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Forename Jacobus

All around the world, Jacobus (Jacobus South Africa United States Indonesia Netherlands Namibia, Ιάκωβος Greece, Якобус Russia Kyrgyzstan Ukraine) is a very common manly given name. Firstname Jacobus is characteristic to South Africa, where it is a common manly name, Namibia, where it is quite a common male name, and Netherlands, where it is quite a rare masculine name. Not in comparison with a country population the name is most common in South Africa, Indonesia, and Netherlands. Much less frequently, Jacobus is the last name as well as a forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Jacobus

name Jacobs, name Seamus, name Jakow, name Jakubs, name Jakab, name Jaume, name Jämes, name Ιάκωβος, name Jacob, name Jokūbas, name Jacco, name Jakez, name Jakub, name Jákob, name Якобус, name Jacoby, name Jockel, name Jacobus, name Jakób, name Ya'Aqov, name Jacopo, name Jacobite, name Santjago, name Chaime, name Jaakko, name Iacopo, name Jacó, name Džeimss, name Jacques, name Xacobe, name Jaco, name Fritaa, name Séamus, name Iacobus, name Diego, name Giacomo, name Jakov, name Jakúb, name Köbes, name Jim, name Merdaa, name Jacóbus, name Ya'Acov, name Jacobsen, name Thiago, name Jiminy, name Jakobus, name Jacobo, name Jakubus, name James, name Jacobi, name Jacb, name Jakob, name Santiago
Jacobus United States, Namibia, Netherlands, Indonesia, South Africa
Ιάκωβος Greece
Якобус Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Russia
Jacobite United States, Nigeria, Israel

First name Jacobus in the context

Jacobus is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Jacobus , the operatic character in the opera Brockes-Passion (Händel), Brockes Passion; Jacobus Van Curlet , the character in the opera The Goveror's Vrouw by John Erskine, The Governor's Vrouw; Jakub Wędrowycz , character in Zagadka Kuby Rozpruwacza; Kuba Potulicki and Jakub Kusy , among other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of Jacobus Balduinus Jacobus Balduinus Jacobus Balduinus Italian jurist (b. 1175) link
picture of Jacobus de Voragine Jacobus de Voragine Jacobus de Voragine Italian chronicler and archbishop of Genoa (b. 1228) link
picture of Jacobus de Cessolis Jacobus de Cessolis Jacobus de Cessolis Italian chess player, Regnum Italiae (b. 1250) link
Jacobus de Boragine (b. 1200) link
picture of Jacobus de Belviso Jacobus de Belviso Jacobus de Belviso medieval Italian scholar law (b. 1270) link
Jacobus a Voragine (b. 1250) link
Jacobus dictus magnus politician (b. 1300) link
Jacobus von Eltville (b. 1325) link
Jacobus de Teramo Italian bishop (b. 1349) link
Jacobus de Camplo 1354-1424 (b. 1354) link
Jacobus Malvecius Italian chronicler (b. 1380) link
Jacobus de Clusa German theologian (b. 1380) link
Jacobus de Agello author (b. 1401) link
picture of Jacobus Barbireau Jacobus Barbireau Jacobus Barbireau musician, Belgium (b. 1455) link
Jacobus Vide Franco-Flemish composer, Belgium (b. 1405) link
picture of Jakob Fugger Jakob Fugger Jakob Fugger German merchant, Holy Roman Empire (b. 1459) link
Jacobus de Reno (b. 1446) link
picture of Jacques Dubois Jacques Dubois Jacques Dubois French anatomist, France (b. 1478) link
Jacobus Barle (b. 1450) link
picture of Jacobus Theodorus Tabernaemontanus Jacobus Theodorus Tabernaemontanus Jacobus Theodorus Tabernaemontanus Roman physician and botanist (b. 1522) link
Magdalius Jacobus (b. 1470) link
picture of Jacobus Zaffius Jacobus Zaffius Jacobus Zaffius Dutch pastor and theologian, Netherlands (b. 1534) link
picture of Jacobus Gallus Jacobus Gallus Jacobus Gallus Slovenian Renaissance composer, Holy Roman Empire (b. 1550) link
picture of Jacobus Pontanus Jacobus Pontanus Jacobus Pontanus (b. 1542) link
Jacobus Maes (b. 1505) link
Jacobus von der Ahe (b. 1505) link
Jacobus van Meteren Dutch publisher (b. 1519) link
picture of Jacobus a Castro Jacobus a Castro Jacobus a Castro (b. 1560) link
Jacobus Curtius (b. 1510) link
Jacobus Zovitius (b. 1512) link
picture of Jacobus Boonen Jacobus Boonen Jacobus Boonen Roman Catholic archbishop (b. 1573) link
picture of Jacobus Eyndius Jacobus Eyndius Jacobus Eyndius Dutch scientist, historian, captain and poet, Spanish Netherlands (b. 1575) link
Jacobus Vaet Franco-Flemish composer, Belgium (b. 1529) link
Jacques De Meyer (b. 1491) link
Jacobus de Kerle Flemish composer, Southern Netherlands (b. 1531) link
picture of Jacobus Trigland Jacobus Trigland Jacobus Trigland Dutch theologian, Dutch Republic (b. 1583) link
Jacobus Petri Finno Finnish priest, Finland (b. 1540) link
Jacobus Typotius Flemish humanist (b. 1540) link
Jacob Clemens non Papa Flemish composer, Belgium (b. 1510) link
Jacobus Yetzweirtius 16th c. Flemish nobleman (b. 1541) link
picture of Jacobus Golius Jacobus Golius Jacobus Golius Dutch mathematician and orientalist, Dutch Republic (b. 1596) link
Jacobus Marchant (b. 1537) link
Jacobus Florii Belgian composer (b. 1550) link
Jacques De Crucque Flamish humanist and philologist (b. 1520) link
Jacobus Buyck (b. 1545) link
Jacobus Jansonius (b. 1547) link
Jacobus Jansenius Habsburg Netherlands (b. 1547) link
picture of Jacobus de la Torre Jacobus de la Torre Jacobus de la Torre Dutch priest, apostolic vicar and archbishop, Dutch Republic (b. 1608) link
picture of Jacobus Maestertius Jacobus Maestertius Jacobus Maestertius Belgian jurist, Belgium (b. 1610) link
Jacobus Jonae SE (b. 1550) link
Jakob Bergemann (b. 1527) link
Jacob Cellarius German philosopher, Germany (b. 1542) link
picture of Jacobus Heiblocq Jacobus Heiblocq Jacobus Heiblocq Dutch poet and headmaster of the Amsterdam Grammer School, Dutch Republic (b. 1623) link
Jacobus Saller (b. 1563) link
picture of Giacomo Filippo Tomasini Giacomo Filippo Tomasini Giacomo Filippo Tomasini Italian historian, Republic of Venice (b. 1595) link
Jacobus Taurinus Dutch theologian, Netherlands (b. 1576) link
picture of Jacobus Trip Jacobus Trip Jacobus Trip 1627-1670 (b. 1627) link
Jacobus Tirinus Jesuit scholar (b. 1580) link
Jacobus Martens Dutch painter, Netherlands (b. 1580) link
Jacobus Petri Rondeletius Swedish writer, SE (b. 1580) link
picture of Jacobus Roman Jacobus Roman Jacobus Roman Dutch architect, Netherlands (b. 1640) link
Jacobus Verheiden Dutch writer, Kingdom of the Netherlands (b. 1590) link
Jacobus Johannis Zebrozynthius SE (b. 1582) link
Jacobus Boose Rudbeckius SE (b. 1583) link
Jacobus Focanus (b. 1584) link
Jacobus Laurus (b. 1584) link
Jacobus Cornelis de Vos (b. 1584) link
Jacobus Canisius (b. 1584) link
Jacobus Laurentius (b. 1585) link
Jacobus Marchantius (b. 1587) link
Jacobus Polius (b. 1588) link
Jacobus Wemmers Belgian monk, Southern Netherlands (b. 1598) link
Jacobus Pauli Raumannus Finnish priest, Finland (b. 1600) link
picture of Jacobus le Mort Jacobus le Mort Jacobus le Mort Dutch chemist, Netherlands (b. 1650) link
Jacob Reiner (b. 1560) link
Jacobus Mancadan Dutch painter, Netherlands (b. 1602) link
picture of Jacobus Trigland Jacobus Trigland Jacobus Trigland Dutch theologian and university teacher, Netherlands (b. 1652) link
Jacobus Waltheri Güthræus Swedish politician, SE (b. 1602) link
Jacobus Hollebekius (b. 1593) link
Jacobus de Back (b. 1594) link
picture of Jacobus Coelemans Jacobus Coelemans Jacobus Coelemans Flemish engraver, Southern Netherlands (b. 1654) link
Jacobus Vertrecht Dutch pastor (b. 1606) link
Jacobus Brennerus Kruunupyyn kirkkoherra (b. 1607) link
picture of Jacobus Fruytier Jacobus Fruytier Jacobus Fruytier Dutch theologian, Netherlands (b. 1659) link
Jacobus Lydius Dutch reformed theologist and clergyman, from 1637 in Dordrecht (b. 1610) link
Jacobus de la Torre (b. 1601) link
Jacobus Prescherus (b. 1602) link
Jacobus Molitor (b. 1603) link
picture of Jacob Levecq Jacob Levecq Jacob Levecq painter from the Northern Netherlands, Netherlands (b. 1634) link
Jacobus Houstraet Dutch, Painter. Genre scenes, landscapes. Active in Amsterdam., Dutch Republic (b. 1614) link
Jacobus Lucius (b. 1605) link
Jacobus Clerquius Dutch clergyman, from 1656 in Amsterdam (b. 1615) link
Jacobus Ravensperg Netherlands scholar (b. 1615) link
Jacobus Gerritsen Strycker Born 1617, in Ruinen, USA (b. 1617) link
picture of Jacob Vallan Jacob Vallan Jacob Vallan Dutch university teacher, Netherlands (b. 1637) link
Jacobus Sceperus (b. 1607) link
picture of Johannes Jacobus Rau Johannes Jacobus Rau Johannes Jacobus Rau German physician, Germany (b. 1668) link
Jacobus Pedicini roman-catholic bishop (b. 1624) link
picture of Jakob Gronovius Jakob Gronovius Jakob Gronovius Dutch classical scholar, Netherlands (b. 1645) link
Jacobus Kriwitz (b. 1617) link

Characteristic surnames

Van Der Merwe, Smit, Pretorius, Venter, Van Zyl, Nel, Du Plessis, Van Wyk, Coetzee, and Swart