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Forename Nicolaus

Around the globe, Nicolaus (Nicolaus Tanzania Indonesia Germany United States Sweden, Νικόλαος Greece, Николаус Russia Kazakhstan Ukraine Kyrgyzstan, along with others...) is a common male firstname. First name Nicolaus is habitual to Tanzania, where it is quite a common male name, Namibia, where it is quite a rare manly name, and Sweden. Measured by an absolute frequency the name is most common in Tanzania, Indonesia, and Germany. Also, Nicolaus is the last name as well as a forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Nicolaus

name Nikolaus, name 尼古拉斯, name Nigul, name Николаос, name Nigulas, name نيكولاي, name ניקולאי, name Nicholaus, name Миколай, name Нільс, name Никола, name Николас, name ניקולאוס, name Нико, name Nikolai, name Микола, name Nicolò, name ニコ, name Ницолаус, name Niko, name Мікалай, name Ніколас, name Никколо, name نيكولا, name ניקולאס, name 尼柯, name Nikólaos, name ניקולס, name كلاوس, name Laakkonen, name Nikolaj, name Niilo, name Nicola, name ニコラウス, name Николаус, name Nicolaus, name Nicolai, name Nikolaos, name Николай, name Niels, name Fjompenisse, name ნიკოლოზ, name Nicolae, name Nils, name Mikołaj, name Nicolau, name Νικόλαος, name Nicoară, name Klaus, name Nikola, name Mikuláš, name Nikołaj, name Nings, name Nicolás, name نيكولاس
Nicolaus United States, Sweden, Tanzania, Germany, Indonesia
Νικόλαος Greece
Николаус Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia
ניקולאוס Israel
ニコラウス Japan

First name Nicolaus in the context

Nicolaus is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Nick Wilde , the Zootopia character; Michael Darling , the fictional character from Peter Pan; Nearly Headless Nick , character in Harry Potter; Nick Fury , the fictional character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Infinity War and Nicholas Brody , the fictional character on the American television/drama thriller Homeland, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of Nicholas I Nicholas I Nicholas I pope, Stato della Chiesa (b. 820) link
Nicolaus Furiosus Italian jurist (b. 1101) link
Künstler Nicolaus (b. 1110) link
Niccolò Maniacozio author, Stato della Chiesa (b. 1101) link
Nicholas of Salerno (b. 1140) link
picture of Nicholas III Nicholas III Nicholas III Pope from 1277 to 1280 (b. 1215) link
Nicolaus Magister author (b. 1201) link
Nicolaus Rufulus author (b. 1201) link
picture of Nicholas IV Nicholas IV Nicholas IV 191st Pope of the Catholic Church, Santa Sede (b. 1227) link
Nicolaus de Mediolano (b. 1200) link
Nicolaus (braxator) (b. 1200) link
picture of Ascelin Ascelin Ascelin Dominican friar Italian explorer and diplomat (b. 1250) link
picture of Nicholas V Nicholas V Nicholas V antipope in Rome 1328-1330 during Avignon papcy (b. 1260) link
Nicolaus Sigvasti SE (b. 1250) link
Nicolaus Specialis Franziskaner (b. 1280) link
Nicolaus Fransoyser (b. 1285) link
Nicolaus Schoneke German politician, Germany (b. 1300) link
Nicolaus de Calvia author (b. 1301) link
Nicolaus de Bersato author (b. 1301) link
Nicolaus de Cambionibus author (b. 1301) link
Nicolaus Alexandri author (b. 1301) link
Nicolaus Zacharie Italian composer (b. 1301) link
Nicolaus German provost, Germany (b. 1310) link
Nicolaus Tirmann politician (b. 1350) link
Nicolaus Hertil politician (b. 1350) link
Nicolaus Böddeker German canon, Germany (b. 1350) link
Nicolaus Wurm Germany (b. 1350) link
Nicolaus Robele (b. 1350) link
Nicolaus Feyerabend (b. 1350) link
Nicolaus II. von Grönhagen (b. 1350) link
Nicolaus Weigel (b. 1350) link
picture of Nicolaus Theodorici de Amsterdam Nicolaus Theodorici de Amsterdam Nicolaus Theodorici de Amsterdam (b. 1400) link
Nicolaus Hoykendorff (b. 1350) link
picture of Nicolaus Pistoris Nicolaus Pistoris Nicolaus Pistoris German politician, Germany (b. 1411) link
Nicolaus Poppe German provost, Germany (b. 1365) link
picture of Panormitanus Panormitanus Panormitanus Italian Benedictine canonist, jurist, archbishop of Palermo (b. 1386) link
picture of Nicholas V Nicholas V Nicholas V pope of catholic church from 1447 until 1455, Stato della Chiesa (b. 1397) link
Nicolau de Drenopoli (b. 1350) link
picture of Nicolaus Matz Nicolaus Matz Nicolaus Matz German theologian and librarian, Germany (b. 1443) link
Nicolaus Biceps Czech theologian, philosopher and university teacher, Česko (b. 1400) link
Nicolaus Degantz German physician, Germany (b. 1400) link
Nicolaus Caxatus author (b. 1401) link
Nicolaus Laurentii Italian printer (b. 1401) link
Nicolaus Passer author (b. 1401) link
Nicolaus Dedelow (b. 1400) link
Nicolaus Palmerius (b. 1401) link
picture of Nicolaus Marschalk Nicolaus Marschalk Nicolaus Marschalk German archaeologist and historian, Germany (b. 1470) link
Nicolaus Germanus German cartographer (b. 1420) link
picture of Miklós Báthori Miklós Báthori Miklós Báthori bishop of Vác (b. 1445) link
Nicolaus de Aymo birthdate: 1426 deathdate: 1453 viaf: 207226057 (b. 1426) link
Nicolaus Lawelin (b. 1419) link
picture of Mair von Landshut Mair von Landshut Mair von Landshut German engraver and painter, Germany (b. 1450) link
Nicolaus Miroballo roman-catholic archbishop (b. 1434) link
picture of Nicolaus Mameranus Nicolaus Mameranus Nicolaus Mameranus Luxembourgian soldier and historian, Luxembourg (b. 1500) link
Nicolaus Rutze German theologian, priest and university professor (b. 1450) link
Nicolaus Salicetus (b. 1450) link
Nicolaus Lamparter CH (b. 1450) link
Nicolaus Ketelaer (b. 1450) link
Nicolaus IV von Tecklenburg (b. 1450) link
picture of Nicolaus Spindeler Nicolaus Spindeler Nicolaus Spindeler Germany (b. 1500) link
Nicolaus Baumann (b. 1450) link
Nicolaus Ruß (b. 1450) link
Nicolaus Oemler (b. 1450) link
picture of Nicolaus Gallus Nicolaus Gallus Nicolaus Gallus German theologian, Germany (b. 1516) link
picture of Nicolò d'Arco Nicolò d'Arco Nicolò d'Arco Italian poet (b. 1492) link
Nicolaus Valla born:1451|died:1568| Valla, Nicolò 1475?-15.. Valla, Niccolò, ?-1568 Valla, Niccolò m. 1568 Valla, Nicolaus, m.1568. Valla, Nicolaus (b. 1475) link
Nicolaus Zamoyski (b. 1472) link
Nicolaus Pol (b. 1472) link
Nicolaus Maurus German theologian, Germany (b. 1483) link
Nikolaus Kessler (b. 1445) link
Nicolaus Cracoviensis Polish composer, Kingdom of Poland (b. 1488) link
Nicolaus Wollick (b. 1480) link
Nicolaus von Ahlefeldt Germany (b. 1480) link
Nicolaus Schienen 1490-1556 (b. 1490) link
picture of Nicolaus Reusner Nicolaus Reusner Nicolaus Reusner German jurist, Germany (b. 1545) link
Nicolaus von Minckwitz Germany (b. 1485) link
Nicolaus Repenhagen (b. 1488) link
Nicolaus della Torre (b. 1489) link
Nicolaus Boie German theologian, Germany (b. 1500) link
picture of Nicolaus Theophilus Nicolaus Theophilus Nicolaus Theophilus (b. 1541) link
Nicolaus Lescut author (b. 1501) link
picture of Nicolaus Gryse Nicolaus Gryse Nicolaus Gryse (b. 1543) link
Nikolai Bulev Tsardom of Russia (b. 1465) link
Nicolaus Wulff German jurist, Germany (b. 1505) link
Nicolaus van Esch Dutch theologian, Netherlands (b. 1507) link
picture of Nicolaus Braun Nicolaus Braun Nicolaus Braun German physicist, Germany (b. 1558) link
Nicolaus Artopoeus (b. 1500) link
Nicolaus Rehdiger Germany (b. 1500) link
Nicolaus Kremer (b. 1500) link
Nicolaus Glossenus (b. 1500) link
Nicolaus Erythraeus (b. 1500) link
Nicolaus Celer (b. 1500) link
Nicolaus Episcopius CH (b. 1501) link
Nicolas Béraud (b. 1473) link
picture of Nicolaus Mulerius Nicolaus Mulerius Nicolaus Mulerius Dutch astronomer and medical academic, Netherlands (b. 1564) link
Nicolaus Grudius (b. 1504) link
Nicolaus Greiff (b. 1505) link
Nicolaus Brylinger CH (b. 1515) link
Nicolaus Florensz (b. 1515) link
Nicolaus Schleicher (b. 1519) link