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Forename Martilyo

In the world, Martilyo (Martillo Italy Ecuador United States Philippines Venezuela, Marculus South Africa United States Nigeria Brazil, Martiello Italy United States Spain Canada) is a very rare principally masculine, but scarcely girly firstname. First name Martilyo is habitual to the Dominican Republic, where it is a very rare manly name, Bolivia, and Spain. In absolute terms this name is the most popular in Spain, South Africa, and the United States. Much more prevalently, Martilyo is the last name as well as a forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Martilyo

name Martilyo, name Marculus, name Martillo, name Marcus, name Malleus, name Martiello, name Martellus
Martillo United States, Italy, Venezuela, Philippines, Ecuador
Marculus United States, Nigeria, Brazil, South Africa
Martiello United States, Canada, Spain, Italy
Martilyo United States, Philippines

First names said to be same

Malleus, Marcus, and Martellus

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