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Forename Etsuko

In the world, Etsuko (えつこ Japan, エツコ Japan) is quite a common female given name. First name Etsuko is habitual to Japan where it is quite a rare girly name, Malawi where it is a rare girly name, and New Zealand. Not in comparison with country population this name is most popular in Japan, India, and United States. Much less frequently, Etsuko is a last name as well as a forename.

picture of Etsu Inagaki Sugimoto
Etsu Inagaki Sugimoto
Japanese writer, Japan

Etsuko Satake

picture of Etsuko Inada
Etsuko Inada
figure skater, Japan

Etsuko Okamura
birth/death: 1884-1940 LCAuth[n88216488] VIAF[55712601]

picture of Etsuko Ichihara
Etsuko Ichihara
Japanese actress and seiyū, Japan

picture of Etsuko Shihomi
Etsuko Shihomi
Japanese actress and flower artist, Japan

Etsuko Uemura
Japanese teacher, Japan

Etsuko Komiya
Japanese sprinter, Japan

Etsuko Nobori
badminton player, Japan

Etsuko Niki
Japanese novelist, Japan

Etsuko Bushika
Japanese poet, Japan

picture of Etsuko Hirose
Etsuko Hirose
Japanese concert pianist, Japan

Etsuko Ogawa
Japanese editor, Japan

Etsuko Tsunomiya
Japanese tanka poet, Japan

Etsuko Yasukawa
Japanese historian, Japan

Etsuko Kibai
Japanese painter, Japan

Etsuko Shibata

Etsuko Kaji
Japanese critic and translator, Japan

Etsuko Takano

Etsuko Tazaki
Japanese pianist, Japan

Etsuko Sugano
Japanese politician, Japan

Etsuko Iwasaki
Hungarian teacher - introduced language to Japan

Etsuko Satō

Nakamura Etsuko

Etsuko Nakano
Japanese translator, Japan

Etsuko Yano
Japanese stylist, Japan

Etsuko Ikuta
Japanese actress, Japan

Kuroda Etsuko

Etsuko Ōishi

Etsuko Ikeda

Etsuko Kisugi
Japanese lyricist, Japan

Etsuko Kawada
Japanese politician, Japan

Etsuko Takano
Japanese undergraduate student, Japan

Etsuko Nami
Japanese actress, singer, talent, Japan

Etsuko Toganoo
badminton player, Japan


Etsuko Onodera

1953-2015, Japanese rock musician, Japan

Etsuko Tani

Etsuko Sonobe
jewellery designer

Etsuko Yamashita
Japanese critic, Japan

Etsuko Yamakawa
Japanese keyboardist, composer, arranger, music producer, Japan

Etsuko Hara
Japanese film actress, Japan

Etsuko Komiya
Japanese announcer, Japan

Добаси, Эцуко

Etsuko Akiba

Etsuko Nozaka
Japanese translator, Japan

Etsuko Sanada
Japanese actress, Japan

Etsuko Sai
Japanese singer, Japan

Etsuko Yamamoto
Japanese child's literature writer, Japan