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Surname Wagner

Cognomen Wagner (Wagner Germany United States Brazil Austria Canada, Вагнер Kazakhstan Russia Ukraine Belarus Kyrgyzstan, וגנר Israel, along with others...) , in all the world, is a very common family name. Family name Wagner is habitual to Western Europe, particularly Austria, where it is a common surname, Germany, and Luxembourg (explore name in all countries). In absolute terms this name is the most popular in Germany, the United States, and Austria. Very seldom, Wagner is the forename as well as a last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Wagner

Nomographic illustration
Wagner Canada, Austria, United States, Brazil, Germany
Вагнер Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan
וגנר Israel
فاغنر Algeria
ワグナー Japan

Notable namesakes

picture of Georg Wagner Georg Wagner Georg Wagner Germany (b. 1000) link
Veit Wagner German sculptor 1492–1520 F:0, France (b. 1401) link
Ulrich Wagner CH (b. 1400) link
picture of Leonhard Wagner Leonhard Wagner Leonhard Wagner Germany (b. 1453) link
Petrus Wagner (b. 1455) link
picture of Bartholomäus Wagner Bartholomäus Wagner Bartholomäus Wagner German mathematician, Germany (b. 1520) link
Ulrich Wagner German mathematician, Germany (b. 1500) link
Georg Wagner Germany (b. 1500) link
Hans Wagner (b. 1510) link
Johannes Wagner Swiss writer, CH (b. 1522) link
Valentin Wagner (b. 1515) link
Philipp Wagner (b. 1526) link
picture of Liborius Wagner Liborius Wagner Liborius Wagner German priest, Germany (b. 1593) link
picture of Tobias Wagner Tobias Wagner Tobias Wagner German theologian, Holy Roman Empire (b. 1598) link
picture of Adam Wagner Adam Wagner Adam Wagner German sculptor, Germany (b. 1600) link
picture of Valentin Wagner Valentin Wagner Valentin Wagner German painter, Germany (b. 1610) link
Konrad Wagner (b. 1550) link
Georg Wagner organ builder, Germany (b. 1560) link
picture of Paul Wagner Paul Wagner Paul Wagner German politician, Germany (b. 1617) link
Jakub Wagner (b. 1560) link
Bartholomäus Wagner (b. 1560) link
Balthasar Wagner (b. 1586) link
Friedrich Wagner (b. 1586) link
Martin Wagner (b. 1589) link
Pankraz Wagner German sculptor, Germany (b. 1600) link
Johannes Wagner German abbot, Germany (b. 1600) link
Georg Henrich Wagner German organ maker (b. 1610) link
picture of Gabriel Wagner Gabriel Wagner Gabriel Wagner German philosopher, Germany (b. 1660) link
Christoph Wagner (b. 1615) link
picture of Johann Wilhelm Wagner Johann Wilhelm Wagner Johann Wilhelm Wagner German astronomer, Germany (b. 1681) link
Philipp Wagner (b. 1627) link
Erhard Wagner 1638-1655 beigesetzt in Kattenau/Ostpreußen (b. 1638) link
Johann Jacob Wagner Swiss librarian, CH (b. 1641) link
picture of Friedrich Wagner Friedrich Wagner Friedrich Wagner German theologian, Germany (b. 1693) link
Zacharias Wagenaer secretary, painter, then merchant and administrator, Germany (b. 1614) link
picture of Johann Thomas Wagner Johann Thomas Wagner Johann Thomas Wagner (b. 1691) link
Gottfried Wagner born 1652 died 1725 Duits (b. 1652) link
Maria Margaretha Wagner 4 Jun 1652 Aichelberg, Württemberg - 17 Feb 1735 (b. 1652) link
Christoph Wagner (b. 1645) link
picture of Joseph Wagner Joseph Wagner Joseph Wagner engraver, Holy Roman Empire (b. 1706) link
Abraham Wagner (b. 1653) link
Hiob Wagner (b. 1654) link
Rudolf Christian Wagner Medicinae Dr. Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena 1708 (b. 1671) link
Franz Wagner Austrian Jesuit (b. 1675) link
Georg Zacharias Wagner (b. 1671) link
Franz Wagner (b. 1675) link
Gotthard Wagner (b. 1678) link
Johann Joachim Wagner organ builder, Germany (b. 1690) link
picture of Heinrich Leopold Wagner Heinrich Leopold Wagner Heinrich Leopold Wagner German dramatist, Germany (b. 1747) link
picture of Sigismund Wagner Sigismund Wagner Sigismund Wagner Swiss draughtsperson, CH (b. 1759) link
Ignác Wagner (b. 1700) link
Benedict Wagner (b. 1704) link
picture of Johann Ernst Wagner Johann Ernst Wagner Johann Ernst Wagner German author, Germany (b. 1769) link
Cyrillus Wagner (b. 1710) link
Pius Wagner (b. 1711) link
Johann Christoph Wagner organ builder, Germany (b. 1723) link
picture of Adolf Wagner Adolf Wagner Adolf Wagner German translator, Germany (b. 1774) link
picture of Friedrich August Wagner Friedrich August Wagner Friedrich August Wagner German archaeologist and prehistorian, Germany (b. 1775) link
Elard Wagner (b. 1717) link
Johann Peter Alexander Wagner German sculptor, Germany (b. 1730) link
Samuel August Wagner German physician, Germany (b. 1734) link
Johann Augustin Wagner German teacher and classical philologist, Germany (b. 1734) link
Johann Ehrenfried Wagner Germany (b. 1724) link
Daniel Ernst Wagner German writer, Germany (b. 1739) link
Károly Wagner (b. 1732) link
Maurus Wagner (b. 1733) link
Johann Georg Wagner painter (b. 1744) link
picture of William Wagner William Wagner William Wagner American philanthropist, USA (b. 1796) link
picture of Theodor Wagner Theodor Wagner Theodor Wagner German sculptor, Germany (b. 1800) link
picture of Dániel Wagner Dániel Wagner Dániel Wagner botanist (b. 1800) link
Methudius Wagner (b. 1740) link
Basilius Wagner (b. 1741) link
picture of Rosalie Wagner Rosalie Wagner Rosalie Wagner German stage actor, Germany (b. 1803) link
picture of Gottlieb Wagner Gottlieb Wagner Gottlieb Wagner Germany (b. 1794) link
picture of Carl Theodor Wagner Carl Theodor Wagner Carl Theodor Wagner German watchmaker, Deutsches Kaiserreich (b. 1805) link
picture of Rudolf Wagner Rudolf Wagner Rudolf Wagner German scientist, Königreich Bayern (b. 1805) link
picture of Karl Wagner Karl Wagner Karl Wagner Czech entrepreneur (b. 1806) link
picture of Johann Evangelist Wagner Johann Evangelist Wagner Johann Evangelist Wagner German university teacher, Königreich Bayern (b. 1807) link
Karl Franz Christian Wagner German germanist, Germany (b. 1760) link
Cäcilius Wagner (b. 1750) link
picture of Moritz Wagner Moritz Wagner Moritz Wagner German naturalist, Königreich Bayern (b. 1813) link
picture of Richard Wagner Richard Wagner Richard Wagner German composer and conductor, Germany (b. 1813) link
Friedrich Ludwig Wagner German theologian, educator and librarian (b. 1764) link
picture of Josef Wagner Josef Wagner Josef Wagner actor (b. 1818) link
Aloys Wagner German historian and Catholic priest (b. 1771) link
Stephan Wagner (b. 1762) link
picture of Johannes Rudolf von Wagner Johannes Rudolf von Wagner Johannes Rudolf von Wagner Wagner, Johannes Rudolf, 1822-1880, Germany (b. 1822) link
picture of Thomas M. Wagner Thomas M. Wagner Thomas M. Wagner American military officer, USA (b. 1824) link
Gottlieb Friedrich Wagner German writer, Germany (b. 1774) link
Lorenz Heinrich Wagner German librarian, teacher, and philosopher, Germany (b. 1774) link
Claude Wagner French cabinetmaker, France (b. 1775) link
Johann Jakob Wagner German philosopher, Germany (b. 1775) link
picture of Johanna Jachmann-Wagner Johanna Jachmann-Wagner Johanna Jachmann-Wagner singer, Germany (b. 1826) link
picture of Albrecht Wagner Albrecht Wagner Albrecht Wagner German military personnel and surgeon, Germany (b. 1827) link
picture of Nikolai Wagner Nikolai Wagner Nikolai Wagner Russian zoologist, Russian Empire (b. 1829) link
picture of Ernst Leberecht Wagner Ernst Leberecht Wagner Ernst Leberecht Wagner German pathologist, Germany (b. 1829) link
Jozef Wagner (b. 1770) link
picture of Ernst Wagner Ernst Wagner Ernst Wagner German archaeologist and prehistorian, Germany (b. 1832) link
picture of Antonín Pavel Wagner Antonín Pavel Wagner Antonín Pavel Wagner Czech sculptor, Austria-Hungary (b. 1834) link
picture of Christian Wagner Christian Wagner Christian Wagner German author, Germany (b. 1835) link