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Surname แซ่อึ้ง

Last name แซ่อึ้ง (แซ่อึ้ง Thailand, Sae Ung Thailand Belgium France Canada) , in all the world, is a common cognomen. Family name แซ่อึ้ง is characteristic to South-eastern Asia, particularly Thailand, where it is quite a common surname.

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Nomographic illustration
แซ่อึ้ง Thailand
Sae Ung France, Canada, Belgium, Thailand

Notable namesakes

Lord Chunshen Prime Minister of Chu, Chu (b. 1) link
Huang Xiang Eastern Han Dynasty person CBDB = 15484, Eastern Han (b. 68) link
Huang Qiong Eastern Han Dynasty person CBDB = 15485, Eastern Han (b. 86) link
picture of Huang Gai Huang Gai Huang Gai General under Sun Quan, China (b. 145) link
picture of Huang Zhong Huang Zhong Huang Zhong Chinese general, Eastern Han (b. 148) link
picture of Huang Chengyan Huang Chengyan Huang Chengyan China (b. 150) link
黃霸 Western Han (b. 130) link
Huang Wan (b. 141) link
Huang Shao (b. 150) link
黃元 (b. 150) link
Huang Yueying Zhuge Liang's wife, China (b. 200) link
Huang Hao eunuch in the state of Shu Han (b. 200) link
Huang Quan Military general of the state of Wei, China (b. 200) link
Huang Zu Zhu Guan, Eastern Han (b. 200) link
黃回 (b. 427) link
黄子英 (b. 550) link
黄凤麟 (b. 555) link
黄君汉 Tang Empire (b. 581) link
Huang Chao Chinese emperor, Tang Empire (b. 801) link
Empress Dowager Huang Empress Dowager of China (b. 801) link
picture of Huang Quan Huang Quan Huang Quan 10th century Chinese painter, Song dynasty (b. 903) link
黄晟 (b. 850) link
黄讷裕 (b. 851) link
黄峭 (b. 872) link
picture of Huang Jucai Huang Jucai Huang Jucai Song dynasty painter, Song dynasty (b. 933) link
Huang Chonggu Tang dynasty person CBDB = 94446, Tang Empire (b. 885) link
黄夷简 Song dynasty (b. 935) link
黄宗旦 (b. 973) link
picture of Huang Tingjian Huang Tingjian Huang Tingjian Chinese artist during the Song Dynasty, Song dynasty (b. 1045) link
黄履 (b. 1030) link
Huang Shang Song dynasty person CBDB = 853, Song dynasty (b. 1044) link
Huang Qianshan Song dynasty person CBDB=8065, Southern Song Dynasty (b. 1078) link
黃伯思 (b. 1079) link
Huang Che Song dynasty person CBDB = 30652, Song dynasty (b. 1093) link
黄彻 (b. 1093) link
Huang Gongdu Song dynasty person CBDB = 11110, Song dynasty (b. 1109) link
黄祖舜 Song dynasty (b. 1100) link
黃篪 (南宋) Song dynasty (b. 1110) link
黄洽 Southern Song Dynasty (b. 1122) link
Huang Ding Song dynasty person CBDB = 14159, Song dynasty (b. 1133) link
Du Huang Song dynasty (b. 1138) link
Huang You Song dynasty person CBDB = 18954, Song dynasty (b. 1150) link
黃貴妃 (宋光宗) (b. 1150) link
黄榦 Song dynasty (b. 1152) link
picture of Huang Daopo Huang Daopo Huang Daopo Chinese inventor, China (b. 1245) link
picture of Huang Gongwang Huang Gongwang Huang Gongwang Chinese artist, Yuan (b. 1269) link
Zhen Huang (b. 1213) link
Huang Zhongyuan Song dynasty person CBDB = 11121, Song dynasty (b. 1231) link
Huang Yuanji Yuan dynasty person CBDB = 109153, Yuan (b. 1271) link
황진 People's Republic of China (b. 1277) link
釋本無 (b. 1286) link
picture of Huang Zicheng Huang Zicheng Huang Zicheng Ming dynasty politician, Ming dynasty (b. 1350) link
Huang Fei (d. 1421) Joseon (b. 1350) link
Huang Fu Ming dynasty politician, Ming dynasty (b. 1362) link
Huang Zongzai politician, Ming dynasty (b. 1366) link
Huang Huai Ming dynasty person CBDB = 34482, Ming dynasty (b. 1367) link
黃暘 (b. 1357) link
Huang Yinzong Ming dynasty politician, Ming dynasty (b. 1371) link
黃晦卿 (b. 1362) link
黃觀 (b. 1364) link
黃重 (b. 1373) link
黃彥 (b. 1382) link
黄润玉 (b. 1391) link
Huang Jin Ming dynasty politician, Ming dynasty (b. 1413) link
Huang Jian Ming dynasty politician, Ming dynasty (b. 1413) link
黃仕儁 (b. 1405) link
Huang Gao Ming dynasty politician, Ming dynasty (b. 1421) link
黃諫 Ming dynasty (b. 1412) link
黃譽 (b. 1415) link
黃裳 (b. 1417) link
黃深 (b. 1419) link
黃謹 (b. 1420) link
黃紀 (b. 1424) link
黃隆 (b. 1425) link
黃孔昭 (b. 1428) link
picture of Zuo Huang Zuo Huang Zuo Huang Ming dynasty person CBDB = 30674, Ming dynasty (b. 1490) link
黄瑜 (b. 1433) link
黃寬 (b. 1435) link
黃仲昭 Ming dynasty (b. 1435) link
Huang Jin Ming dynasty person CBDB = 240825, Ming dynasty (b. 1447) link
Huang Ke Ming dynasty politician, Ming dynasty (b. 1449) link
黃熒 (b. 1440) link
Huang Ju Ming dynasty person CBDB = 200848, Ming dynasty (b. 1451) link
黃榮 (b. 1443) link
黃乾亨 (b. 1452) link
Huang Yuegu Ming dynasty person CBDB = 201298, Ming dynasty (b. 1465) link
黃圻 (b. 1460) link
Huang Jingxing Ming dynasty person CBDB = 201688, Ming dynasty (b. 1474) link
黃畿 (b. 1464) link
Huang Gong Ming dynasty person CBDB = 68086, Ming dynasty (b. 1480) link
黄衷 Ming dynasty (b. 1474) link
黃鍾 (b. 1476) link
黃卿 Ming dynasty (b. 1485) link
Huang E poet, Ming dynasty (b. 1498) link
Huang Hua Ming dynasty politician, Ming dynasty (b. 1502) link
Huang Guangsheng Ming dynasty person CBDB = 131377, Ming dynasty (b. 1506) link
Xingzeng Huang Ming dynasty (b. 1496) link
picture of 黄嘉善 黄嘉善 黄嘉善 (b. 1549) link
黃獻可 (b. 1502) link
Huang Xixian Ming dynasty person CBDB = 204409, Ming dynasty (b. 1517) link

Characteristic forenames

ลัดดา, เล็ก, สุนีย์, สมศรี, ประเสริฐ, วันชัย, บรรจง, สมศักดิ์, พรทิพย์, and นิตยา