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Surname Lavoie

Last name Lavoie (Lavoie Canada United States New Zealand Ivory Coast, Лавуа Ukraine) , in the entire world, is a common surname. Last name Lavoie is habitual to Canada, where it is quite a common surname, New Zealand, and Laos, where it is quite a rare surname. Measured by an absolute frequency this name is the most popular in Canada, the United States, and New Zealand.

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Lavoie United States, Canada, Ivory Coast, New Zealand
Лавуа Ukraine

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Notable namesakes

Marie Madeleine Lavoie 18 Dec 1691 Rivière-Ouelle, Kamouraska, Québec - (b. 1691) link
picture of Edouardina Lavoie Edouardina Lavoie Edouardina Lavoie (b. 1874) link
Émile Lavoie Canadian writer, Canada (b. 1850) link
François Lavoie Canadian politician, Canada (b. 1874) link
Francis T. Lavoie Canadian politician, Canada (b. 1874) link
picture of Daniel Lavoie Daniel Lavoie Daniel Lavoie Canadian singer–songwriter, Canada (b. 1949) link
Hercule Lavoie Canadian singer, Canada (b. 1900) link
picture of Marc Lavoie Marc Lavoie Marc Lavoie Canadian fencer and economist, Canada (b. 1954) link
René Lavoie Canadian sculptor, Canada (b. 1904) link
Marguerite Charlotte Lavoie Canadian professional dancer, Canada (b. 1912) link
picture of Pierre Lavoie Pierre Lavoie Pierre Lavoie Canadian triathlete, Canada (b. 1963) link
picture of Vincent Lavoie Vincent Lavoie Vincent Lavoie Photography Historian, Canada (b. 1964) link
Claude Lavoie Canadian organist, Canada (b. 1918) link
René Lavoie Canadian politician, Canada (b. 1921) link
picture of Jennifer Lavoie Jennifer Lavoie Jennifer Lavoie American model, actress and entrepreneur, USA (b. 1971) link
picture of Mathieu Lavoie Mathieu Lavoie Mathieu Lavoie singer, Canada (b. 1975) link
Jean-Noël Lavoie politician in Quebec, Canada, Canada (b. 1927) link
Thérèse Lavoie-Roux Canadian politician, Canada (b. 1928) link
Victorin Lavoie agronomist and professor at Université Laval, Canada (b. 1928) link
picture of Jean Sébastien Lavoie Jean Sébastien Lavoie Jean Sébastien Lavoie French singer, Canada (b. 1978) link
Claude Lavoie Richer cross-country skier, Canada (b. 1929) link
Norman Lavoie artist, Canada (b. 1929) link
Jacques Lavoie Canadian politician, Canada (b. 1936) link
Rodrigue Lavoie professor in the history department of Laval University, Canada (b. 1942) link
Cheryl Lavoie Canadian politician, Canada (b. 1946) link
Sylvain Lavoie Canadian priest, Canada (b. 1947) link
Gilbert Lavoie Canadian journalist, Canada (b. 1948) link
Robert Lavoie Canadian actor, Canada (b. 1949) link
André Lavoie researcher and professor at Université Laval (b. 1949) link
Francine Lavoie psychologist, Canada (b. 1951) link
Louise Lavoie-Maheux Canada (b. 1944) link
picture of Aurélie Dubé-Lavoie Aurélie Dubé-Lavoie Aurélie Dubé-Lavoie Canada (b. 1996) link
Raymond Lavoie Canada (b. 1950) link
Roberto Lavoie Canadian ice hockey player, Canada (b. 1962) link
Françoise Lavoie Canada (b. 1954) link
Claude Lavoie researcher and university professor, Canada (b. 1966) link
Dominic Lavoie Canadian ice hockey defenceman, Canada (b. 1967) link
Dany Lavoie Canadian penciller, Canada (b. 1969) link
Jean-Jacques Lavoie Canada (b. 1959) link
Janick Lavoie Canadian film director, Canada (b. 1973) link
Kari Lavoie Canadian curler, Canada (b. 1977) link
Beau James Lavoie researcher link
Elzéar Lavoie historian and professor at Université Laval link
Simon S Lavoie researcher link
Marie Denise Lavoie researcher link
Michel Lavoie researcher link
Mireille Lavoie university professor link
Martin Lavoie researcher and university professor, Canada link
Julie Lavoie researcher link
Zachary M LaVoie researcher link
Lavoie David work in the theatrical field link
Noelle LaVoie researcher link
Jaie Lavoie researcher link
Holly A LaVoie researcher link
Camille Lavoie researcher link
Marc-André Lavoie Canadian film director, Canada link
Béatrice Lavoie-Léonard figure skater link
Tegan N Lavoie researcher link
Stéphanie Lavoie work in the theatrical field link
Jean-Claude Lavoie researcher link
Noémie Lavoie researcher link
Jean-Pierre Lavoie VIAF 37082620, Canada link
Audrey Lavoie researcher link
Denis Lavoie researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-1955-0278 link
Jessie R Lavoie researcher link
Omer Lavoie Canadian Army officer, Canada link
Jean-Michel Lavoie researcher link
Ashton Lavoie researcher link
Judith Lavoie researcher, Canada link
Roxane Lavoie university professor link
Pascale Lavoie physician and university professor link
Jean-Sébastien Lavoie actor in the theatrical field in Quebec link
Suzie Lavoie researcher link
Kim L Lavoie researcher link
Kathleen H Lavoie researcher link
Francine Lavoie publisher, Canada link
Maxime Lavoie actor in the theatrical field in Quebec link
Kévin Lavoie university professor link
Jean-Louis Lavoie Ph.D. Université Laval 1966 link
Josée Lavoie researcher and professor at Laval University link
Shawn R Lavoie researcher link
Marie-Claude Lavoie researcher link
Bernard Lavoie work in the theatrical field link
Raphael A. Lavoie researcher link
Stéphan Lavoie researcher link
Sydney Lavoie researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-2890-3634 link
Marie-Pier Lebeau Lavoie artiste canadienne, Canada link
David Lavoie work in the theatrical field link
Lisa L. Harlow psychologist (b. 1951) link
Florence Lavoie badminton player, Canada (b. 1982) link
G. Lavoie botanist (b. 1984) link
Marie-Renée Lavoie Canada (b. 1974) link
Flavie Lavoie-Cardinal researcher and university professor (b. 1985) link
Patrick Lavoie Canadian football player, Canada (b. 1987) link
Simon Lavoie Canada (b. 1979) link
Rodney Lavoie, Jr. American reality television participant, USA (b. 1989) link
Louisette Lavoie Canada link
Diane Lavoie Canada link
Camille Lavoie Canada link
Vincent Lavoie link

Characteristic forenames

J, C, L, S, R, D, G, A, Robert, and Richard