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Surname Hasegawa

Cognomen Hasegawa (ハセガワ Japan, 준 South Korea, Hasegawa Japan United States Brazil China) , throughout the world, is quite a common surname. Surname Hasegawa is characteristic to Japan, where it is quite a rare surname, Canada, where it is a rare surname, and Mozambique. Measured by an absolute frequency it is most frequently occurring in Japan, the United States, and Brazil. Much more prevalently, Hasegawa is the forename as well as a last name.

Transliterations and variants of Hasegawa

ハセガワ Japan
South Korea
Hasegawa United States, Japan, China, Brazil

Last names said to be same

Hasekawa, Хасегава, Хироси, and ฮาเซกาว่า

Notable namesakes

picture of Hasegawa Tōhaku Hasegawa Tōhaku Hasegawa Tōhaku Japanese painter, Japan (b. 1539) link
Hasegawa Nobuharu Japanese painter also known as Hasegawa Tohaku, Japan (b. 1505) link
Hasegawa Yoji samurai of the Sengoku period (b. 1550) link
Hasegawa Hidekazu daimyo of the Sengoku period (b. 1550) link
Hasegawa Kyūzō Japanese painter, Japan (b. 1568) link
長谷川正長 (b. 1536) link
Moritomo Hasegawa (b. 1569) link
Kakugyō Japan (b. 1541) link
長谷川長綱 (b. 1543) link
Hasegawa Soya Japanese painter, Japan (b. 1590) link
長谷川橋介 (b. 1550) link
Hasegawa Sakon Tokugawa Shogunate (b. 1593) link
هاسه‌گاوا فوجیهیرو (b. 1567) link
Hasegawa Chisen Japanese go player, Japan (b. 1682) link
Senshi Hasegawa (b. 1689) link
Hasegawa Nagaharu Japanese painter, Japan (b. 1750) link
Hasegawa Settan Japanese artist, Japan (b. 1778) link
Hasegawa Hiroshi Japanese mathematician, Japan (b. 1782) link
長谷川宣以 (b. 1745) link
Hasegawa Sadanobu (b. 1778) link
picture of Sadao Hasegawa Sadao Hasegawa Sadao Hasegawa Japanese military person, Japan (b. 1845) link
picture of Hasegawa Yoshimichi Hasegawa Yoshimichi Hasegawa Yoshimichi Japanese general, Japan (b. 1850) link
長谷川宣義 日本の江戸時代の武士 (b. 1770) link
picture of Tai Hasegawa Tai Hasegawa Tai Hasegawa Japan (b. 1842) link
Hasegawa Sadanobu painter (b. 1809) link
Hasegawa Sodanobu Japanese artist, Japan (b. 1809) link
Hasegawa Settei painter, Tokugawa Shogunate (b. 1813) link
picture of Kinsuke Hasegawa Kinsuke Hasegawa Kinsuke Hasegawa Empire of Japan (b. 1855) link
picture of Naotoshi Hasegawa Naotoshi Hasegawa Naotoshi Hasegawa Japanese military personnel, Japan (b. 1873) link
picture of Nyozekan Hasegawa Nyozekan Hasegawa Nyozekan Hasegawa Japanese journalist, thinker and politician, Japan (b. 1875) link
picture of Shigure Hasegawa Shigure Hasegawa Shigure Hasegawa Japanese writer, Japan (b. 1879) link
picture of Otohiko Hasegawa Otohiko Hasegawa Otohiko Hasegawa Japan (b. 1870) link
Hasegawa Tetsunoshin (b. 1822) link
picture of Kiyoshi Hasegawa Kiyoshi Hasegawa Kiyoshi Hasegawa Japanese admiral, Japan (b. 1883) link
picture of Kyūichi Hasegawa Kyūichi Hasegawa Kyūichi Hasegawa Japanese bureaucrat, Japan (b. 1884) link
picture of Hasegawa Toshiyuki Hasegawa Toshiyuki Hasegawa Toshiyuki Japanese painter, Empire of Japan (b. 1891) link
長谷川延年 (b. 1803) link
picture of Futabatei Shimei Futabatei Shimei Futabatei Shimei Japanese author, translator and literary critic, Japan (b. 1864) link
picture of Kiichi Hasegawa Kiichi Hasegawa Kiichi Hasegawa Japanese admiral, Japan (b. 1894) link
picture of Shin Hasegawa Shin Hasegawa Shin Hasegawa Japan (b. 1884) link
picture of Luke Hasegawa Luke Hasegawa Luke Hasegawa Japanese artist, Japan (b. 1897) link
picture of Kanajo Hasegawa Kanajo Hasegawa Kanajo Hasegawa Japan (b. 1887) link
Hasegawa Sadanobu II painter, Japan (b. 1848) link
picture of Ryōshin Hasegawa Ryōshin Hasegawa Ryōshin Hasegawa Japan (b. 1890) link
picture of Hasegawa Rokuro Hasegawa Rokuro Hasegawa Rokuro Japan (b. 1890) link
picture of Hasegawa Kaitarō Hasegawa Kaitarō Hasegawa Kaitarō Japanese writer, Japan (b. 1900) link
Hasegawa Takashi Japanese bureaucrat, Japan (b. 1852) link
Hasegawa Toyokichi Japanese polititian, Japan (b. 1852) link
Hasegawa Takejirō Japanese publisher (b. 1853) link
picture of Yasuko Hasegawa Yasuko Hasegawa Yasuko Hasegawa Japanese actor, Japan (b. 1904) link
Tōjirō Hasegawa Japanese fishing businessman (b. 1855) link
picture of Teruo Hasegawa Teruo Hasegawa Teruo Hasegawa (b. 1896) link
picture of Saburō Hasegawa Saburō Hasegawa Saburō Hasegawa Japanese painter, Japan (b. 1906) link
Hasegawa Munehiro (b. 1848) link
picture of Kazuo Hasegawa Kazuo Hasegawa Kazuo Hasegawa actor, Japan (b. 1908) link
picture of 長谷川戍吉 長谷川戍吉 長谷川戍吉 (b. 1868) link
Hasegawa Konobu II painter, Japan (b. 1859) link
picture of Machiko Hasegawa Machiko Hasegawa Machiko Hasegawa Japanese manga artist, Japan (b. 1920) link
Hasegawa Manzō politician (b. 1870) link
picture of Shōichi Hasegawa Shōichi Hasegawa Shōichi Hasegawa Japanese painter, Japan (b. 1929) link
picture of Ryōhei Hasegawa Ryōhei Hasegawa Ryōhei Hasegawa Japanese baseball player, Japan (b. 1930) link
Taichiro Hasegawa Japanese lawyer, Japan (b. 1881) link
Hasegawa Sadanobu III Japanese painter, Japan (b. 1881) link
Kentaro Hasegawa 1882 - 1981 Also known as: K. H. (b. 1882) link
picture of Toshiko Hasegawa Toshiko Hasegawa Toshiko Hasegawa Japanese actress, Japan (b. 1934) link
picture of Akira Hasegawa Akira Hasegawa Akira Hasegawa Japanese physicist, Japan (b. 1934) link
Tenkei Hasegawa (b. 1876) link
Noboru Hasegawa Japanese painter, Japan (b. 1886) link
Gosaku Hasegawa Japan (b. 1880) link
Kiyoshi Hasegawa 1891-1980, Japanese artist and engraver., Japan (b. 1891) link
picture of Verda Majo Verda Majo Verda Majo Japanese pacifist, esperantist, feminist and antifascist, Japan (b. 1912) link
Yoshioki Hasegawa Japanese sculptor (b. 1892) link
picture of Sukehiro Hasegawa Sukehiro Hasegawa Sukehiro Hasegawa Japanese diplomat, Japan (b. 1942) link
Minokichi Hasegawa Japanese contributing editor, Japan (b. 1893) link
Denjirō Hasegawa Japanese photographer, Japan (b. 1894) link
Eisaku Hasegawa Japanese sculptor, Japan (b. 1894) link
Haruko Hasegawa Japanese painter, Japan (b. 1895) link
Chiyono Hasegawa Japanese supercentenarian, Japan (b. 1896) link
picture of Yasuchika Hasegawa Yasuchika Hasegawa Yasuchika Hasegawa Japanese businessperson, Japan (b. 1946) link
Reiyoshi Hasegawa (b. 1886) link
picture of Nobuhiko Hasegawa Nobuhiko Hasegawa Nobuhiko Hasegawa table tennis player, Japan (b. 1947) link
Tōru Hasegawa Japanese bureaucrat, Japan (b. 1897) link
Yoshio Hasegawa Japanese poet, Japan (b. 1898) link
Akira Hasegawa Japanese go player, Japan (b. 1900) link
Hatsune Hasegawa Japan (b. 1890) link
Kunio Hasegawa Japanese businessman, Japan (b. 1901) link
Shirō Hasegawa Japan (b. 1891) link
Kunihiro Hasegawa Japanese pornographic film directors, Japan (b. 1901) link
picture of Bob Hasegawa Bob Hasegawa Bob Hasegawa American politician, USA (b. 1952) link
Tamotsu Hasegawa Japanese politician, Japan (b. 1903) link
Shūji Hasegawa Japanese translator, Japan (b. 1903) link
Mankichi Hasegawa Japan (b. 1894) link
Rinjirō Hasegawa Japanese painter, Japan (b. 1904) link
Hasegawa Kōen Japanese novelist and playwright, Japan (b. 1904) link
Shirō Hasegawa Japanese politician, Japan (b. 1905) link
Shun Hasegawa Japanese novelist, Japan (b. 1906) link
Yasubē Hasegawa Japan (b. 1896) link
Sōgyo Hasegawa (b. 1897) link
Yoshio Hasegawa Japanese composer, Japan (b. 1907) link
Ritsuko Hasegawa (b. 1899) link

Characteristic forenames

Kiyoshi, Akira, Toshio, Yoshio, Takashi, Tadashi, Kazuo, Koichi, Yukio, and Masao