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Surname Pulkkanen

Surname Pulkkanen (Pulkkanen Finland Norway Sweden Estonia) , throughout the world, is a rare last name. Last name Pulkkanen is characteristic to Northern Europe, particularly Finland, where it is quite a rare surname, Estonia, where it is a rare surname, and Norway. Measured by an absolute frequency this name is the most popular in Northern Europe, particularly Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

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Pulkkanen Norway, Estonia, Sweden, Finland

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Notable namesakes

Olavi Pulkkanen (b. 1917) link
Anneli Pulkkanen link
Markku Pulkkanen link
Tuomo Pulkkanen link

Characteristic forenames

Leena, Eetu, Mikko, Oskari, Pia, Tero, Toni, Olli, Saana, and Aleksi