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Surname Bedard

Family name Bedard (Bedard Canada United States New Zealand France) , in the world, is a common last name. Last name Bedard is characteristic to Canada, where it is quite a common surname, New Zealand, where it is quite a rare surname, and Haiti. Measured by an absolute frequency it is most frequently occurring in Canada, the United States, and New Zealand.

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Bedard United States, France, Canada, New Zealand

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Notable namesakes

Bridget Bedard American screenwriter, USA (b. 1901) link
picture of Irene Bedard Irene Bedard Irene Bedard Native-American actress, USA (b. 1967) link
picture of Aaron Bedard Aaron Bedard Aaron Bedard American musician, USA (b. 1969) link
Jim Bedard Canadian ice hockey defenceman born in 1927, Canada (b. 1927) link
Ginette Bedard Franco-American marathon runner, France (b. 1933) link
Camille Bedard Canadian ice hockey player, Canada (b. 1933) link
Michael Bedard Canadian children's writer and artist, Canada (b. 1949) link
picture of Tony Bedard Tony Bedard Tony Bedard American comic writer, USA link
Jim Bedard Canadian ice hockey player born in 1956, Canada (b. 1956) link
Norman Bedard Canadian singer, Canada (b. 1962) link
Michael Bedard Ph.D. Brown University 2019 link
Mary C Bedard researcher link
Andre Bedard actor link
Tatum Bedard Canadian actor., Canada link
Rémillien Bedard cyclist, France link
Kelly Bedard Ph.D. Queen's University at Kingston 1996 link
Sylvie Bedard Canadian diplomat link
Tanya Bedard researcher link
Chloe Bedard researcher link
Jean C. Bedard accounting professor at Bentley university link
Emma Bedard Canadian cyclist, Canada (b. 1989) link
Ryan Bedard figure skater link
Connor Bedard Canadian ice hockey player link

Characteristic forenames

J, L, C, S, D, R, G, A, Robert, and P