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Cognomen Jones (Jones United States United Kingdom Canada Australia, Джонс Russia Ukraine Belarus Kazakhstan, ジョーンズ Japan, along with others...) , around the world, is an extremely common last name. Last name Jones is habitual to Guyana, where it is an extremely common surname, the United Kingdom, where it is a very common surname, and the United States, where it is a common surname (explore name in all countries). In absolute terms it is the most numerous in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Much less frequently, Jones is the forename as well as a last name.

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Nomographic illustration
Jones United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
Джонс Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia
ジョーンズ Japan
ג'ונס Israel
جونز Sudan, Iraq, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia

Notable namesakes

Thomas Jones Welsh politician, Kingdom of England (b. 1492) link
picture of William Jones William Jones William Jones London haberdasher who founded aschool, Kingdom of England (b. 1545) link
Philip Jones Welsh politician, Kingdom of England (b. 1501) link
Hugh Jones Bishop of Llandaff (b. 1508) link
picture of William Jones William Jones William Jones Welsh judge and Member of Parliament for the Welsh Borough of Beaumaris (b. 1566) link
picture of Christopher Jones Christopher Jones Christopher Jones English sailor and master of the ''Mayflower'', Kingdom of England (b. 1570) link
picture of Inigo Jones Inigo Jones Inigo Jones English architect, Kingdom of England (b. 1573) link
Henry Jones Welsh politician, born 1532, Kingdom of England (b. 1532) link
Richard Jones Welsh politician (b. 1534) link
picture of John Jones John Jones John Jones Welsh Parliamentary soldier and regicide of King Charles I of England (b. 1597) link
Thomas Jones bishop from Ireland born circa 1550 (b. 1550) link
Thomas Jones Welsh politician, born 1554, Kingdom of England (b. 1554) link
Francis Jones Lord Mayor of London (b. 1559) link
Robert Jones Welsh Jesuit (b. 1560) link
Lewis Jones Welsh priest and Bishop of Killaloe in the Church of Ireland (b. 1560) link
William Jones Jones, William (b. 1561) link
John Jones Welsh physician (b. 1562) link
picture of Thomas Jones Thomas Jones Thomas Jones English judge and politician in the 17th century (b. 1614) link
Richard Jones Jones, Richard (b. 1564) link
John Jones Welsh Benedictine monk (b. 1575) link
Robert Jones English lutenist and composer, Kingdom of England (b. 1577) link
John Jones Welsh lawyer and antiquarian (b. 1578) link
Richard Jones Welsh politician in the 17th century (b. 1578) link
William Jones Church of England clergyman (b. 1581) link
picture of Richard Jones, 1st Earl of Ranelagh Richard Jones, 1st Earl of Ranelagh Richard Jones, 1st Earl of Ranelagh Irish peer, politician in the Parliaments of England and Ireland (b. 1641) link
Robert Jones Welsh landowner and politician, died c.1653 (b. 1596) link
picture of Thomas Jones Thomas Jones Thomas Jones Welsh publisher and almanac maker, Kingdom of England (b. 1648) link
Henry Jones born 1602 (b. 1602) link
Richard Jones Welsh Anglican priest and writer in the 17th century (b. 1603) link
Richard Jones schoolmaster and translator of religious texts (b. 1603) link
Henry Jones Anglican Bishop of Clogher and Bishop of Meath (b. 1605) link
Michael Jones Irish soldier of the Irish Confederate War and English Civil War (b. 1606) link
John Jones English merchant and politician (b. 1610) link
Samuel Jones English politician, died 1673 (b. 1610) link
Margaret Jones American midwife hanged after conviction for allegedly practicing witchcraft, USA (b. 1613) link
Katherine Jones, Viscountess Ranelagh Lady Ranelagh (b. 1615) link
Philip Jones of Fonmon Welsh politician, Kingdom of England (b. 1618) link
Thomas Jones Welsh classical and Hebrew scholar (b. 1618) link
William Jones English lawyer and Deputy Governor of the Colony of Connecticut, USA (b. 1624) link
picture of William Jones William Jones William Jones Welsh mathematician who named 'pi', Kingdom of England (b. 1675) link
Samuel Jones Welsh nonconformist clergyman and tutor (b. 1628) link
David Jones Cardiganshire Puritan (b. 1630) link
Nathanael Jones (b. 1620) link
William Jones English lawyer and politician, Kingdom of England (b. 1631) link
picture of Griffith Jones Griffith Jones Griffith Jones Church of England priest, schools organiser in Wales, Kingdom of Great Britain (b. 1684) link
Jenkin Jones Welsh Puritan captain in the Parliamentarian army (b. 1639) link
Francis Jones (b. 1630) link
Matthew Jones Jones, Edward (b. 1641) link
Edward Jones English bishop of St Asaph, born 1641 (b. 1641) link
John Jones Welsh cleric, inventor and physician, died 1709 (b. 1645) link
Richard Jones British Member of Parliament, Kingdom of Great Britain (b. 1650) link
Rice Jones Jones, Rice (b. 1650) link
John Jones Welsh dean of Bangor, educationist and antiquarian (b. 1650) link
Edward Jones English Anglican priest, Canon of Windsor (b. 1653) link
Malachi Jones (b. 1651) link
David Jones Church of England clergyman, died 1724 (b. 1663) link
Thomas Jones Irish emigrant to New England and privateer (b. 1665) link
Theophilus Jones Member of the Parliament of Ireland (b. 1666) link
Jane Jones Irish printer, bookseller, and newspaper proprietor (b. 1670) link
picture of Noble Wimberly Jones Noble Wimberly Jones Noble Wimberly Jones American physician and statesman, USA (b. 1723) link
Lady Catherine Jones English philanthropist (b. 1673) link
Henry Jones (b. 1664) link
Frances Jones (b. 1665) link
Edward Jones born 1675 (b. 1675) link
David Jones Welsh spy and historian (b. 1675) link
picture of William Jones William Jones William Jones British clergyman and author, Kingdom of Great Britain (b. 1726) link
picture of William Jones William Jones William Jones Welsh antiquary, poet, scholar and radical, Kingdom of Great Britain (b. 1726) link
William Jones Principal of Jesus College, Oxford from 1720 to 1725, Kingdom of Great Britain (b. 1676) link
Richard Jones composer and violinist from England, Kingdom of Great Britain (b. 1680) link
Sir Samuel Jones (b. 1670) link
Samuel Jones English Dissenter and tutor (b. 1681) link
Robert Jones Welsh Member of Parliament, died 1715 (b. 1682) link
Catherine Jones (b. 1672) link
picture of Samuel Jones Samuel Jones Samuel Jones American politician, USA (b. 1734) link
Lady Frances Jones (b. 1674) link
picture of David Jones David Jones David Jones Anglican Minister who was supportive of Welsh Calvinistic methodism, Wales (b. 1736) link
Martha Macon Jones daughter of Gideon Macon (b. 1687) link
Mary Jones (b. 1677) link
David Jones (b. 1678) link
picture of Allen Jones Allen Jones Allen Jones American statesman, 1739-1798, USA (b. 1739) link
picture of Rebecca Jones Rebecca Jones Rebecca Jones 1739-1818 , Quaker minister (b. 1739) link
picture of Willie Jones Willie Jones Willie Jones American politician, USA (b. 1740) link
Roger Jones MP (b. 1691) link
Hugh Jones American mathematician (b. 1691) link
picture of Owen Jones Owen Jones Owen Jones Welsh antiquarian (b. 1741) link
William Jones born 1692 (b. 1692) link
picture of Thomas Jones Thomas Jones Thomas Jones Welsh landscape painter, Wales (b. 1742) link
Jeremiah Jones Jones, Jeremiah (b. 1693) link
John Jones English schoolmaster and classical scholar (b. 1694) link
Henry Jones English scientific editor (b. 1694) link
picture of Robert Jones Robert Jones Robert Jones Welsh preacher, teacher and writer (b. 1745) link
picture of Absalom Jones Absalom Jones Absalom Jones minister, USA (b. 1745) link
Richard Jones born 1695 (b. 1695) link
picture of William Jones William Jones William Jones Anglo-Welsh philologist and scholar of ancient India, Kingdom of Great Britain (b. 1746) link
picture of John Paul Jones John Paul Jones John Paul Jones American naval officer, USA (b. 1747) link
Francis Jones born 1699 (b. 1699) link
David Jones politician and jurist in Colonial America (b. 1699) link
Jenkin Jones Welsh nonconformist minister (b. 1700) link
Huw Jones Welsh poet (b. 1700) link
John Jones Welsh clergyman and controversialist, Kingdom of Great Britain (b. 1700) link

Characteristic forenames

Michael, Robert, James, John, Jennifer, William, Mary, Christopher, Richard, and Linda