Johanna Susanne Bohl Germany (b. 1738) link
Susanne Mecour (b. 1738) link
Susanne Barbara Knabe (b. 1741) link
Susanne Molzheim (b. 1744) link
Susanne Jeanne Françoise Turrettini CH (b. 1757) link
Susanne Elisabeth Hollweg (b. 1763) link
Susanne Jacqueline Warin 1784-1838 (b. 1784) link
Susanne von Heyden (b. 1775) link
Susanne Reber-Stähelin (b. 1780) link
Susanne Elisabeth Sillem (b. 1785) link
Susanne Spittler (b. 1787) link
picture of Susanne Vandegrift Moore Susanne Vandegrift Moore Susanne Vandegrift Moore American editor, publisher, USA (b. 1848) link
picture of Susanne von Nathusius Susanne von Nathusius Susanne von Nathusius German painter, Germany (b. 1850) link
Susanne Jeboult (b. 1792) link
picture of Susanne Westford Susanne Westford Susanne Westford American actress, USA (b. 1865) link
picture of Susanne Granitsch Susanne Granitsch Susanne Granitsch Austrian painter, Austria (b. 1869) link
Susanne Gerstner (b. 1809) link
picture of Susanne Dessoir Susanne Dessoir Susanne Dessoir German singer, Germany (b. 1869) link
Susanne Schinkel (b. 1811) link
Elisabeth Susanne Luise Tischbein (b. 1812) link
Susanne Kübler (b. 1814) link
Susanne Wollank (b. 1816) link
picture of Elise Heyerdahl Elise Heyerdahl Elise Heyerdahl Norwegian Conservative politician, Norway (b. 1858) link
Susanne Cornelius (b. 1828) link
Susanne Feust-Göthe (b. 1836) link
Susanne Schmaltz (b. 1838) link
Susanne von Kameke (b. 1839) link
Susanne Schostal holocaust victim, b. 1850-08-03 (b. 1850) link
Susanne Ziegelstein holocaust victim, b. 1853-11-23 (b. 1853) link
Susanne Löwy holocaust victim, b. 1855-12-06 (b. 1855) link
Susanne Hayum holocaust victim, b. 1857-02-28 (b. 1857) link
Susanne Brazier (b. 1848) link
Susanne Wolfermann holocaust victim, b. 1859-07-27 (b. 1859) link
Susanne Markus holocaust victim, b. 1859-05-31 (b. 1859) link
picture of Nannie van Wehl Nannie van Wehl Nannie van Wehl editor, Kingdom of the Netherlands (b. 1880) link
Susanne Klengel (b. 1852) link
Susanne Elizabeth Gertruda Johanna Pienaar (b. 1852) link
picture of Susanne Wenger Susanne Wenger Susanne Wenger Austrian-Nigerian artist, Austria (b. 1915) link
Susanne Saabye Denmark (b. 1856) link
Susanne Vilhelmine Gether (b. 1857) link
Susanne Day 1875/6–1964, suffragist and writer (b. 1870) link
Susanne Lindberg Danish cyclist, Denmark (b. 1871) link
Susanne Lucas holocaust victim, b. 1872-03-21 (b. 1872) link

Characteristic surnames

Jensen, Nielsen, Hansen, Schmidt, Johansson, Johnson, Jones, Andersen, Brown, and Pedersen