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Surname Nakano

Cognomen Nakano (ナカノ Japan, Nakano Brazil Japan United States Canada, 中野 China) , globally, is quite a common surname. Surname Nakano is habitual to Canada, where it is quite a rare surname, Cuba, and Japan. Measured by an absolute frequency the name is most common in Brazil, Japan, and the United States. More prevalently, Nakano is the forename as well as a last name.

Transliterations and variants of Nakano

ナカノ Japan
Nakano United States, Japan, Canada, Brazil
中野 China
Накано Ukraine, Russia

Last names said to be same

Хироси, นากาโนะ, and 仲野

Notable namesakes

中野康実 Japan (b. 1550) link
Накано, Ёситоки Japan (b. 1550) link
中野直之 Japan (b. 1550) link
Dominik Nakano (b. 1603) link
picture of Kenmei Nakano Kenmei Nakano Kenmei Nakano Japanese diplomat, Japan (b. 1844) link
picture of Nakano Takeko Nakano Takeko Nakano Takeko Japanese warrior, Japan (b. 1847) link
picture of Takenaka Nakano Takenaka Nakano Takenaka Nakano Japanese politician, Japan (b. 1848) link
Накано, Киёсигэ Japan (b. 1765) link
picture of Shin'yō Nakano Shin'yō Nakano Shin'yō Nakano Japanese military personnel, Japan (b. 1856) link
picture of Nakano Torajirō Nakano Torajirō Nakano Torajirō Japanese journalist, Japan (b. 1864) link
picture of Naoe Nakano Naoe Nakano Naoe Nakano Japanese military personnel, Japan (b. 1868) link
Nakano Ĉuiĉiro Japan (b. 1813) link
picture of Nakano Teiji Nakano Teiji Nakano Teiji Japan (b. 1864) link
picture of Yūjirō Nakano Yūjirō Nakano Yūjirō Nakano Japanese lawyer, Japan (b. 1879) link
Nakano Densuke Japanese politician, Japan (b. 1831) link
picture of Namisuke Nakano Namisuke Nakano Namisuke Nakano Japanese lawyer, Japan (b. 1883) link
picture of Nakano Hoichi Nakano Hoichi Nakano Hoichi Japanese politician, Japan (b. 1884) link
picture of Seigō Nakano Seigō Nakano Seigō Nakano Japanese politician, Japan (b. 1886) link
Nakano Goichi Japanese businessperson, Japan (b. 1842) link
picture of Tomonori Nakano Tomonori Nakano Tomonori Nakano Japan (b. 1887) link
picture of Shigeharu Nakano Shigeharu Nakano Shigeharu Nakano Japanese author and Communist Party politician., Japan (b. 1902) link
picture of Eiji Nakano Eiji Nakano Eiji Nakano Japanese actor, Japan (b. 1904) link
Nakano Kan'ichi Japan (b. 1846) link
picture of Shirō Nakano Shirō Nakano Shirō Nakano Japanese politician, Japan (b. 1907) link
Hatsune Nakano Japanese electrical engineer (b. 1859) link
picture of Tadaharu Nakano Tadaharu Nakano Tadaharu Nakano Japanese musician, Japan (b. 1909) link
picture of Tsugio Nakano Tsugio Nakano Tsugio Nakano Japanese judge, Japan (b. 1910) link
picture of Minoru Nakano Minoru Nakano Minoru Nakano Japan (b. 1901) link
Nakano Nobuchika Japanese actor, Japan (b. 1866) link
Nakano Zenjirō Japanese businessperson and politician, Japan (b. 1866) link
Shōyō Nakano Japanese poet, Japan (b. 1867) link
Nakano Tokujirō Japan (b. 1858) link
picture of Накано, Тасабуро Накано, Тасабуро Накано, Тасабуро Japan (b. 1880) link
中野方蔵 Japan (b. 1835) link
Nakano Jisuke Japanese lawyer, Japan (b. 1878) link
Tōzaburō Nakano (b. 1871) link
Nakano Takeo Japanese politician, Japan (b. 1883) link
Harufusa Nakano botanist (b. 1883) link
Takeji Nakano Japanese baseball player, Japan (b. 1884) link
picture of Mitsutoshi Nakano Mitsutoshi Nakano Mitsutoshi Nakano Japanese teacher, Japan (b. 1935) link
Shōzō Nakano Japanese judoka, Japan (b. 1888) link
picture of Kansei Nakano Kansei Nakano Kansei Nakano Japanese politician, Japan (b. 1940) link
Hidemitsu Nakano Japanese general, Japan (b. 1890) link
Kinjirō Nakano (b. 1882) link
中野二郎三郎 Japan (b. 1853) link
Shitsu Nakano Japanese supercentenarian, Japan (b. 1894) link
Sousuke Nakano Japan (b. 1885) link
Yoshiatsu Nakano Japanese lawyer, Japan (b. 1896) link
Kazutaka Nakano Japanese artist, Japan (b. 1896) link
Misao Nakano Japanese physician, Japan (b. 1897) link
picture of Masashi Nakano Masashi Nakano Masashi Nakano Japanese politician of the Liberal Democratic Party, Japan (b. 1948) link
Hanzaemon Nakano Japan (b. 1888) link
Takeo Nakano Japanese politician, Japan (b. 1901) link
Bunmon Nakano Japanese politician, Japan (b. 1901) link
Tomio Nakano Japan (b. 1891) link
Jiro Nakano Japanese composer, Japan (b. 1902) link
Sukezō Nakano psychologist, Japan (b. 1902) link
picture of Eiji Nakano Eiji Nakano Eiji Nakano Japanese jockey, Japan (b. 1953) link
Yoshio Nakano Japanese writer, Japan (b. 1903) link
Katsuyoshi Nakano Japanese businessperson, Japan (b. 1904) link
中野二郎 (大陸浪人) Japan (b. 1864) link
picture of Koichi Nakano Koichi Nakano Koichi Nakano Japanese cyclist, Japan (b. 1955) link
Gorō Nakano Japanese journalist, Japan (b. 1906) link
Hideto Nakano Japan (b. 1898) link
picture of Hiroyuki Nakano Hiroyuki Nakano Hiroyuki Nakano Japanese film director, Japan (b. 1958) link
Toshio Nakano Japan (b. 1898) link
Keishō Nakano (b. 1899) link
picture of Sunplaza Nakano Kun Sunplaza Nakano Kun Sunplaza Nakano Kun Japanese singer, Japan (b. 1960) link
Chiyoto Nakano Japanese boxer, Japan (b. 1913) link
picture of Satoru Nakano Satoru Nakano Satoru Nakano Japanese baseball player, Japan (b. 1963) link
picture of Kousuke-Nakano Kousuke-Nakano Kousuke-Nakano Japanese dentist, Japan (b. 1963) link
Suzuko Nakano Japan (b. 1906) link
Fumiteru Nakano Japanese tennis player, Japan (b. 1916) link
Hatayoshi Nakano Japanese historian, Japan (b. 1916) link
Kaichi Nakano Japan (b. 1907) link
Masao Nakano (b. 1909) link
Hidegoro Nakano (b. 1909) link
Kiyomi Nakano (b. 1910) link
Takamasa Nakano Japanese teacher, Japan (b. 1920) link
picture of Nakano Shinji Nakano Shinji Nakano Shinji racecar driver, Japan (b. 1971) link
Hajimu Nakano Japanese philosopher, Japan (b. 1922) link
Fujio Nakano Japanese teacher, Japan (b. 1922) link
Tadashi Nakano Japan (b. 1912) link
Tsuya Nakano Japan (b. 1913) link
Nakano Hokumei Japanese calligrapher, Japan (b. 1923) link
Накано, Эцунан Japan (b. 1883) link
picture of Ryōta Nakano Ryōta Nakano Ryōta Nakano Japanese film director, Japan (b. 1973) link
Genzō Nakano Japanese teacher, Japan (b. 1924) link
Teiichirō Nakano Japanese lawyer, Japan (b. 1925) link
Jun Nakano Japanese painter, Japan (b. 1925) link
Kōji Nakano Japanese writer, Japan (b. 1925) link
Tadao Nakano Japanese physicist, Japan (b. 1926) link
picture of Horiyoshi III Horiyoshi III Horiyoshi III Japanese tattoo artist (b. 1946) link
Akira Nakano Japanese politician, Japan (b. 1926) link
Michiyoshi Nakano Japanese baseball player, Japan (b. 1926) link
Ryōshun Nakano (b. 1916) link
Hirohiko Nakano Japanese painter, Japan (b. 1927) link
picture of Shinya Nakano Shinya Nakano Shinya Nakano Japanese motorcycle racer, Japan (b. 1977) link
Takehiko Nakano Japanese novelist, Japan (b. 1927) link
picture of Hiromasa Nakano Hiromasa Nakano Hiromasa Nakano Japanese politician, Japan (b. 1978) link

Characteristic forenames

Toshio, Yoshio, Akira, Masao, Kazuo, Kenji, Takashi, Koji, Tadashi, and Yukio