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Surname رحيمي

Family name رحيمي (Rahimi Afghanistan Iran Malaysia Nigeria United States, رحيمي Iran Afghanistan Yemen Tunisia Palestinian Territory) , around the world, is a very common cognomen. Family name رحيمي is habitual to Iran, where it is a common surname, Afghanistan, and Sweden, where it is quite a rare surname. Measured by an absolute frequency it is the most numerous in Iran, Afghanistan, and Malaysia.

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Nomographic illustration
Rahimi Afghanistan, United States, Nigeria, Malaysia, Iran
رحيمي Palestinian Territory, Afghanistan, Yemen, Tunisia, Iran

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Notable namesakes

picture of Atiq Rahimi Atiq Rahimi Atiq Rahimi French-Afghan writer, France (b. 1962) link
مدني رحيمي لاعب كرة قدم سعودي, KSA (b. 1946) link
picture of Abouzar Rahimi Abouzar Rahimi Abouzar Rahimi Iranian footballer, Iran (b. 1981) link
Mehdi Rahimi association football player, Iran (b. 1999) link

Characteristic forenames

علي, عبدالرحيم, يوسف, نجيب الله, خليل, عبدالله, وليد, أحمد, and سعيد