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Surname Pulci

Surname Pulci (Pulci Italy France United States Germany Belgium) , across the world, is a rare last name. Last name Pulci is characteristic to Italy, where it is a rare surname, Belgium, where it is a very rare surname, and France. In absolute terms it commonest in Italy, France, and the United States.

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Pulci France, Belgium, Italy, United States, Germany

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Notable namesakes

picture of Luca Pulci Luca Pulci Luca Pulci poet from Italy (b. 1431) link
picture of Luigi Pulci Luigi Pulci Luigi Pulci poet from Italy (b. 1432) link
Bernardo Pulci poet from Italy (b. 1438) link
Michelangelo Pulci actor (b. 1968) link

Characteristic forenames

Angela, Calogero, Luigi, Francesco, Tiziana, Giovanni, Maria, Luca, Daniela, and Marco