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Surname Chevalier

Family name Chevalier (Chevalier France United States Canada Haiti Belgium, Şövalye Algeria Turkey, Chevaler France United States) , across the world, is a common last name. Surname Chevalier is characteristic to France, where it is quite a common surname, Haiti, and Belgium. Measured by an absolute frequency this name is the most popular in France, the United States, and Canada. Very seldom, Chevalier is the forename as well as a last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Chevalier

Nomographic illustration
Chevalier Haiti, Canada, France, Belgium, United States
Şövalye Turkey, Algeria
Chevaler United States, France
Шевалье Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Kazakhstan

Notable namesakes

picture of Étienne Chevalier Étienne Chevalier Étienne Chevalier French civil servant, France (b. 1410) link
Antoine Rodolphe Chevallier French academic, France (b. 1507) link
picture of Chevalier Paul Chevalier Paul Chevalier Paul French admiral, France (b. 1597) link
Nicolas Chevalier Ambassador to England from France, France (b. 1562) link
Guillaume de Chevalier French poet, France (b. 1564) link
François Chevalier de Saulx France (b. 1643) link
Nicolas Chevalier Publisher, engraver and numismatist of French origin, France (b. 1661) link
André Chevalier France (b. 1660) link
Jean Damien Chevalier French royal physician and botanist (b. 1682) link
François Felix Chevalier (b. 1705) link
Jean Chevalier 18th-century French painter, France (b. 1725) link
Pierre Chevalier 18th-century French officer, France (b. 1730) link
Chevalier d’Herbain French composer and choreographer, France (b. 1732) link
François Chevalier French politician, France (b. 1733) link
Jacques Chevalier French politician, France (b. 1734) link
Gilbert Chevalier French politician, France (b. 1735) link
Jean-Baptiste Chevalier France (b. 1729) link
Jan Chevalier (b. 1732) link
Etienne Chevalier French politician, France (b. 1750) link
Louis-Vincent Chevalier French engineer, France (b. 1750) link
Jacques François Chevalier France (b. 1741) link
Paulus Chevallier Dutch church historian, author, theologian and university professor, Netherlands (b. 1722) link
picture of Charles Chevalier Charles Chevalier Charles Chevalier French engineer, France (b. 1804) link
picture of Michel Chevalier Michel Chevalier Michel Chevalier French statesman, France (b. 1806) link
picture of Auguste Chevalier Auguste Chevalier Auguste Chevalier French politician, France (b. 1809) link
Chevalier von Fredenheim (b. 1751) link
picture of Pierre-Michel-François Chevalier Pierre-Michel-François Chevalier Pierre-Michel-François Chevalier French journalist, France (b. 1812) link
Thomas Chevalier English surgeon and writer, Kingdom of Great Britain (b. 1767) link
Vincent Chevalier French engineer and photographer, France (b. 1770) link
picture of Jules Chevalier Jules Chevalier Jules Chevalier French priest, France (b. 1824) link
Louise Chevalier French actress born in 1774, France (b. 1774) link
picture of Temple Chevallier Temple Chevallier Temple Chevallier British astronomer, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (b. 1794) link
picture of Nicholas Chevalier Nicholas Chevalier Nicholas Chevalier Australian artist, New Zealand (b. 1828) link
picture of Arthur Chevalier Arthur Chevalier Arthur Chevalier French optician, France (b. 1830) link
picture of Paul Gavarni Paul Gavarni Paul Gavarni French caricaturist, France (b. 1804) link
picture of Casimir Chevalier Casimir Chevalier Casimir Chevalier France (b. 1825) link
Mademoiselle Chevalier artiste lyrique française, France (b. 1800) link
picture of Esther Chevalier Esther Chevalier Esther Chevalier French singer, France (b. 1853) link
picture of Georges Chevalier Georges Chevalier Georges Chevalier French military personnel, France (b. 1854) link
Thénard aîné French actor, France (b. 1779) link
picture of Albert Chevalier Albert Chevalier Albert Chevalier English music hall comedian and singer (b. 1861) link
Joseph-Auguste Chevalier roman-catholic bishop (b. 1814) link
Ernest Chevalier French politician, France (b. 1820) link
Louis Chevalier France (b. 1814) link
Edouard Chevalier French historian and marine officer (b. 1824) link
Jacques-Hyacinthe Chevalier French sculptor, France (b. 1825) link
Henri Émile Chevalier French journalist, writer and librarian, France (b. 1828) link
Théodore Chevalier French architect, France (b. 1831) link
picture of Jacques Chevalier Jacques Chevalier Jacques Chevalier French philosopher, France (b. 1882) link
George Robert Chevalier British solider, marksman and surveyor in New Zealand (b. 1832) link
Adolphe Théodule Chevalier (b. 1822) link
picture of Willard Townshend Chevalier Willard Townshend Chevalier Willard Townshend Chevalier United States military officer, USA (b. 1886) link
picture of Maurice Chevalier Maurice Chevalier Maurice Chevalier French actor, singer and entertainer, France (b. 1888) link
picture of Godfrey Chevalier Godfrey Chevalier Godfrey Chevalier US Naval officer, USA (b. 1889) link
Georges Le Chevalier French politician, France (b. 1839) link
Victorin Chevallier French engineer, France (b. 1810) link
Ulysse Chevalier French historian, France (b. 1841) link
Charles François Chevalier French politician, France (b. 1844) link
Evode Chevalier French politician, France (b. 1846) link
Gabriel Chevalier French politician, France (b. 1848) link
Eugène Chevalier French actor, France (b. 1850) link
picture of Chevalier Milo Chevalier Milo Chevalier Milo (b. 1892) link
Enrique Chevalier Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico (b. 1855) link
picture of Étienne Chevalier Étienne Chevalier Étienne Chevalier French painter, France (b. 1910) link
Pol Chevalier French politician, France (b. 1861) link
Amélie Chevalier France (b. 1851) link
picture of Anne Chevalier Anne Chevalier Anne Chevalier French Polynesian actress, France (b. 1912) link
Stanislas Chevalier France (b. 1852) link
Blanche Chevalier French writer, France (b. 1863) link
Chevalier Giuseppe Biondi (b. 1854) link
picture of Pierre Chevalier Pierre Chevalier Pierre Chevalier French screenwriter and director, France (b. 1915) link
Ernest Chevalier French landscape painter, France (b. 1867) link
picture of Louis Chevalier Louis Chevalier Louis Chevalier French racewalker, France (b. 1921) link
Paul-Émile Chevalier France (b. 1861) link
Auguste Chevalier French botanist, France (b. 1873) link
Georges Chevalier French chansonnier, France (b. 1881) link
Chevalier Massimiliano Biondi born 1886 (b. 1886) link
picture of Gérard Chevalier Gérard Chevalier Gérard Chevalier French actor and writer, France (b. 1937) link
Jeanne Chevalier figure skater, Canada (b. 1890) link
François Chevalier French cyclist, France (b. 1893) link
Pierre Chevalier French cyclist, France (b. 1894) link
Marc Chevalier company director, was prefect of Seine-et-Oise, France (b. 1896) link
Paul Chevalier French bishop, France (b. 1896) link
Robert Chevalier French politician, France (b. 1896) link
Louise Chevalier French actress, France (b. 1897) link
Fernand Chevalier French politician, France (b. 1898) link
Yvonne Chevalier French photographer, France (b. 1899) link
Raymond Chevalier Belgian designer (b. 1900) link
Jean Chevalier (b. 1891) link
Chetta Chevalier critical node in Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty's "Rome Escape Line" network operating in the Vatican during World War Two, United Kingdom (b. 1901) link
picture of Roberto Chevalier Roberto Chevalier Roberto Chevalier Italian actor and voice actor, Italia (b. 1952) link
Georges Chevalier France (b. 1894) link
picture of Renée Chevalier Renée Chevalier Renée Chevalier Canadian Multidisciplinary Artist, Canada (b. 1955) link
Pierre Chevalier French speleologist and mountaineer, France (b. 1905) link
Jean Chevalier French writer, philosopher, and theologian, France (b. 1906) link
picture of Josiane Chevalier Josiane Chevalier Josiane Chevalier French official, France (b. 1957) link
Guy Chevalier Olympic field hockey player, France (b. 1910) link
Louis Chevalier French historian, France (b. 1911) link
picture of Li Chevalier Li Chevalier Li Chevalier French artist, France (b. 1961) link
Willie Chevalier Canadian journalist, Canada (b. 1911) link

Characteristic forenames

Michel, Pierre, Philippe, David, Marie, Patrick, Alain, Eric, Claude, and Christophe