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Surname Moeller

Cognomen Moeller (Moeller Germany Denmark United States Norway Canada, موللر Egypt, مولير) , all around the world, is a common last name. Last name Moeller is characteristic to Denmark, where it is a common surname, Norway, where it is quite a common surname, and Germany. In absolute terms it is the most numerous in Germany, Denmark, and the United States.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Moeller

Nomographic illustration
Moeller United States, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Germany
موللر Egypt
מולר Israel

Notable namesakes

Jan Bogumił Moeller 1670 - 1698 profesor w Gdańsku (b. 1670) link
Nikolaus Moeller (b. 1777) link
picture of Carl Moeller Carl Moeller Carl Moeller German parson, Germany (b. 1867) link
picture of Valerian Meller Valerian Meller Valerian Meller Russian geologist, Russian Empire (b. 1840) link
picture of Arthur Moeller van den Bruck Arthur Moeller van den Bruck Arthur Moeller van den Bruck German historian (b. 1876) link
picture of Danny Moeller Danny Moeller Danny Moeller American baseball player, USA (b. 1885) link
Henry K. Moeller United States Roman Catholic archbishop (b. 1849) link
Henry Moeller Belgian literary critic and catholic priest, Belgium (b. 1852) link
Louis Moeller American painter, USA (b. 1855) link
Ernst Moeller German architect, Germany (b. 1858) link
picture of Walter H. Moeller Walter H. Moeller Walter H. Moeller American politician, USA (b. 1910) link
picture of Dade Moeller Dade Moeller Dade Moeller American nuclear engineer, USA (b. 1927) link
Philip Moeller Theatre producer and director, USA (b. 1880) link
Gustave Moeller American artist, USA (b. 1881) link
Bruno Moeller Germany (b. 1875) link
Bruno Moeller German politician, Germany (b. 1887) link
Richard Moeller German politician, Germany (b. 1890) link
Hein Moeller Germany (b. 1882) link
picture of Joe Moeller Joe Moeller Joe Moeller American baseball player, USA (b. 1943) link
Franz Moeller German university teacher and non-fiction writer, Germany (b. 1897) link
picture of Robert T. Moeller Robert T. Moeller Robert T. Moeller United States admiral, USA (b. 1951) link
Emil Moeller Canadian politician, Canada (b. 1902) link
Hero Moeller (b. 1892) link
Ottilie Moeller born 1903 (b. 1903) link
Friedwald Moeller (b. 1894) link
Lies Moeller Israeli poet and translator, Israel (b. 1906) link
picture of Christopher Moeller Christopher Moeller Christopher Moeller American writer and graphic novel artist, USA (b. 1963) link
Ed Moeller American basketball player, USA (b. 1919) link
Curt Moeller (b. 1910) link
picture of Chad Moeller Chad Moeller Chad Moeller baseball player, USA (b. 1975) link
Bernd Moeller German theologian and church historian, Germany (b. 1931) link
James Moeller American judge, USA (b. 1933) link
Malwine Moeller (b. 1924) link
Edmund Moeller sport shooter, USA (b. 1934) link
Ron Moeller American baseball player, USA (b. 1938) link
David Moeller cricketer, United Kingdom (b. 1941) link
Gary Moeller American football player and coach, USA (b. 1941) link
Achim Moeller German American art dealer, art historian, curator, agent, and appraiser (b. 1942) link
picture of Jordan Moeller Jordan Moeller Jordan Moeller American figure skater, USA (b. 1995) link
Hans-Bernhard Moeller (b. 1935) link
Anna Moeller Illinois politician, USA (b. 1945) link
Achim Moeller German spin doctor, Germany (b. 1946) link
Chet Moeller American football player, USA (b. 1953) link
Jim Moeller American politician, USA (b. 1955) link
Andy Moeller American football coach, USA (b. 1964) link
Dennis Moeller American baseball player born 1967, USA (b. 1967) link
Johnny Moeller American musician, USA (b. 1970) link
Michael Moeller Ph.D. Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster 2012 link
Tyler D Moeller researcher link
Karl-Heinz Moeller deutscher Maler, Deutsche Demokratische Republik link
Mark Moeller college basketball player link
Friederike Moeller researcher link
Giuliana Katharina Moeller researcher link
Gary Moeller college basketball player link
Sofie L Moeller researcher link
Holly V Moeller researcher link
Gary Moeller college basketball player link
Trevor Michael Moeller Ph.D. University of Tennessee - Knoxville 1998 link
Birte Moeller researcher link
Eric Moeller college basketball player link
Karla T Moeller researcher link
Gabe Moeller college basketball player link
Steen Moeller researcher link
Jamie Moeller researcher link
Jesper B Moeller researcher link
Mark Jay Moeller Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1983 link
Philip Moeller American journalist, USA link
Marcus Moeller researcher link
Todd Moeller Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology 2005 link
Stine Bjerrum Moeller researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-5019-8065 link
Ellie Moeller researcher link
Lars C Moeller researcher link
Henry D. Moeller Decorator link
Maike Moeller German actress, Germany (b. 1982) link
Antoni Moeller link
Joerg Moeller link
Torsten Moeller link
Nikolas Moeller link
Ulrich Moeller link
Pernille Moeller link
J.R. Moeller link
Udo W. Moeller link
Brighid Moeller link
Marwine Moeller link
Katrin Moeller link
Spencer Moeller (b. 1993) link

Characteristic forenames

Robert, David, James, John, Mark, William, Mary, Richard, Jennifer, and Thomas