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Forename Volfango

Around the world, Volfango (Volfango Philippines Italy United States Canada United Arab Emirates) is a rare manly first name. Given name Volfango is habitual to Italy, where it is a rare male name, Argentina, where it is an extremely rare manly name, and Brazil. In absolute terms it is most frequently occurring in Italy, Brazil, and the United States. Likewise, Volfango is the last name as well as a forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Volfango

name וולפגנג, name Volfango, name Волфганг, name Wolfgang, name Вольфганг
Volfango Philippines, Canada, United States, United Arab Emirates, Italy

First names said to be same

Wolfgang, Волфганг, Вольфганг, and וולפגנג

Notable namesakes

Volfango Polverelli Italian lawyer and entrepreneur, Italia (b. 1911) link
Volfango De Biasi Italian screenwriter, Italia (b. 1972) link
Volfango Bertola researcher link