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Surname Loureiro

Family name Loureiro (Loureiro Brazil Portugal Mozambique Angola Spain) , in all the world, is a common cognomen. Last name Loureiro is habitual to Portugal, where it is a common surname, Mozambique, where it is quite a common surname, and Luxembourg. Not in comparison with a country population it is the most numerous in Brazil, Portugal, and Mozambique.

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Loureiro Mozambique, Spain, Portugal, Angola, Brazil

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Notable namesakes

Alexandre Gamboa Loureiro Portuguese judicial magistrate and politician, Portugal (b. 1770) link
picture of Artur Loureiro Artur Loureiro Artur Loureiro Portuguese painter, Portugal (b. 1853) link
picture of Oswaldo Loureiro Oswaldo Loureiro Oswaldo Loureiro Brazilian actor, Brazil (b. 1932) link
picture of Valentim Loureiro Valentim Loureiro Valentim Loureiro Portuguese politician and football chairman, Portugal (b. 1938) link
José Loureiro (b. 1880) link
Eduardo Berardo Lapido Loureiro Portuguese politician, military governor of Portuguese Timor, Reino de Portugal (b. 1895) link
Augusto Loureiro Portuguese poet and writer, Portugal (b. 1900) link
Luís Miguel Loureiro Portuguese journalist, Portugal (b. 1901) link
picture of Lucinda Loureiro Lucinda Loureiro Lucinda Loureiro Portuguese actress, Portugal (b. 1958) link
picture of Ánxela Loureiro Ánxela Loureiro Ánxela Loureiro España (b. 1956) link
picture of Chelo Loureiro Chelo Loureiro Chelo Loureiro España (b. 1958) link
picture of Rita Loureiro Rita Loureiro Rita Loureiro Portuguese actor, Portugal (b. 1969) link
picture of Gean Loureiro Gean Loureiro Gean Loureiro Brazilian politician, Brazil (b. 1972) link
picture of Kiko Loureiro Kiko Loureiro Kiko Loureiro Brazilian guitarist, Brazil (b. 1972) link
picture of Manel Loureiro Manel Loureiro Manel Loureiro Spanish writer, España (b. 1975) link
José Carlos Loureiro Portuguese architect, Portugal (b. 1925) link
Loureiro dos Santos Portuguese politician, Portugal (b. 1936) link
Ferrer Loureiro Portugal (b. 1930) link
Renato Loureiro Brazilian fashion designer, Brazil (b. 1946) link
Héctor Loureiro Uruguayan association football player, Uruguay (b. 1952) link
picture of Claudio Loureiro Claudio Loureiro Claudio Loureiro Brazil link
picture of Allan Allan Allan Brazilian association football player, born 1991, Brazil (b. 1991) link
Eduardo Loureiro Brazilian manager and politician, Brazil (b. 1974) link
Susana Loureiro Portuguese biologist and researcher, Portugal (b. 1975) link
Marta Loureiro researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-6912-6109 link
Petra Loureiro researcher link
Luís M Loureiro researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-2384-6266 link
Begoña Loureiro researcher link
R M Loureiro researcher link
João Loureiro Portuguese historian, Portugal link
João Loureiro researcher in life sciences, Portugal link
Fabiana Loureiro researcher link
Nuno Loureiro Ph.D. Imperial College London 2005 link
Felipe Pereira Loureiro researcher at the University of São Paulo, Brazil link
Jorge Loureiro researcher link
Maria Eugenia Loureiro researcher link
Adriana Loureiro researcher link
Cláudia Loureiro researcher link
Joana R A Loureiro researcher link
Marcelo Loureiro researcher link
José M. Loureiro researcher link
N F. Loureiro researcher link
Cláudia Loureiro researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-0007-9551 link
J. Loureiro researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-9926-4898 link
Marcelo Loureiro ichthyologist link
Camila Marcelino Loureiro researcher link
Andreia Loureiro researcher link
Joan Manel Loureiro Vall Spanish politician, España link
Nuno Loureiro researcher link
Custódio Loureiro researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-7856-2124 link
Afonso Loureiro researcher, ORCID id 0000-0002-3762-586X link
Aderson Loureiro researcher link
Altino Loureiro researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-9315-3177 link
Nuno Loureiro researcher link
Iñigo Loureiro researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-3022-2002 link
Elizabete Loureiro researcher link
Mónica V Loureiro researcher link
Rute Loureiro researcher link
Manuel Loureiro researcher link
Alexandre Loureiro researcher link
Neto Loureiro Brazilian politician link
Paula Loureiro researcher link
Joana Loureiro researcher link
Sandra Maria Correia Loureiro researcher, ORCID id 0000-0001-8362-4430 link
Inês Loureiro researcher, ORCID id 0000-0002-4310-4737 link
Filipe Loureiro researcher link
Vânia Loureiro researcher link
Carlos Loureiro researcher link
Loureiro, Maria João researcher, ORCID id 0000-0002-5041-8689 link
Rui João Loureiro researcher link
Joana B Loureiro researcher link
Sandra Loureiro Portuguese association football player, Portugal link
Maria Loureiro researcher, ORCID id 0000-0002-7082-3980 link
Luís Loureiro researcher link
Tomás Loureiro researcher link
Bruno Loureiro Portuguese footballer, Portugal (b. 1989) link
Raquel Loureiro link
Isabel Loureiro link
Rita Loureiro link
Franck Loureiro France link
Frei José Loureiro link
Carolina Loureiro Portuguese actress, Portugal (b. 1992) link
Elsa Loureiro Belgian athletics competitor, Belgium (b. 1992) link
Claudio Loureiro Portugal (b. 1983) link
Diego Loureiro Brazilian footballer, Brazil (b. 1998) link
Teresa Loureiro researcher link
Gonçalo Loureiro Portuguese association football player, Portugal link

Characteristic forenames

Jose, Ana, Antonio, Joao, Carlos, Paulo, Luiz, Pedro, Jorge, and Francisco