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Surname Clitheroe

Cognomen Clitheroe (Clitheroe United Kingdom Australia United States Canada) , in all the world, is a rare family name. Cognomen Clitheroe is habitual to the United Kingdom, where it is a rare surname, Australia, and Ireland. In absolute terms it is the most numerous in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

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Nomographic illustration
Clitheroe United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom

Notable namesakes

Jimmy Clitheroe comedian, United Kingdom (b. 1921) link
Eleanor Clitheroe Canadian cleric and businesswoman, Canada (b. 1954) link
Paul Clitheroe Australian television presenter, Australia (b. 1955) link
Roger Clitheroe English cricketer, United Kingdom (b. 1966) link
Helen Clitheroe British middle- and long-distance runner, United Kingdom (b. 1974) link
Richard Clitheroe English politician, Kingdom of England link
Hugh Clitheroe English Member of Parliament, Kingdom of England link
Sir Christopher Clitheroe Peerage person ID=308745 link
Richard Clitheroe politician, Kingdom of England link
Chrystal Clitheroe South African entomologist, South Africa link
William Clitheroe English Member of Parliament, Kingdom of England link
Mary|Maria Clitheroe (Cliderow) link
Sir Hugh Clitheroe (Cliderow) link

Characteristic forenames

Michael, John, Alan, Peter, Julie, Robert, Margaret, Casey, Martin, and Paul