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Surname Faure

Surname Faure (Faure France South Africa Argentina Ivory Coast, فور Sudan Algeria Yemen Egypt Iraq, Фор Russia Armenia Ukraine, and others...) , in all the world, is a common last name. Family name Faure is characteristic to France, where it is quite a common surname, Togo, where it is quite a rare surname, and Sudan. Not in comparison with a country population it commonest in France, Sudan, and South Africa. Very seldom, Faure is the forename as well as a last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Faure

Nomographic illustration
Faure Argentina, France, Ivory Coast, South Africa
فور Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq
Фор Armenia, Ukraine, Russia
フォール Japan
פור Israel

Notable namesakes

picture of Charles Faure Charles Faure Charles Faure (b. 1594) link
picture of François Faure François Faure François Faure French bishop, France (b. 1612) link
picture of Angélique Bullion Angélique Bullion Angélique Bullion French philanthropist, France (b. 1593) link
picture of Mathieu Faure Mathieu Faure Mathieu Faure French politician, France (b. 1761) link
picture of Joseph Faure Joseph Faure Joseph Faure French politician, France (b. 1764) link
Pierre-Joseph-Denis-Guillaume Faure French politician, France (b. 1726) link
picture of Jean Faure du Serre Jean Faure du Serre Jean Faure du Serre French poet, France (b. 1776) link
Jean Antoine Faure 1737-1786. Father of Jean Antoine Faure (b. 1737) link
picture of Abraham Faure Abraham Faure Abraham Faure Dutch Reformed Church clergyman in South Africa, South Africa (b. 1795) link
Balthazar Faure French politician, France (b. 1746) link
picture of Jules Armand Dufaure Jules Armand Dufaure Jules Armand Dufaure French politician and lawyer, France (b. 1798) link
picture of Pascal Joseph Faure Pascal Joseph Faure Pascal Joseph Faure French politician, France (b. 1798) link
Pierre Faure-Lacombe French physician and politician, France (b. 1752) link
Gilbert-Amable Faure-Conac French politician, France (b. 1755) link
Louis Faure French politician, France (b. 1759) link
Louis-Joseph Faure French judge, France (b. 1760) link
Guillaume-Stanislas Faure French politician, France (b. 1765) link
Chrétien François Antoine Faure de Gière French officer, France (b. 1769) link
picture of Eugène Faure Eugène Faure Eugène Faure painter, France (b. 1822) link
Pierre Faure French explorer, France (b. 1778) link
picture of Jean-Baptiste Faure Jean-Baptiste Faure Jean-Baptiste Faure French baritone and composer, France (b. 1830) link
Joseph Désiré Félix Faure French politician, France (b. 1780) link
Jean Victor Louis Faure French painter, France (b. 1786) link
Bertrand Faure-d'Ère French politician, France (b. 1787) link
picture of Paul-Vincent Faure-Biguet Paul-Vincent Faure-Biguet Paul-Vincent Faure-Biguet French officer, France (b. 1838) link
Jean Antoine Faure (b. 1780) link
picture of Félix Faure Félix Faure Félix Faure 7th President of the French Republic, France (b. 1841) link
picture of Berthe Faure Berthe Faure Berthe Faure Félix Faure's spouse, France (b. 1842) link
Antoine Faure France (b. 1784) link
Louis Faure (b. 1785) link
picture of Casimir Faure Casimir Faure Casimir Faure French journalist, France (b. 1845) link
picture of Maurice-Louis Faure Maurice-Louis Faure Maurice-Louis Faure French politician, France (b. 1850) link
Vincent Désiré Faure de Brousse French sculptor, France (b. 1801) link
picture of Fernand Faure Fernand Faure Fernand Faure French politician, France (b. 1853) link
Joseph Faure French politician, France (b. 1805) link
Louis-Victor Faure France (b. 1798) link
picture of Sébastien Faure Sébastien Faure Sébastien Faure French anarchist, France (b. 1858) link
Faure-Belon French politician, France (b. 1808) link
Jean-Marie Faure Félix Faure's father, France (b. 1809) link
Lucien Faure (b. 1800) link
picture of Jean-Louis Faure Jean-Louis Faure Jean-Louis Faure French surgeon, France (b. 1863) link
picture of Firmin Faure Firmin Faure Firmin Faure French politician, France (b. 1864) link
picture of Charles Faure-Biguet Charles Faure-Biguet Charles Faure-Biguet French director of publication, France (b. 1865) link
picture of Lucie Faure-Goyau Lucie Faure-Goyau Lucie Faure-Goyau French writer and poet, France (b. 1866) link
Pierre Hippolyte Faure French politician, France (b. 1816) link
Sébastien Faure (b. 1808) link
picture of Jean Faure Jean Faure Jean Faure (b. 1862) link
picture of Élie Faure Élie Faure Élie Faure French art historian and essayist, France (b. 1873) link
Henri-Auguste Faure French military officer and mathematician (b. 1825) link
picture of Louis Faure-Dujarric Louis Faure-Dujarric Louis Faure-Dujarric French architect, France (b. 1875) link
picture of Paul Faure Paul Faure Paul Faure French socialist politician, France (b. 1878) link
Louis Lucien Faure-Dujarric French architect, France (b. 1828) link
picture of Marcel Faure-Beaulieu Marcel Faure-Beaulieu Marcel Faure-Beaulieu French physician, France (b. 1878) link
Amédée Fauré French painter, France (b. 1801) link
Joanny Faure French painter, France (b. 1832) link
picture of Jacques Faure Jacques Faure Jacques Faure (b. 1873) link
Pierre Faure father of Élie Faure (b. 1834) link
Alphonse Faure captain and politician from France, France (b. 1835) link
picture of Maurice Fauré Maurice Fauré Maurice Fauré French sports shooter, France (b. 1859) link
Camille Alphonse Faure French chemist, France (b. 1840) link
picture of Pétrus Faure Pétrus Faure Pétrus Faure French politician, France (b. 1891) link
Gabriel Faure (b. 1836) link
picture of Benoît Faure Benoît Faure Benoît Faure French road bicycle racer, France (b. 1899) link
Paul Faure French novelist, France (b. 1850) link
Alfred Faure French politician, France (b. 1850) link
Paul Faure French politician and lawyer, France (b. 1852) link
picture of Jacques Faure Jacques Faure Jacques Faure French Army general and skier, France (b. 1904) link
picture of Edgar Faure Edgar Faure Edgar Faure French politician, France (b. 1908) link
picture of Christiane Faure Christiane Faure Christiane Faure French politician, France (b. 1908) link
picture of Lucie Faure Lucie Faure Lucie Faure French writer and novelist, France (b. 1908) link
Maurice Faure French painter, France (b. 1862) link
picture of Pierre Faure Pierre Faure Pierre Faure France (b. 1904) link
picture of Marcel-Pierre Faure Marcel-Pierre Faure Marcel-Pierre Faure France (b. 1904) link
picture of Raymond Faure Raymond Faure Raymond Faure French actor, France (b. 1915) link
Alphonse Faure French botanist, France (b. 1865) link
picture of Renée Faure Renée Faure Renée Faure French actress, France (b. 1918) link
Louise Faure-Favier French writer and aviator, France (b. 1870) link
Léonce Faure France (b. 1861) link
Élisabeth Dodel-Faure French painter, France (b. 1872) link
Irénée-Rambert Faure French bishop, France (b. 1872) link
picture of Maurice Faure Maurice Faure Maurice Faure French politician, France (b. 1922) link
Louis Lucien Faure-Dujarric Born 1872, in Paris. French, Painter, France (b. 1872) link
Léopold Faure French politician, France (b. 1872) link
Émile Faure French politician, France (b. 1873) link
Amandus Faure German painter, etcher, and graphic artist, Germany (b. 1874) link
Antoine Faure France (b. 1864) link
Joseph Faure French politician, France (b. 1875) link
Léon Faure France (b. 1866) link
Madeleine Faure France (b. 1866) link
Gabriel Faure French poet, France (b. 1877) link
Jacques-Paul Faure (b. 1869) link
picture of Faure Chomón Faure Chomón Faure Chomón politician, Cuba (b. 1929) link
picture of Bernard Faure Bernard Faure Bernard Faure French actor, France (b. 1929) link
picture of Robert Faure Robert Faure Robert Faure French journalist, France (b. 1930) link
Ferdinand Faure French politician, France (b. 1880) link
Édouard Faure (b. 1871) link
Claude Faure French archivist and historian (b. 1881) link
René André Faure French politician, France (b. 1882) link
Alfred Faure French racing cyclist, France (b. 1883) link
Gabrielle Faure French painter and engraver, France (b. 1883) link

Characteristic forenames

Michel, Pierre, Alain, Philippe, Christian, Bernard, Andre, Patrick, Francis, and Marie