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Forename Wolfgang

All around the world, Wolfgang (Wolfgang Germany Austria Venezuela United States, Вольфганг Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan Belarus, Волфганг Armenia Russia Kyrgyzstan Ukraine) is a very common male given name. Forename Wolfgang is habitual to Germany, where it is a very common masculine name, Austria, where it is a common masculine name, and Venezuela, where it is quite a common manly name. Very seldom, Wolfgang is the last name as well as a forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Wolfgang

name Wolfgang, name Вольфганг, name וולפגנג, name Волфганг, name Volfango, name Gang, name Wolf, name פרקש, name Фаркаш, name Farkas
Wolfgang United States, Austria, Venezuela, Germany
Вольфганг Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia
Волфганг Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia
וולפגנג Israel

First names said to be same

Farkas, Gang, Volfango, Wolf, Фаркаш, and פרקש

First name Wolfgang in the context

Wolfgang is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Wolfgang Plink , the fictional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character, Burne's Blues; Wolfgang von Strucker , the fictional character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Age of Ultron; Wolfgang Frank , the character in the 1980s television series Ich heirate eine Familie; Wolfgang Krauser , the fictional character from Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury 2 and Wolfgang Grimmer , character in Monster, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of Wolfgang of Regensburg Wolfgang of Regensburg Wolfgang of Regensburg German saint, Germany (b. 924) link
Wolfgang Schäfer (b. 1000) link
picture of Wolfgang Katzheimer Wolfgang Katzheimer Wolfgang Katzheimer German artist, Germany (b. 1450) link
picture of Wolfgang I of Oettingen Wolfgang I of Oettingen Wolfgang I of Oettingen German count (b. 1455) link
Wolfgang Püchler (b. 1400) link
picture of Wolfgang von Graben Wolfgang von Graben Wolfgang von Graben Austrian noble, Austria (b. 1465) link
picture of Wolfgang Polheim Wolfgang Polheim Wolfgang Polheim Austria (b. 1458) link
Wolfgang Holzer Mayor of Vienna, 15 Century (b. 1425) link
picture of Wolfgang von Fürstenberg Wolfgang von Fürstenberg Wolfgang von Fürstenberg (b. 1465) link
picture of Wolfgang Capito Wolfgang Capito Wolfgang Capito German religious reformer, Germany (b. 1478) link
picture of Wolfgang Schutzbar Wolfgang Schutzbar Wolfgang Schutzbar Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights (b. 1483) link
picture of Wolfgang, Prince of Anhalt-Köthen Wolfgang, Prince of Anhalt-Köthen Wolfgang, Prince of Anhalt-Köthen German prince (b. 1492) link
picture of Wolfgang of the Palatinate Wolfgang of the Palatinate Wolfgang of the Palatinate Count Palatine of Neumarkt, governor of the Upper Palatinate, Germany (b. 1494) link
Wolfgang Kolberger German politician, Germany (b. 1445) link
picture of Wolfgang Musculus Wolfgang Musculus Wolfgang Musculus Reformed theologian of the Reformation, SE (b. 1497) link
picture of Wolfgang Treu Wolfgang Treu Wolfgang Treu Austrian politician (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Liskircher (b. 1440) link
Wolfgang von Bayern German aristocrat, Germany (b. 1451) link
Wolfgang von Zülnhart (b. 1450) link
Wolfgang Lern (b. 1450) link
Wolfgang Kettwig (b. 1450) link
Wolfgang Angst (b. 1450) link
Wolfgang Hipsius (b. 1450) link
Wolfgang List (b. 1450) link
Wolfgang Leb German sculptor, 1460-1520 (b. 1460) link
Wolfgang von Hohenzollern (b. 1450) link
Wolfgang Redorfer (b. 1450) link
Wolfgang Fechter (b. 1452) link
picture of Wolfgang Meurer Wolfgang Meurer Wolfgang Meurer Meurer, Wolfgang b. 13 May 1513 in Altenberg d. 6 Feb. 1585 in Leipzig doctor, professor of medicine, philosopher, Germany (b. 1513) link
picture of Wolfgang Lazius Wolfgang Lazius Wolfgang Lazius Austrian historian, Holy Roman Empire (b. 1514) link
Wolfgang Lachner bookseller (b. 1465) link
picture of Wolfgang von Salm Wolfgang von Salm Wolfgang von Salm (b. 1514) link
Wolfgang Schmidl (b. 1465) link
Wolfgang Aytinger (b. 1465) link
picture of Wolfgang, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken Wolfgang, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken Wolfgang, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken Count Palatine of Zweibrücken, Germany (b. 1526) link
Wolfgang Marius Germany (b. 1469) link
Wolfgang Reissenbusch German theologian, Germany (b. 1480) link
Wolfgang Grefinger (b. 1470) link
Wolfgang Rüpplin (b. 1471) link
Wolfgang Stromer (b. 1471) link
Wolfgang Tannberger (b. 1471) link
Wolfgang Stoeckel (b. 1473) link
Wolfgang von Dalberg (b. 1473) link
picture of Wolfgang Haller Wolfgang Haller Wolfgang Haller CH (b. 1525) link
picture of Wolfgang von Dalberg Wolfgang von Dalberg Wolfgang von Dalberg Roman Catholic Archbishop of Mainz, Germany, Germany (b. 1537) link
Wolfgang II. Griesstätter zu Haslach Austrian presbyter, Austria (b. 1490) link
Wolfgang Bebel German physician and poet (b. 1491) link
Wolfgang zu Castell Germany (b. 1482) link
Wolfgang of Baden Germany (b. 1484) link
Wolfgang Reichart (b. 1486) link
Wolfgang Dachstein (b. 1487) link
Wolfgang Montfort (b. 1489) link
Wolfgang Beurer Late medieval German engraver and painter (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Kirchhofer Mayor of Vienna, 16th Century (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Schmeltzl German composer and author, Germany (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Waidner (b. 1490) link
Wolfgang Ulimann Swiss monk, CH (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Wiser German architect, Germany (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Großschedel (b. 1490) link
Wolfgang Zauner Mayor of Vienna, 16th Century (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang of Missingdorf Nobleman, Lower Austria, 15th Century (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Rieder Mayor of Vienna, 16th Century (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang zu Stolberg-Wernigerode German politician, Germany (b. 1501) link
Wolfgang Seidl (b. 1491) link
Wolfgang Schultheiss (b. 1491) link
Wolfgang I, Count of Barby-Mühlingen Count of Barby-Mühlingen (b. 1502) link
picture of Wolfgang Amling Wolfgang Amling Wolfgang Amling Germany (b. 1542) link
picture of Wolfgang Hausen Wolfgang Hausen Wolfgang Hausen German bishop, Germany (b. 1553) link
Wolfgang de Löwenstein (b. 1493) link
Wolfgang Kappler (b. 1493) link
Wolfgang Holl roman-catholic bishop (b. 1505) link
picture of Wolfgang Heider Wolfgang Heider Wolfgang Heider German political scientist, politician and ethnologist, Germany (b. 1558) link
Wolfgang Engelschalck (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Enelschalck (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Hopyl (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Hermann (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang von Pappenheim (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Brandhuber (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Roriczer (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang I. Lenberger (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Grünenstein Germany (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Denck (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Volprecht (b. 1500) link
Wolfgang Rehlinger (b. 1502) link
Wolfgang Harsdörfer (b. 1502) link
Wolfgang Uhle The Plague Pastor of Annaberg, Germany (b. 1512) link
Wolfgang von Closen Germany (b. 1503) link
picture of Wolfgang Franz Wolfgang Franz Wolfgang Franz German historian and theologian, Germany (b. 1564) link
Wolfgang Marcus Gualtherus (b. 1505) link
Wolfgang Mayerpeck (b. 1505) link
Wolfgang Meurer (b. 1505) link
Wolfgang Jünger Thomaskantor, Germany (b. 1517) link
Wolfgang Sulzer (b. 1511) link
Wolfgang Rem (b. 1511) link
Wolfgang Jacobi (b. 1511) link
Wolfgang Hilliger (b. 1511) link
Wolfgang Hunger Germany (b. 1511) link
Wolfgang Jobst German historian, physician, and physicist, Margraviate of Brandenburg (b. 1521) link
Wolfgang Harder German theologian, Germany (b. 1522) link

Characteristic surnames

Müller, Weber, Schneider, Fischer, Bauer, Wagner, Schwarz, Schulz, Klein, and Meyer