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Surname Schröder

Last name Schröder (شرودر Iran, Schröder Germany Sweden Netherlands South Africa Austria, Шрёдер Belarus Russia, and others...) , across the world, is a common cognomen. Family name Schröder is habitual to Germany, where it is quite a common surname, Sweden, where it is quite a rare surname, and Austria. In absolute terms the name is most common in Germany, Sweden, and Netherlands.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Schröder

Nomographic illustration
شرودر Iran
Schröder South Africa, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Germany
Шрёдер Belarus, Russia
שרדר Israel
シュレーダー Japan

Notable namesakes

Schröder Painter Ancient attic-greek vase-painter of red-figure style, Classical Athens (b. 550) link
Carsten Schröder (b. 1505) link
picture of Johann Schröder Johann Schröder Johann Schröder German chemist, Germany (b. 1600) link
Markus Schröder (b. 1558) link
Johannes Schröder (b. 1572) link
Valentin Schröder (b. 1580) link
Jan Ernest Schröder (b. 1581) link
Georg Schröder (b. 1584) link
Johannes Schröder (b. 1587) link
Sebastian Schröder (b. 1599) link
Jacob Schröder (b. 1601) link
Joachim Schröder German theologian (b. 1613) link
Wilhelm Schröder (b. 1603) link
Georg Schröder (b. 1605) link
Anna Schröder (b. 1607) link
Dorothea Schröder (b. 1616) link
Johannes Schröder (b. 1617) link
picture of Georg Engelhard Schröder Georg Engelhard Schröder Georg Engelhard Schröder Swedish artist, SE (b. 1684) link
Andreas Schröder Germany (b. 1628) link
Bernhard Schröder (b. 1634) link
Joachim Schröder (b. 1638) link
Justus Jakob Schröder (b. 1639) link
Kaspar Schröder Swedish sculptor, SE (b. 1652) link
Christian Schröder Czech artist, Germany (b. 1655) link
Christina Schröder (b. 1645) link
Lucas Schröder (b. 1649) link
Hartwig Samuel Schröder (b. 1663) link
Marquard Wolfgang Schröder (b. 1666) link
Dietrich Schröder (b. 1670) link
Titus Schröder German theologian, Germany (b. 1686) link
Christoph Jacob Schröder (b. 1681) link
picture of Friedrich Ludwig Schröder Friedrich Ludwig Schröder Friedrich Ludwig Schröder German actor, Germany (b. 1744) link
Matthias Georg Schröder 1695-1719 (b. 1695) link
Gustaviana Schröder Swedish singer, SE (b. 1701) link
Philipp Richard Schröder (b. 1692) link
Anthon Schröder (b. 1697) link
Charlotte Louise Schröder (b. 1697) link
Sophia Schröder German opera singer, SE (b. 1712) link
Johann Eberhard Schröder (b. 1704) link
picture of Anna Christina Schröder Anna Christina Schröder Anna Christina Schröder (b. 1755) link
Hermann Hinrich Schröder (b. 1705) link
Nikolaus Wilhelm Schröder German librarian, Germany (b. 1721) link
Christian Friedrich Schröder Swedish, Finland (b. 1722) link
Ludwig Konrad Schröder 1724-1801 (b. 1724) link
Johan Schröder merchant (b. 1726) link
Heinrich Eilhard Schröder (b. 1719) link
picture of Sophie Schröder Sophie Schröder Sophie Schröder German actress, Germany (b. 1781) link
Georg Gerhard Schröder (b. 1725) link
Bernhard Hinrich Schröder (b. 1728) link
Philipp Georg Schröder (b. 1729) link
picture of Anton Diederich Schröder Anton Diederich Schröder Anton Diederich Schröder (b. 1779) link
Anna Elisabet Schröder SE (b. 1732) link
Anthon Engelbert Schröder (b. 1734) link
Gottfried von Schröder Holy Roman Empire (b. 1735) link
Gottfried Schröder (b. 1735) link
Johann Friedrich Schröder (b. 1737) link
Johann Adam Andreas Schröder (b. 1737) link
Octavio Rudolf Schröder (b. 1743) link
Johann Friedrich Schröder (b. 1745) link
Karl Schröder German painter, Germany (b. 1760) link
picture of Ferdinand Schröder Ferdinand Schröder Ferdinand Schröder German physician, politician and cartoonist, Germany (b. 1818) link
Ernst Friedrich Ludwig Schröder (b. 1759) link
Johann Lucas Schröder (b. 1760) link
picture of Gustaf Schröder Gustaf Schröder Gustaf Schröder Swedish writer, SE (b. 1824) link
Aemil Ludwig Philipp Schröder (b. 1764) link
Friedrich Schröder German merchant, Germany (b. 1775) link
Arnold Dietrich Schröder Germany (b. 1770) link
Heinrich Andreas Schröder (b. 1771) link
August Schröder (b. 1772) link
Anthon Schröder (b. 1773) link
Adolph Schröder (b. 1776) link
picture of Richard Schröder Richard Schröder Richard Schröder German legal historian, Germany (b. 1838) link
Johann Friedrich Schröder (b. 1780) link
Johan Henrik Schröder Swedish archaeologist and numismatist, SE (b. 1791) link
Anton Schröder (b. 1781) link
picture of Ernst Schröder Ernst Schröder Ernst Schröder German mathematician, Germany (b. 1841) link
picture of Helmut Schröder Helmut Schröder Helmut Schröder German author, Germany (b. 1842) link
picture of Hugo Schröder Hugo Schröder Hugo Schröder Germany (b. 1834) link
Christoph Schröder (b. 1785) link
Octavio Rudolph Schröder (b. 1786) link
Carl Schröder Austrian master builder (b. 1797) link
Carl Augustin Schröder Zweeds priester, SE (b. 1797) link
Carl Schröder German painter, Germany (b. 1802) link
Kristjane Schröder 1802 - 1873 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands, Føroyar (b. 1802) link
picture of Ludwig von Schröder Ludwig von Schröder Ludwig von Schröder German admiral, Germany (b. 1854) link
picture of Carl August Schröder Carl August Schröder Carl August Schröder German politician and lawyer, Germany (b. 1855) link
Alexander Schröder German architect, Germany (b. 1806) link
Konstantin Schröder Finnish priest, Finland (b. 1808) link
August Schröder (b. 1800) link
Carl Gottfried Schröder (b. 1801) link
picture of Bruno Schröder Bruno Schröder Bruno Schröder Gerrman-British private banker, art collector and patron, United Kingdom (b. 1867) link
Wilhelm Schröder (b. 1808) link
Franz Adam Schröder (b. 1809) link
Auguste Schröder (b. 1810) link
Alexander Schröder (b. 1812) link
Alexander Schröder (b. 1812) link
picture of Alfred Schröder Alfred Schröder Alfred Schröder (b. 1865) link
Carl Heinrich Louis Schröder (b. 1816) link
picture of Rudolf Schröder Rudolf Schröder Rudolf Schröder German politician and forester, Germany (b. 1876) link
Bernhard Hinrich Schröder (b. 1816) link

Characteristic forenames

Michael, Thomas, Andreas, Daniel, Frank, Stefan, Nicole, Sandra, Martin, and Dirk