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Surname Grgić

Cognomen Grgić (Grgic Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbia Germany Austria, Grgić Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbia Germany Austria) , all around the world, is quite a common surname. Last name Grgić is characteristic to Southern Europe, particularly Croatia, where it is quite a common surname, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia (explore name in all countries). In absolute terms it is most frequently occurring in Southern Europe, particularly Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia.

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Grgic, Grgić Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Germany

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Notable namesakes

Stipan Krunoslav Grgic (b. 1836) link
picture of Berislav Grgić Berislav Grgić Berislav Grgić Bosnian bishop serving in Norway as the Roman Catholic Territorial Prelate of Tromsø, the northernmost Catholic bishopric in the world, Norway (b. 1960) link
picture of Goran Grgić Goran Grgić Goran Grgić Croatian actor, HR (b. 1965) link
picture of Velimir Grgić Velimir Grgić Velimir Grgić Croatian footballer, HR (b. 1978) link
Zlatko Grgić Croatian Canadian animator, HR (b. 1931) link
picture of Mak Grgić Mak Grgić Mak Grgić Slovenian classical guitarist and entrepreneur, Slovenia (b. 1987) link
Marijan Grgić (b. 1929) link
picture of Mario Grgić Mario Grgić Mario Grgić Austrian association football player, Austria (b. 1991) link
Anđela Grgić researcher link
Irena Grgić researcher link
Branko Grgić association football player link
Irena Grgić (b. 1971) link
Mislav Grgić (b. 1973) link
Dimitrije Grgić Serbian sports shooter, Serbia (b. 1984) link
Miljenka Grgić (b. 1974) link
Ante Grgić link
Alen Grgić association football player (b. 1994) link
Franko Grgić croatian swimmer link

Characteristic forenames

Ana, Marija, Josip, Ivana, Marko, Tomislav, Luka, Ivica, Petar, and Lucija